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  1. Where I hunt the deer heard is way down over the past 10 years. Some clubs by us shoots every deer they see we find there bad shots all the time.
  2. Yeah she should get a pass and die of old age..
  3. Looking to purchase a good headlamp for hunting. Anyone one have any positive or negative reviews. I see there are 100s of the out there.
  4. Congrats Jack, great buck for sure, and every time you look at it I hope you think of your dad ,and All the memories u had hunting with him.
  5. Agree , he won’t be far if u backed out.
  6. Good luck guys, bring a bunker snagger, we had a two man limit this morning by 10:30 fishing bunker strips. Not sure if there up north, but lots of bunker schools off barnegat Inlet today.
  7. 100% on the money. We had pick of the litter and I figured I would pick the dog I wanted, but after talking to Wayne he likes to place the dog based on what kind of dog your looking for. Makes complete sense, there with them from day one.
  8. Good call Jack, same parents as Mako. Casey is 2 years old now and Is an incredible dog. She is from the Jimmy xIndy litter few years after Mako. Wayne is the man with labs, couldn’t have gotten a better breeder.
  9. My father drove a bus in his retirement until he was 75 years old....and at 81 I would say he would still be a good bus driver, because in his 60 something years of driving he never got in an accident or got a speeding ticket. He was the definition of a “defensive driver”. The problem here is this guy has a record of suspensions, speeding, careless driving and should be hung by his balls. From what I hear there is also another child not doing well with swelling on the brain. Horrible event.
  10. I use the next guard to, very expensive and scary of what it does there inside, but good analogy Jay works great.
  11. I’ll be be out in the barnegat bay this weekend probably clamming more than fishing but will give it a go if I get a good report. Good luck to all that get out.
  12. I also read something that thet they are thinking of making the clubs that rent township property shoot 3 does before taking a buck. Not sure how they would manage that with any success but the 200 acres I hunt in Readington does not have any where near the estimated population they think is there. There going off of a county college estimated deer heard. Between the coyotes, unlimited does, and this new tick in town, the herd will continue to shrink, and homeowners will still bitch when the deer eat those tastee ordimental plants and shrubs they plant.
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