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  1. Great job all who was involved! I don't understand why LEOs get such a bad rap. My son has been reading that series also Bonefreak, I just got him the fishing series. He loves them, and I'm glad it got him reading.
  2. Awesome offer! I just ordered a pair last night!
  3. I sure hope it kills off some of them. This will be my first year spring turkey hunting, and ticks are one thing that will keep me at home. I hate ticks!
  4. That's a great idea! If it's virtual, us outta staters can attend, I look forward to it!
  5. My deepest condolences, may he rest in peace. Praying for you and your's.
  6. I like them better than the greens, they look pretty sharp.
  7. I still have and wear mine! They are my go to ice fishing footwear and have never failed me. I have marched many, many miles in them. I was looking to get my son a pair, but they have gotten rather expensive. I need to check with a recruiter buddy of mine down in Arkansas and see if he can some across a pair.
  8. We finally have safe ice hear in Kansas, I got all my stuff together. Going to try for some trout down by Ft. Riley on Saturday. I can't wait! You guys be safe, we had a 67 YO gentleman go through a few days ago and didn't make it.
  9. I had the best deer season yet! I rattled in 3 bucks this season, one was running around in front of my son. I was hoping he would give him a shot. I actually punched my tag and my son was with me. Next year is his turn! Can't wait until next September!
  10. DonW

    Who invented Pizza?

    Truer words have never been spoken!! My son is a pizza freak, but being born in Nebraska he had no idea what real pizza was. We came back to PA in July for my father's funeral, and the boy finally got some real pizza! All we have here in Kansas is Pizza Hut or gas station pies.
  11. RIP, prayers and condolences sent.
  12. I left Old Bridge a little over 13 years ago. I really miss the salt water, and my friends, but I don't miss all the people. I love Kansas, more dogs in my town than people!
  13. Just ordered a pair for my son and I. Thanks for the heads up!!
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