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  1. This is my first post but I wanted to share my hunt today. What an incredible day. Feeling every emotion and not knowing made for the longest day ever. Shot this deer at 7 am. Waited an hour before got down, found good blood and decided to give more time. Went back hour later to track with my old man. Started following great trail until after 100 yards he jumped and ran off. Based on the blood I thought it was a dead deer. Made the move to back out and come up with plan. Made a call to Darren out of east Brunswick to use his help with the dogs. Met at 4 and the track began all over. After about 2 hours of his dogs going through the thickest brush possible his pup finally found the buck. If it wasn't for his services this deer never would have been found. Also, I shot this buck quartering away. Entry was back but exit was right behind shoulder and this deer still was able to get up after a hit like that. Learned my lesson for next time when in doubt let him be and come back later. I want to thank Darren as he goes above and beyond and will do everything possible to recover your deer. Good luck to all this season. Shoot em up.
  2. Hey everyone, New member to the site, have been viewing the site for a few weeks now and really enjoy reading posts. Would like to start my first post with 2 duck boats I am selling. Bob Fricke 12 ft. Sneak Box and Trailer front and stern decoy racks custom spray dodger boat used a total of 10 times and in excellent shape all necessary paper work for quick sale new transom installed last season $1,750.00 - OBO Original South Bay Duck Boat very good condition, hull is sound New transom installed last season best hiding duck boat for coastal marshes, just grass up and go all necessary paper work for quick sale runs great with 15 to 25 hp $3,000.00- OBO Images attached If interested, you can PM me on this site or contact me on my cell (908)-310-3455 Thanks, Bill
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