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  1. Congrats on a beautiful buck!
  2. I have a nice 8point I tube caped for mount but decided not to mount...idk if it matters but he has been tightly packaged and in freezer as I killed him last year, you are more than welcome to have it
  3. Beautiful buck, congratulations !
  4. Congrats, shocked no blood that looks like a great shot !
  5. Congrats on your trad harvest 👍🏻
  6. Pretty sure the dots on the cams in relation to the strings are the timing..my buddy was having similar issue, he swapped to pre stretched gas strings from raven and it’s shooting phenomenal
  7. That’s a jersey grand slam 👍🏻
  8. Thank you, I am in East amwell right on the border of Ringoes...home of the 3 day rut lol..the bucks are day lighting but I’ve been watching them ignore the does everytime out. Strange lol
  9. Surprisingly no he was quartering away I actually entered behind the ribs on his passenger side that’s the exit...he didn’t even flinch he walked 10 feet and fell over!
  10. Yes agreed! And thank you
  11. Zone 12 Permit buck, was hoping to hold out for something bigger. Scheduled vacation for this week but weather is not looking great so I hung the tag on this 4 point and saved my week off for muzzleloader. Caught him checkin a scrape line mid day.
  12. Awesome buck and he’ll of a way to end the season , congratulations!
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