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  1. Just picked up a 7 mm -308 barrel for my Thompson Center TCR .I can make the brass from 308 brass, powder,primers not a issue , looking for some 7mm bullets Maybe I have something you are in need of in trade , Anyway PM me if interested . And it's way better if you send me what your "need" is . 40 years of reloading..... if you understand, So PM me Please
  2. I have never used the Hydraulic system , I prefer the hand feel when reloading. The gentleman I purchase this from set it up ran practice rounds ...when past away from massive hear attack before he used machine.I never set it up ,it's complete and ready to use . I am told this unit can be used on other manufactures shotgun presses , just do the research . Current price from Sploar is $1,650.00 I think $1,000.00 ( 60 % off ) is a fair price . I am in Bergen county .
  3. Are you still looking for 44 mag. rounds ? PM me Thanks
  4. Let me tell you what happened to me in aprox. 1990 while hunting in Waywaywander state park. Shotgun season, up a tree, Shot a buck .( 70 yards) dropped in it's tracks ... waited about 5 minutes up in tree looking at deer with my 8x40 no movement.. down the tree I go . due to my tree stand location I had to cross a little stream and walk up hill 40 yards to deer. I look up and see deer's head Moving left & right.. O'No a spine hit ??? Not at all a bear had my deers throat's in it's mouth and was making a mock kill. Had no car keys.... only my 12 gauge . Shot @ 3
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