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  1. Sgt Joe Friday

    Wtb fred bear razorheads

    Anderson’s ? Got a few of those
  2. Sgt Joe Friday


    I have seen that street sign by Layton going to dingmens bridge bridge must be hell of a long road to reach route 80
  3. Sgt Joe Friday

    Got my bear.

  4. Sgt Joe Friday

    Anyone know of any BIG bears taken ???

    One was 647 looked closer to. 1000 the pic is flying around the internet think Passaic county it was shot
  5. Sgt Joe Friday


    Old mine road is that state ? Or federal ? Ps great story
  6. Sgt Joe Friday

    Updated Bear Totals - 139

    So is it safe to bear numbers on state land will explode ?
  7. Sgt Joe Friday

    Updated Bear Totals - 139

    I have gotten more then one shot at a deer with my Mathews
  8. Sgt Joe Friday

    Updated Bear Totals - 139

    Just me but I more accurate with my muzzy just because I know I only have one shot
  9. Sgt Joe Friday

    Cow butcher

    Anyone butcher cows in Sussex county nj
  10. Sgt Joe Friday

    Bachelor Party Hog Hunt

    I would just book a decent preserve hunt in pa hunt the preserve then party at the casinos just my two cents
  11. Sgt Joe Friday

    Maine bound

    3006 will be fine I would be shooting 220 rem corelocks or 180 grain federal Barnes tsx
  12. Sgt Joe Friday


    Sounds like great customer service
  13. Sgt Joe Friday

    Maine bound

    Best of luck I hear moose meat is great. What caliber you using ?
  14. Was bored and checking out YouTube and was watching one guy at fort dix with a Remington wing master 12 gauge shooting 6-8 inch groups at 100 yards. Just think their has to be guys getting better results out their ?
  15. Sgt Joe Friday

    Best Semi Auto Shotguns/pumps

    Any thing older from Remington or browning is solid.