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  1. Best wishes for your brother and family
  2. As the colder weather is rolling in, . I’m wondering if anyone has some input on cold weather boots. I was looking into muck and lacrosse but open to anything that is warm.
  3. Thanks all, had a couple fly in. A little far to get the job done. Good to see them moving and off the roost though!
  4. Could not be more excited to sit out opening morning of waterfowl! Anyone having any luck?
  5. I enjoyed getting out unfortunately couldn’t make to happen.. still had a blast. I am out now for waterfowl so hopefully my luck turns around. Good luck to anyone out this rainy morning
  6. How’s the noggin feeling now rutting buck? Talk about a rough wake up call
  7. Yea this wind is pretty strong, otherwise nice cool morning. Hoping for a decent size bear this morning
  8. I am sitting now, hopefully with this cooler weather they start to come in. This is the first time I am out. Anyone else out this morning?
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