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  1. I'm lucky if I can get a year out of a new set. Back roads are tire killers around here, the counties like to re-gravel right around hunting season and the county next to mine like to use what we call razor rock. Blew 2 tires going to my spot last season. My wife told me to find a new spot...
  2. What an awesome story and moose! Congratulations and Thank you for sharing your adventure with us!
  3. DonW

    Well I Made It !!!!

    Congratulations Sir! Enjoy your retirement, you earned it!
  4. What a great story! And one heck of a bull!
  5. Happy Birthday Fellas! I hope you have a wonderful day!
  6. I received a written warning one opening day of trout season for putting my daughter's trout on my stringer.
  7. I was a member and spokesperson for the Sportsman Alliance, been some years though.
  8. I have to agree with Kype, Good! Bring on ice fishing and hockey season!
  9. Good luck and have a safe trip Sir! Can't wait for the pics!
  10. DonW

    Baby Boy

  11. Unfortunately I wasn't able to re-enlist due to being injured in the line of duty, sometime I thank God for that. I was born and raised on post, and it was a pleasure to serve my Country. I would most definitely do it over again, minus the injury. I had planned on doing my 20, but only made it halfway. When my family was young and small, getting deployed wasn't such a big deal. The wife and kids would go stay with my in laws in Montana. Since we are up to 5 kids now, I might find it a little harder to be away for periods of time. I never thought about not coming home, that really hits home now. I always thought I was bullet proof, being young and dumb does that to you.
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