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  1. The extended late season is for light geese (snows and ross).. I don't think it will change
  2. JWK1995


    thanks for the heads up!
  3. JWK1995


    Good point. How long do you think they shut down for? Kicking myself after realizing our quarter mile hike upstream probably killed the stretch
  4. JWK1995


    Some buddies and I hit the musky and pequest saturday of opening day. caught 2 stocked rainbows the first 15 minutes (after 8am) of fishing and then friends shared similar success at the hole. After 9am it seemed like fishing slowed considerably and we picked up a few here and there until 2pm. Been saltwater fishing my whole life, but new into fishing streams. Is a morning bite generally the best for trout fishing? Thinking all of the anglers on the water might have had something to do to the fish closing their jaws.
  5. These shots are incredible.. If these are taken on the manual setting, what shutter speed do you use?
  6. Looks great. Wish i didn't just take the cap off the button buck i got this year. Full skull looks much better.
  7. Thanks for all the advice here.. so if I'm hunting an area/zone that I'm not totally familiar with, would you guys saying run and gun (no decoy) is the best bet?
  8. Got it.. appreciate the insight
  9. Are you calling more often to get their attention when hunting without a decoy?
  10. Curious to see what everyone's opinion is on what kind of decoy to use? Do you prefer a hen, jake, or gobbler. Do you use a single decoy or multiple? Thanks
  11. Thank you for all the replies.. glad i confirmed
  12. Although this is not my first year hunting, this gun season will be the first time trying to get a deer. The regulations do not mention anything about Does for zone 1. Is it legal to take a Doe from Dec 3-9? Thanks.
  13. I saw on the Tuckerton Seaport website that this is a 2 day show. Anyone know if either day is usually better? Thanks
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