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  1. This is a tough crowd, let me tell you! I will post some more fish pics soon.
  2. I honestly think executions should take place more often. What is the the sense of sentencing somebody to death, only to have them spend the rest of their lives on death row. Enforcement is needed, but why enforce if the sentences are so easy? The punishment is supposed to be hard, to make you think twice about repeating. Is that working? I don't think so! Criminals have no fear of repercussions.
  3. I got a few fish pictures. Here is a small cutthroat my Brother in law caught. I have a few more fish pics on my phone to upload. I was busy fishing and forgot about taking pictures.
  4. Here are some pictures of our trip. We caught a lot of fish. I was able to cross 2 off my bucket list, Cutthroat Trout and Grayling. We fished a lake called Park Pond on day and caught over 70 on flies. My brother and sister in law bought me a brand new Orvis outfit, that I actually caught fish on! I don't want to be back in Kansas and started counting the minutes until we go back, hopefully for good!
  5. Happy Birthday!! I hope it's a great one!
  6. Made it back to Kansas safe and sound. Once I recover, I will post pics. To say it was an awesome trip is an understatement!!
  7. Yes Sir! I lived in NJ for about 18 years or so. 3 of my girls were born there. I loved it, but the stress was getting to me and my in-laws were afraid of me having a heart attack at a young age.
  8. Heading out to Montana tomorrow morning for my niece's high school graduation. After the graduation on Sunday, we are free to do what we want for the rest of the week. My brother in law has taken the week off, so we plan on fishing everyday. The last time up there, I had an absolute blast! Hopefully post some pics when I return.
  9. I shop local as much as possible, but we have very limited shopping here. My small town is dying and has been for 30 some years. I know a lot of the business owners and we do our best to support them.
  10. I left about 13 years ago. I love my little Kansas town, we have 2 lakes with walking distance. I do miss Jersey though, at least some things. The shore, fresh seafood, surf fishing, the City at Christmas. There are a lot of things my 2 youngest have never experienced. Someday I'll make it back for a visit, someday...
  11. DonW

    Weekend Plans

    Smoking some meats, trying to do some fishing. Looks like rain here most of the weekend. Last weekend of turkey season, so last time to fill my tag.
  12. Speaking of electric vehicles, have you all noticed the number of car commercials for electric vehicles now? It's only a matter of time before fossil fuel vehicles are outlawed.
  13. I really miss taking the kids to Jenkinson's, use to go at least once every summer. Loved going to Wildwood for the VFW Convention every year, nice to get together with the older 1st ID vets. Kinda makes me sad reading what's going on.
  14. DonW

    U.S. Military Ad !

    Absolutely not about being gay. I didn't care as long as the guy was covering my 6 and shooting the same direction.
  15. What a crappy situation for you and your family to be in. I really feel for your son, this is his future and it all hinges on a shot. It's hard to believe we have gotten to this, like the vaccine passport, just a matter of time before we all have to produce the "number of the beast" to do anything. I'm praying for a peace of mind for you and your family. We should pitch in and buy us an island somewhere and do what the hell we want to do!
  16. DonW

    U.S. Military Ad !

    Our Military is not was it once was. No discipline anymore, low stress basic. My God I could go on. When I was on AD, Clinton enacted the " Don't ask, don't tell" policy. That was the start, we had 2 shootings on FT. Riley my last year stationed there. Basic training was a tool used to weed out the weak minded people, how in the hell are you going to stand getting shot at if you can't stand getting yelled at!! Our Military leaders, both active and retired have forgotten about "Military Bearing", when has it been ok to bad mouth the Commander in Chief? I always maintain my military bearing. No
  17. Great story! I hope things work out next time.
  18. I'll take a shot, I hated the guy when I was a businessman working in NY. That being said, he actually did a lot of good for our country. He walked across the DMZ, something no other US President has ever done. He was trying to broker some kind of peace in the Middle East. I can't say he did everything right, I hated how he handled the whole Covid issue. Now your turn. Why do you support Biden?
  19. Congratulations Sir! Nice bird!
  20. Nice looking piece!
  21. Congratulations to you and your wife!
  22. I wonder how many folks in this country really know how bad it is? I'm the ops manager for a small family owned manufacturing company. The owner, my wife's uncle, is 92 years old and still works 6 days a week. The PPP loan helped us make payroll from week to week, but in the past 3-4 months, we have seen our raw material prices double. Not to mention the fuel prices causing freight charges to climb astronomically. The new admin put things in place to help the small business owner, however everything else it does is has been very detrimental. I have had a steel order in since April and won't ge
  23. Wow, I too am very sorry that you are going through this. I have so much to say, just can't get it into words. PM me if you need to talk, I'm all ears. I couldn't imagine what you are going through. I'll be praying for your peace.
  24. Welcome! Great bunch of guys here
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