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  1. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who gave me advice. I went out today and got 2 squirrels! Had an absolute blast, and I'm going to hit it tomorrow as well. Thanks again everyone and good luck out there! Cheers!
  2. Thanks for the advice everyone. Excited to give it another go Thursday!
  3. Swamprat What about early morning? Do they move just as the sun is rising? Your answer makes sense, as the wind was causing a bunch of the trees to shake.
  4. Was hoping I could get some insight and advice on my recent hunting trip this Saturday. Made it into the field at Allamunchy by 11:45 am due to the weather predicting rain in the morning. I walked the route posted below, from the Allamunchy Pond to Deer Park Pond hoping to find some squirrels for my first hunt ever, as I just got my license last week. I hunted the route for 4 hours, making it back to my car a little after 4pm. During my hunt, I did not see ONE squirrel. I saw lots of squirrel nests in the trees and nuts on the ground, but no movement. I ended up seeing 1 buck and 4 does while walking the woods. I am curious as to why I saw no movement. Is it because I hunted the wrong hours? It was a little windy and rainy, could this have caused the squirrel to bunker down? My tact was to trek as quietly as possible to a bunch of trees (some of the park is super thick so I made more noise than I wish), and once I got to the trees, I'd sit down for 20 minutes and scan the tree tops. Again, with zero success. Did I not sit still for long enough? Any tips of advice would be more than welcome. I plan on going back out in the field this Thursday and Friday, as I have off work. I plan on hitting a new piece of land, maybe BlackRiver WMA or a WMA further up north. Thanks again!
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