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  1. This is my second buck and biggest. I shot him in a staging area next to a soy bean field. There is a row of rubs along the tree line just inside the woods. I had 2 Bucks on camara going this route but at 3:30am. Nothing at last light. This is the smaller of the 2. Perfectly fine for me. Shot was quartering away and a little back. Lots of blood and easy find at 50yards. I was down wind of him and smelled him as he walked the rub line route. Trail came 90 degrees straight to the bean field then made a hard left along the field. I hit him when he was looking out into the field. This is a new spot. Do you think this will be a yearly route for different bucks? Thank you Killerbee
  2. Heading in around 12. Plan on watching the Eagles game in stand. New spot, first sit.
  3. Two Toms just showed up.
  4. Still quiet here. My spot has been showing good morning action. I guess I ruined the party.
  5. I am out. Quiet so far. Good luck.
  6. Once the chiggers are gone. I will be out. Already got bit up setting up for the season. Bait this weekend. That's about it. Ordered a new crossbow today. 😎
  7. I totally disagree. I out fish anybody that comes on my boat with gulp. My buddies start with gulp and end with minnows. I use just a minnow and a hook. I buy 2 quarts a trip to get as many big ones as I can. (Which is why I want to learn to start catching them so I can pick threw them) Now out at reefs. I do not use minnows.
  8. How and where to catch minnows for the back bay flounder season? I am curious to see how everyone gets thier minnows. I usually buy them but they are getting expensive and sometimes there is a shortage at the bait shops. I keep my boat at Ocean Heights Marina and fish the back bays of Somers Point and Ocean city.
  9. This and the other bait thread are the worst threads I have seen since joining. I feel ashamed now that I used corn to hunt this year. I have been baiting since August. So I would put me around $800. Looking back. I don't care. I use corn to see deer, shoot deer and eat deer. If I had more time I would probably hunt differently. But I don't, so I use corn. 3 doe's and 1 buck this year I use bait to fish too????
  10. My two buddies have alot more time hunting than me and more Antlers on the wall. They helped me drag the deer out and said his body doesn't match the Antler size. Yesterday I went through my trail camara card to find him. This spot has three 8 pointers on it as well. He is the same body size as them. Good deer for sure. I am really happy with my first buck and going to get a shoulder mount. Thank you for all the replies. Jason
  11. As the title states. After years of hunting and passing on Doe's waiting for a buck to come out. It finally happened. A 5 maybe 6 point. I started learning and hunting on my own in 2012. The camara had deer coming in every night at last light. About 5 shootable bucks with the 3 on 1 side rule along with some nice Doe's. Last weekend I sat here and saw nothing in heavy winds. Everything lined up last night with light winds and it blowing in my favor. I got in around 1:45pm after a long walk because I wanted to get my truck way out of the picture and have no effect on deer movent. So I sat knowing nothing would happen until last light. At 4:00 p.m. I put my mask over my nose and the crossbow up to my face and crouched down into my shooting position and waited. It felt like I was waiting forever but finally I saw two deer coming straight at me to the bait pile. It was a big doe and a buck right behind it. Only two deer. I could see that it had antlers but I couldn't see exactly how big. However I did see that its body was way bigger than the doe and I knew this was going to be my opportunity for a buck. The doe right away gave me a broadside shot and the buck stood facing me with its head down into the corn. I was like oh my God it's getting dark and this buck is not going to give me a shot. So I was contemplating just taking the doe because I knew this was my last day to hunt this year and I wanted another deeer in the freezer. Then all sudden they heard something behind them and the buck turn sideways and I let the bolt fly. what I didn't know is was he was taking a step forward so I hit him a little bit back. It was a 25-yard shot and I had the crosshair just a little high right above his shoulder. I let it sit for about an hour and me and my two buddies went and found it and drug it out. I can't tell you how happy I am and excited. I felt like I had this buck curse on me for a long time. I would see deer sometimes 12 to 15 deer a sit and never see a buck. I have passed on so many doe's waiting for a buck. Now this deer is not going to break any records but for me it means the world. What a way to end the season. let me tell you to my wife has been giving me some shit and she wanted me to watch the eagles game with her friends at the bar yesterday. I'm glad I made the decision to hunt. Thank you for reading.
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