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  1. Where did you guys find the outpost? Can't find them anywhere
  2. I have a tactacam and you don't pay a $5 to Verizon
  3. Damn I can't find that series anywhere on the sportsman channel... what day and time it usually on?
  4. Dom in Woodbridge, Woodbridge arms and archery you can't go wrong. Send me a pm with your name and number I will be happy to help with.
  5. Congrats.... looks like you had a great trip
  6. Unfortunately one place out if stock. Other wont ship to Nj, and other place only has one box... guess I'm stuck waiting
  7. Yeah saw them at ramsey also at $23...
  8. Im patient sir, just trying to help a friends son out hes learning to shoot and his father got him a savage 20 gauge asked if I could help out. So we have been shooting for 2 or 3 weeks now just trying to get him dialed in. But appreciate all the help guys.
  9. Thanks guys I will check some of the others... but I already checked buds and Andover both are out of stock
  10. Anyone know where I'd be able to find some Remington accutips 20 ga 3 inch tried looking online but seems like everyone is out of stock. Thanks in advance
  11. Quiet and no gobbling in zone 2
  12. Cold and quiet zone 2
  13. Sorry for you loss
  14. Hunted out there last year with Todd. On one of Jeff's properties... had a blast, he has some of the best properties I've seen in midwest.
  15. What hospital or township u dont mind me asking
  16. They look great... congrats on 2 beautiful deer
  17. That record will keep getting broken as long as bears stay protected
  18. Friend of mine out in allumuchy, drivers just walked past him about 30 mins ago, said was atleast 12 on his side
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