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  1. Good Luck! I will be out this afternoon with my son, trying to fill a tag before gun season opens next week.
  2. I lived in NJ for over 15 years and never hunted. I never even took my guns out. I thought about applying for an FID at one time. You are absolutely correct, it is a nightmare! I just bought my son a 12 gauge from our local gun shop. Easy peasy, I had to wait 2 days because of the back log with the government. I understand the reason for rules and regulations, but sometimes it gets out of hand.
  3. WOW! That's about all I can say. Congrats on a couple of great bucks!
  4. Awesome job!! Congrats to the young lady!!
  5. Good Luck Guys!! Hope you have a great and safe trip.
  6. Congrats to the Son and proud Father!
  7. Good luck fellas! I'm stuck at work, but did get see a real nice buck run in front of me about an hour ago. Got my blood pumping for tomorrow!
  8. Awesome job, it looks great!!
  9. Last season my son and I were getting ready for our bow hunt. We get to our spot and as I'm gathering our equipment, I grab our can of doe pee. It's a gel that squirts pretty far. As I was fumbling around in the dark getting everything in our pack, I inadvertently sprayed myself in the face. All over my beard, glasses, in my mouth. My son started laughing so hard, that the only thing I could do was laugh also! My wife loved the smell of me when we got home! I'm a lot more careful with that stuff nowadays!
  10. DonW

    Ravin users

    I would definitely check the speed adjustment on your scope also. I have heard if this is wrong or has moved it can cause bolts to hit differently at various ranges. Just a thought. Tight Lines, DonW
  11. Congrats on a nice buck!
  12. I posted a question similar to this last week and was told to go hunt. My son and I were hunting 20-20 mph, we only saw 1 deer, but it was a big buck that we had not seen before. I always have a habit of really over thinking the weather. Go hunt, it might be a memorable day. DonW
  13. Nothing like going out to enjoy a day in the stand and having to worry about your vehicle. I'm sorry this happened to you, the gene pool needs thinned out. DonW
  14. Congrats on a great buck! The rack has some character. Tight Lines, DonW
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