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  1. XtremeHunter

    Hunting Winter Clothes

    Check PM
  2. XtremeHunter

    Hunting Winter Clothes

    Like to ask anyone with their help and experience with very warm hunting clothes for winter: jacket, pants/bib, and gloves are all needed. I understand Sitka has some of the best stuff out there as far as quality and warmth, however, I am only in college and not looking to break the bank at the moment. I just want some clothing that has quality and is affordable enough for someone in my situation. Sorry if this makes it more challenging, thank you all!
  3. XtremeHunter

    Coming Home

    Sorry to hear, hope you get well soon
  4. XtremeHunter


    Out in z2 and pushed some deer on the way to the blind. Haven’t seen anything since..
  5. XtremeHunter

    FREE Full Body Saftey harness (2) FOR FREE

    Where are you located?
  6. XtremeHunter

    Climbing Stands

    Thank you, will check it out!
  7. XtremeHunter

    Climbing Stands

  8. XtremeHunter

    Climbing Stands

    Will take a look, thank you!
  9. XtremeHunter

    Climbing Stands

    Was looking into that model, do you have the viper classic or viper SD?
  10. XtremeHunter

    Climbing Stands

    Interested in purchasing a climber.. Looking for a good brand.... Doesn't have to be too fancy but something that is reliable and safety won't be a concern obviously. Won't mind paying more for a more reliable climber. What brands are best to look at and any particular models that you guys have/like?
  11. XtremeHunter

    10/08 Check In

    Good luck everyone!
  12. XtremeHunter

    70 year old cartoon warned us about freedom

    Very good post Mike, much appreciated. Amazing how some believe there’s something better than capitalism...
  13. XtremeHunter

    Bear Opener

    Going to be in college during the beginning of the week, after my last exam at 8pm Thursday, I’m hoping in my car and coming back to Jersey!! Gonna be my first time bear hunting... Very excited. Good luck to everyone this week!
  14. XtremeHunter

    2018 Fall Buck Down

    Congrats. Awesome buck
  15. XtremeHunter

    10/7/18 check in and live reports

    Good luck everyone.