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  1. With 3 quickly growing kids, buying them brand new gear every year is not possible...I'll take as many hand me downs as I can get my hands on.
  2. 100% shoot the first legal deer that gives you a good shot if you have not shot one before, and be proud of whatever it is...there's only one way to learn some of the lessons that come with shooting an animal, and that's to shoot an animal.
  3. I was in the same boat as you a few years ago, and am 38 now myself(5'11" and 203). Some background...at 34 I decided I was going to hunt elk solo in the Colorado Rockies and had a year and a half to get in shape. That included running(3 miles 2 times/week, progressing to 5 miles 5 times/week in the last 2 weeks before the hunt...all hill running around my house, equivalent of 60 flights of stairs over the course of roughly 4 miles), workout videos that focused on core, cardio/endurance, weight training...an overall mix. And then there were weighted hikes. Here's what I learned from doing all that leading up to the hunt, and since then...I'm certainly no expert, but it's what my body was telling me it needed: Concentrate on core strengthening exercises(all types of plank movements, compound plank movements, etc) Concentrate on compound movement balance training(think one legged dead lift, to row, to one legged squat with a light weight)...this and the above should get the most attention at the start and will serve as a foundation for minimizing injury doing anything else below...even if you don't think you need more of it, do it. I was never a runner, but...run on flat ground/track rather than hills(hills were GREAT for endurance, but the downhill pounding wreaked hell on my lower back)...I was averaging 8:20 hill minutes per mile over 5 miles, and was flat out running 5k's without ever huffing air through my mouth, but at the expense of my lower back and other joints...felt good in the moment, but not worth it in the long run As hunting season approaches, focus on weighted hikes with average weight for endurance/strength training of your major leg muscle group...your legs will thank you when hauling gear in to hunt, or hauling a deer out A balanced weight training for all muscle groups...circuit weight training was a good option for me as it meant relatively quick workouts(40 minutes rather than an hour+), and still offered results
  4. Hey guys, I'll be taking a family trip to Marco Island, Florida in the beginning of November. Any of you guys ever been and fished with a guide down there? I'd like to do some fly fishing, so experience with that is something I'd be looking for in the guide I consider.
  5. That's a nice setup. Do you mind sharing what kind of hardware you're using for this? Also, how do you bolt it to the bottom of the camera...do you have to open up the housing?
  6. I didn't have them locked because I honestly didn't want to go through the extra hassle of locking them. At one time I tied them to the trees with steel chain that I'd attach to where the bungees go, then lock that around the tree. From now on it'll either be locked up somehow, or I'll carry a stick with me and put them 12 feet up angled down...or both.
  7. Drove to pull down and check two cameras in Z4 yesterday morning, only to find out they were both stolen. I buy cheap cameras to put on public land unfortunately expecting that someone will have sticky fingers, but nonetheless, it sucks. Sucks more so because these were over some really really good sign I found during permit bow, and I was excited to see if anything had been refreshing it since I set them out. I am still amazed that such scum exists out there that think it's OK to take something that is not theirs and obviously placed there intentionally(meaning not dropped and lost)...I get it's public land and that's always a risk, but still amazes me. Lastly, if the perpetrator is on this site, FCK YOU. And I don't typically wish bad on others, but in this case, I wish you a holiday full of foul venison induced diarrhea and vomiting. Rant over...to everyone else who respect other fellow hunters and their property, Merry Christmas.
  8. Yes you're right...not sure why but I initially thought I saw bow as an option during the special gun seasons which prompted the question. I'm on the sidelines until winter bow then
  9. Hey guys, So I've never bow hunted during the gun seasons, but if I'm understanding the regs, if I wanted to bow hunt tomorrow or Sunday, I'd need to go buy the muzzleloader permit...is that right? thanks
  10. If anyone has any youth clothing they're willing to part with either as a donation or for a fair price, I'm in the market for anything that would cover the 5-8 year old range.
  11. PM sent. This is a great offer...I look to put one deer in the freezer per year, and was unsuccessful this year. This would definitely help with the desire for wild game. This is a very generous community of hunters and sportsmen on this site...great to see.
  12. I had the same problem a couple years ago, and it was bad...they wound up starting to make their way upstairs from the basement, and then I went to war with them. Dehumidifier and glue traps for sure...get the big rat glue traps and put them wherever you can. Next, do yourself a favor and immediately place an order for some Cy-Kick(cyfluthrin), with a decent sprayer...link below. The pint will likely last you a long while unless you have huge area to spray. It's safe for indoors, and after the first treatment, you can dilute it further for follow-up treatment if you have any anxiety about it being harmful. Mix with water per the directions and spray in all likely areas in the basement, garage, and the perimeter of your foundation 8 inches up from the ground. I just started seeing them come back this fall, gave a fresh spray to the likely areas, and in a few days, no more cave crickets. I see the random one here and there, but now they are the very small recently hatched ones who have yet to cross the path of the spray. Invest in the cykick and sprayer...you won't regret it. https://www.domyown.com/cykick-cs-p-250.html
  13. PM sent...perfect timing as I have 3, with the oldest right at the age range you're sized for. It's tough to buy hunting gear for all 3 knowing they may grow out of everything in a season or two at best.
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