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  1. Sgt Joe Friday

    Great Deal On The Savage 220

    Shame their customer service sucks I would not walk back into store if they’ve was doing a free give out.
  2. Sgt Joe Friday

    Question for the driving gang

    Got to admit driving does look like fun. I think bear driving that would be extra fun
  3. Sgt Joe Friday

    Savage 220 is awesome!

    I’m afraid to play around with it might knock of the sccuarcy
  4. Sgt Joe Friday

    Savage 220 is awesome!

    Dollar for dollar the savage 220 in this exact combo is hard to beat. It it used to be the HR best dollar for dollar but now the 20 gauge HR is going for more money then the savage. If if you look you can still find a great deal on a mint 12 gauge ultra slug like 300 and under just have to act quick. As far as the 20 gauges are concerned I glad I each bought one for my boys when they was very little think I paid like 225 each. As of now sorry but I would not pay 600 plus for thr H R that kinda money you looking at the 1996 browning a bolt .
  5. Sgt Joe Friday

    H&r barked this morning

  6. Sgt Joe Friday

    My Son's Mercy Kill From Tonight

    What happened to the hoofs ?
  7. Sgt Joe Friday

    870 20ga slug gun

    Is barrel pinned ? Type of trigger ?
  8. Sgt Joe Friday

    Had a scare yesterday!

    I feel your pain o so we’ll get better always next year to go hunting.
  9. Sgt Joe Friday

    Zone 4 old mine road

    30 years ago def over run now as long as you get in deep whole mountain is yours. In 2014 hunted there with my dad for bear season last day last hour my dad scored on a bear. But their was definitely giant groups putting on drives cause in the afternoon of the last day in 2014 it sounded like a war zone. Only thing I don’t like about area is it’s infested with ticks !!!!!!!!
  10. Sgt Joe Friday

    Zone 4 old mine road

    Need a army to drive that
  11. Sgt Joe Friday

    Savage 220F ejection

    Ps try and find a savage 210 on gun broker they have bidding wars on that gun
  12. Sgt Joe Friday

    Savage 220F ejection

    When a 400 dollar gun shoots better or the same as a 3500 dollar hand made gun I would wrap the tar hunt around a tree. i own guns 10 times more expensive then the 220 how would I benefit talking up one of my cheaper guns ??????? Look up on YouTube savage 220 300 yards kills.
  13. Sgt Joe Friday

    Savage 220F ejection

    Savage 220 out shoots the tar hunt
  14. Sgt Joe Friday

    CVA Hunter Slug Gun??

    Never shot one but have heard good. Things. Just my two cents you better saving up and buying a H,R right after hunting season you would be surprised after the season what you can find. Last year added a mint h r for 300
  15. Sgt Joe Friday

    Few guns for sale must go through ffl