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  1. Just got back to installation last night after realizing I needed the high rings rather than the medium. First off, the level is level...I changed orientation to get the same result. As for how far off each half of the base is, on one, the left side of the bubble is touching the left level line...on the other, the right side of the bubble is touching the right level line. So both are within the level lines, just not both perfectly squared. I split the difference and will see what that translates to at the range. Where I hunt, I'd likely have a hard time getting an unobstructed shot out to even 100 yards. Will consider a change if things are all over the place at the range.
  2. Trying to mount a scope onto my Traditions Pursuit ML, and when I put the two piece base on, I can level the bubble on one base, but the other is off. I’m not sure how to proceed from here...do I set the gun level on one base, and then set the scope against that reference? I’d think both bases should be level. The base is a Weaver 418M.
  3. Called my gun shop and they said they couldn’t get the Optima model I was looking for. Am I wrong to think that’s odd, or are these in high demand? Don’t think I’ve ever had a gun/bow dealer say they couldn’t get something I was looking for from the manufacturer, if they didn’t already have it in stock. I didn’t have time to call others but will tomorrow.
  4. Appreciate the feedback from all you guys. After doing a bit of research, I'm going to go with the CVA Optima V2 with nitride coated barrel. I have a Vortex Crossfire 3-9x scope ready and waiting to be mounted. From what I've read, CVA seems pretty reputable and makes a solid product. It's also priced right...less expensive than the slug gun I was looking at. Realizing there are probably a million load options, I'm going to start with the above recommendation on TC bullets and pellets. Pellets seem like the easy way to start for now, so I'll go that route as well. As for primers, is there anything specific to be looking for there? Seems like some burn hotter and ignite powders/pellets better than others. I'd think that hotter is better here to ensure ignition, but I'm sure there's something I'm not thinking of.
  5. So I think I'm sold on the ML, but still need some help getting started. If I went with something like the CVA Optima .50 caliber, what considerations do I need to make as far as powder, bullet, etc? And what tools do I need? If you could outline a "starter" package with the above gun, what would you buy...and I don't mean cheap starter things...I'd rather buy quality once than garbage twice. I just want to know, at minimum(and aside from gun and optic), what do I need to get to the range and shooting. I like to keep things as simple as possible, if that has any bearing on what this list looks like. I'll be doing plenty of research tonight on my own, but appreciate your insights.
  6. Interesting...I was just looking at the season dates/regs and didn't see anything about Jan/Feb muzzleloader.
  7. There's a ML season running January and February?
  8. Can you guys define "leave it loaded" in this case?
  9. I'm leaning more and more toward the ML. I guess my next set of questions is around what I need to get started. I know what I'm getting into with a shotgun, but with the ML, what do I need to think about as far as caliber, and then the must-have consumables and tools? That's probably a loaded question, no pun intended, but I just want to understand the bare minimum I'd need to start shooting.
  10. I've decided to get back into the gun hunting game for deer after a long time away focused on the bow. The question of using a shotgun vs muzzleloader came up, and since it seems like I'll have a longer gun season with the ML, I'm leaning in that direction...but have never handled or shot a muzzleloader. What do you all prefer here in NJ? Learning curve aside, I'm relatively aware of the differences in terms of functionality, pros/cons related to maintenance, reload times, etc...I'm just curious what you all prefer and why.
  11. With 3 quickly growing kids, buying them brand new gear every year is not possible...I'll take as many hand me downs as I can get my hands on.
  12. 100% shoot the first legal deer that gives you a good shot if you have not shot one before, and be proud of whatever it is...there's only one way to learn some of the lessons that come with shooting an animal, and that's to shoot an animal.
  13. I was in the same boat as you a few years ago, and am 38 now myself(5'11" and 203). Some background...at 34 I decided I was going to hunt elk solo in the Colorado Rockies and had a year and a half to get in shape. That included running(3 miles 2 times/week, progressing to 5 miles 5 times/week in the last 2 weeks before the hunt...all hill running around my house, equivalent of 60 flights of stairs over the course of roughly 4 miles), workout videos that focused on core, cardio/endurance, weight training...an overall mix. And then there were weighted hikes. Here's what I learned from doing all that leading up to the hunt, and since then...I'm certainly no expert, but it's what my body was telling me it needed: Concentrate on core strengthening exercises(all types of plank movements, compound plank movements, etc) Concentrate on compound movement balance training(think one legged dead lift, to row, to one legged squat with a light weight)...this and the above should get the most attention at the start and will serve as a foundation for minimizing injury doing anything else below...even if you don't think you need more of it, do it. I was never a runner, but...run on flat ground/track rather than hills(hills were GREAT for endurance, but the downhill pounding wreaked hell on my lower back)...I was averaging 8:20 hill minutes per mile over 5 miles, and was flat out running 5k's without ever huffing air through my mouth, but at the expense of my lower back and other joints...felt good in the moment, but not worth it in the long run As hunting season approaches, focus on weighted hikes with average weight for endurance/strength training of your major leg muscle group...your legs will thank you when hauling gear in to hunt, or hauling a deer out A balanced weight training for all muscle groups...circuit weight training was a good option for me as it meant relatively quick workouts(40 minutes rather than an hour+), and still offered results
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