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  1. XtremeHunter

    cabelas coupon code

    https://www.retailmenot.com/view/cabelas.com Cabelas doesn’t have many codes available... but this is the best site when it comes to finding codes on any store/company online. It also shows deals and sales that are currently happening, as well.
  2. XtremeHunter

    cabelas coupon code

    What type of code are you looking for? Shipping, % off, etc.?
  3. XtremeHunter

    Favorite movies? List the top 3...

    The Godfather Pt. 2, Star Wars (any of the original trilogy), Shawshank Redemption.... In no particular order but if I had to choose one I would stay Star Wars, just because of what it was capable of creating, still to this day.
  4. XtremeHunter

    Zone 7 slick head

  5. XtremeHunter

    Muzzle Loader Buck Down

    Congrats! Awesome buck!
  6. XtremeHunter

    Deer Farms?

    I’m more focusing on the antler growth and then to just hunt them on a preserve... just doesnt seem like hunting. Lol
  7. XtremeHunter

    Deer Farms?

    Good point... great to hear different opinions/viewpoints.
  8. XtremeHunter

    Deer Farms?

    Do they just produce scents. Or other things as well?
  9. XtremeHunter

    Deer Farms?

    I’ve heard they also try to produce bucks that will have unnaturally large antler growth and then sell to hunting preserves for guys to hunt.... seems to me like that’s just a sad part of it. Like I can see making for scents and even raising for food. But to give to hunting preserves so they can be hunted... just doesn’t seem like fair chase to me
  10. XtremeHunter

    Deer Farms?

    Hey all, came across a YouTube video from ConQuest Scents that displays their Deer Farm. I do not know much about and have only gone a few minutes in to the video but would like to ask you guys your knowledge of deer farms? I have no clue what these are and figured many of you would have more knowledge. Also I’d like to know if any one has personal experience with one/seen one in real life, and what your opinions are? Thanks!
  11. XtremeHunter

    12/13 Afternoon Check-in

    Got settled in the blind... who else is out this afternoon?
  12. XtremeHunter

    Crossbow Purchase?

    Will keep in mind, thank you!
  13. XtremeHunter

    Crossbow Purchase?

    Thank you, I will take a look.
  14. XtremeHunter

    Crossbow Purchase?

    Looking at buying my father a crossbow this year for Christmas. Any advice on a brand/model? I am in college and am not looking to spend more than $500. I know that may limit what I can purchase but as long as its something that is reliable, I am all ears. Reason for crossbow is because he use to always hunt with compound. But as he's gotten more busy with work and such he doesn't have the time to practice. He's mentioned getting a crossbow for the past few years now, I figured I could help him out and just get him one. For how good he's been to me, its the least I could do. Thanks guys.
  15. XtremeHunter

    Last day 6 day success, again!

    Great buck! Congrats!!