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  1. What an awesome achievement, Congratulations!!
  2. I love the competition blend, the last batch I mixed with a bag of fruit pellets. I love mixing my pellets for something a little different.
  3. Mossberg 500 bought when I was 12, still use it today for everything. Only shotgun I own.
  4. Since I'm one of the ass hats that agreed with him, I'll answer. I spend my hard earned money raising my family. I don't have expendable income like that to spend. If you do, I'm happy for you. I hold no grudges for those of you that can afford such things. I shoot a 400 dollar crossbow, and it does me just fine. I would love to be able to upgrade my equipment someday, maybe when I retire. Is that a good enough answer for you?
  5. Looks like a piece of petrified wood, maybe a tree branch. We find a lot of those around here during drought years.
  6. I have this one's smaller cousin, the 22. I use it almost every weekend and I love it! I was going to buy a Pitboss, but we have a Traeger dealer here in town so we went that route. Which ever you choose, you will love it.
  7. I totally agree with this. I love my wife, she's the one who has to deal with a bi-polar person (me) diagnosed 27 years ago. She knows when my swings are going to be, and lets me know it's coming. She is the most patient person I have ever met, she puts up with a lot of unnecessary crap. But I do think the original post is pretty damn funny!!
  8. Looks like an awesome time! Sometimes I wish I never left NJ...
  9. Totally disgraceful!! Just like the Women's soccer team walking on the flag, one young lady rescued it, she should have been made team Captain! No more about National pride, just a soapbox to embarrass our Country.
  10. Very nice! Love the logo. I know you stated these are giveaway prizes, but do you have future plans on offering these to site members? I would love to sport one around Kansas!
  11. This is a tough crowd, let me tell you! I will post some more fish pics soon.
  12. I honestly think executions should take place more often. What is the the sense of sentencing somebody to death, only to have them spend the rest of their lives on death row. Enforcement is needed, but why enforce if the sentences are so easy? The punishment is supposed to be hard, to make you think twice about repeating. Is that working? I don't think so! Criminals have no fear of repercussions.
  13. I got a few fish pictures. Here is a small cutthroat my Brother in law caught. I have a few more fish pics on my phone to upload. I was busy fishing and forgot about taking pictures.
  14. Here are some pictures of our trip. We caught a lot of fish. I was able to cross 2 off my bucket list, Cutthroat Trout and Grayling. We fished a lake called Park Pond on day and caught over 70 on flies. My brother and sister in law bought me a brand new Orvis outfit, that I actually caught fish on! I don't want to be back in Kansas and started counting the minutes until we go back, hopefully for good!
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