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  1. hydro psyche

    Question on bow hunting the gun seasons

    Yes you're right...not sure why but I initially thought I saw bow as an option during the special gun seasons which prompted the question. I'm on the sidelines until winter bow then
  2. Hey guys, So I've never bow hunted during the gun seasons, but if I'm understanding the regs, if I wanted to bow hunt tomorrow or Sunday, I'd need to go buy the muzzleloader permit...is that right? thanks
  3. hydro psyche

    Free Youth Hunting Clothing

    If anyone has any youth clothing they're willing to part with either as a donation or for a fair price, I'm in the market for anything that would cover the 5-8 year old range.
  4. hydro psyche

    Bear meat available

    PM sent. This is a great offer...I look to put one deer in the freezer per year, and was unsuccessful this year. This would definitely help with the desire for wild game. This is a very generous community of hunters and sportsmen on this site...great to see.
  5. hydro psyche

    Cave Cricket infestation

    I had the same problem a couple years ago, and it was bad...they wound up starting to make their way upstairs from the basement, and then I went to war with them. Dehumidifier and glue traps for sure...get the big rat glue traps and put them wherever you can. Next, do yourself a favor and immediately place an order for some Cy-Kick(cyfluthrin), with a decent sprayer...link below. The pint will likely last you a long while unless you have huge area to spray. It's safe for indoors, and after the first treatment, you can dilute it further for follow-up treatment if you have any anxiety about it being harmful. Mix with water per the directions and spray in all likely areas in the basement, garage, and the perimeter of your foundation 8 inches up from the ground. I just started seeing them come back this fall, gave a fresh spray to the likely areas, and in a few days, no more cave crickets. I see the random one here and there, but now they are the very small recently hatched ones who have yet to cross the path of the spray. Invest in the cykick and sprayer...you won't regret it. https://www.domyown.com/cykick-cs-p-250.html
  6. hydro psyche

    Free Youth Hunting Clothes

    PM sent...perfect timing as I have 3, with the oldest right at the age range you're sized for. It's tough to buy hunting gear for all 3 knowing they may grow out of everything in a season or two at best.
  7. hydro psyche

    Let's See Your DIY Mounts

  8. hydro psyche

    Slow rut

    Location, location, location seems to be the name of the game. Hunted with my brother in law last week and set him up on a bench I scouted this summer. He had bucks chasing does all morning through noon, while I saw virtually nothing sitting only 3-400 yards up the mountain from him waiting for cruisers at the top of the ridge.
  9. hydro psyche


    Hit a spot I had a lot of recent buck activity, and nothing at all showed this morning. Icing on the cake was the SD card in the camera I had on this spot the last week had something screwy going on with it, so no clue if anything has been in there recently. Wind was also blowing harder than predicted, and it seemed to be swirling a lot instead of the steady NW predicted.
  10. hydro psyche

    Friday Morning - Looking Good

    So far, Friday is looking really good for a spot I've been saving for the right conditions. It had a ton of buck sign when I scouted, and then confirmed the presence of several smaller bucks through the trail cam I put up in the area. With good morning activity during daylight, I have to believe I'm close to bedding for several of these bucks. I also believe there's a bigger buck in this area given some new and large rubs I saw when I checked the camera. THE SETUP: There's a trail that runs tight to the crest of a southeast facing ridge, with trails breaking off into this thick bedding space, which is probably no more than 40-50 yards directly into the timber from the crest of the ridge. From the road to the crest of the ridge is less than 200 yards as the crow flies, but the slope is significant...between 35 and 45 degrees. Avoiding this steep climb would require at least a mile walk from either the east or west, and would be through some thick and nasty stuff, which I did when I initially scout it. To check the camera, I decided to test the straight line approach from the road, since I now think it's the only effective way to get in there for either a morning or evening hunt without making a ton of noise and blowing out everything in the area. I needed to towel off after making the climb, but it was doable...now all I needed was a day with wind out of the northwest. I'll have that wind on Friday, along with some much cooler morning temps than the entire previous week. The going up the ridge will be slow to keep quiet and avoid sweating like a pig...I have a tree 20 yards into the timber where I'll slowly and quietly hang my lock on, and slip into place waiting for something to pass through. If all goes to plan with the way the wind is, if anything passes between me and the edge of the ridge which is only 20 yards from the stand, they will only smell me when they cross directly down wind, by which time I should've had several shot opportunities. Some pics of the area attached for good measure...wish me luck.
  11. hydro psyche

    Rub identification

    Oh man you guys are getting me excited! I can't tell you how much time I've spent in maps and miles I've put on my boots scouting this summer to find prime areas to hunt on public land, where I can hunt these animals based on their natural tendencies. Almost all of those rubs were in a radius of 40 yards. There is good bedding, food, and water very nearby...in my first two sits over the last week and a half, I've seen many, many does filtering in and out of this area. Although no bucks, these first two sits have given me the most deer action than all of my other public land sits combined.
  12. hydro psyche

    Rub identification

    Thanks Rusty...so you're saying those scars in the pictures are in fact old rubs that have essentially healed over? I want to make sure before I set up on what might otherwise naturally cause those trees to look like that, rather than antlers being raked across them from year to year.
  13. hydro psyche

    Rub identification

    Hey guys, First time poster, long time lurker. With all the knowledge here, I figured I'd ask a question I've had for along time. When looking for buck sign, new rubs are a pretty obvious indicator of activity, but what do old rubs look like. When scouting recently, I found an area with scarred trees, that I believe to be old rubs. Some look like they'd been scarred a long time ago, and used again. Other were obvious fresh rubs. Looking at all of the pictures attached here, I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the "scarred" trees...are these old rubs or some other issue with the tree? Look forward to the feedback. thanks