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  1. There have been a few people out ice fishing this past week. Before this past weekend there was only 2-3 inches. Can't confirm how much there is now but today's cold weather should help a lot. I'm hoping to get out this weekend.
  2. Out in zone 6...should be a good morning. Hoping to see my first NJ deer while in the stand! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks everyone! I get the "why the hell did you move here" quite a bit, but so far I'm enjoying it, besides the fact I was looking forward to my first bear hunt. I have a few "public land" giants on the wall from wisconsin. Most my hunting was big woods not the farmland that holds the state record type bucks.....I don't have any pictures handy right now but will post at some point.
  4. Thanks everyone. Almost all my Wisconsin hunting was on public land so I'm familiar with some of the frustrations that come with that. I'm willing to hike in as far as I need to avoid some of this. Half the battle is meeting good people and being able to share and help....even if you can't get exact spots.....I'm sure I'll need some help carrying my trophy off the top of the mountain this fall.
  5. Hey - I'm brand new to New Jersey, coming from Wisconsin where I did a lot of bow hunting. I'm located near the State Park on Lake Hopatcong. Looking for any tips/suggestions or anyone that has hunted around this area. I've scoured the topo maps and internet and it seems like these are the best options near me: Allamuchy Mountain State Park, Berkshire Valley WMA, Rockaway River WMA and Weldon Brook WMA. It also looks like there are special permits for the Mahlon Dickerson Reservation. I figure between all these areas I have over 10,000 acres of hunting so looking for some suggestions on narrowing this down, places to avoid, places to put high on the list. Any other areas I am missing? Hoping to get out this weekend to do some scouting and maybe some still hunting looking for some spots. Thanks!
  6. Hey everyone, name is Jason, just moved to New Jersey from Wisconsin. Located on Lake Hopatcong. Did a lot of bow and gun deer hunting in Wisconsin and looking forward to trying to figure out the New Jersey deer hunting scene.
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