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  1. Sgt Joe Friday

    Anyone have arthroscopic surgery for torn meniscus?

    Unless you a pro athlete it’s not necessary
  2. Sgt Joe Friday

    Savage 410 Turkey Gun?!

    I will stick with my 10 gauge
  3. Sgt Joe Friday

    Another Brother Shot

    rip so sad I’m totally disgusted
  4. Sgt Joe Friday

    In line muzzy question?

    Now minimum length barrel for shot gun is 18 inches minimum length rifle barrel is 16 inches now was just wondering what’s the minimum length for a muzzleloader z?... straight up inline not not a model where you can switch barrrels including Rifle shotguns etc i love my carbines rifles was thinking of shaving a few inches of a inline barrel. Be safe shoot straight
  5. Sgt Joe Friday

    450 BM advice/opinions

    Their is a gun Smith in Michigan that guaranteed 2 inch groups at 300 yards with his custom savage 450 bush master his custom guns retail for like a grand. Fox llc it might be.
  6. Sgt Joe Friday

    Crazy night in the woods...

    Congrats on nice buck plus Barnes is all I shoot in my muzzy
  7. Sgt Joe Friday

    Slugs, sighting in and real world shooting

    Good post range and hunting two totally different animals I am the first to say I am horrible free hand. Hunting I need a good rest in my stand or a tripod in the blind. Me myself it’s so thick where I hunt I lucky to shoot maybe 75 yards the most any one of my slug guns work at that distance. Would I attempt a shot over 125 no way cause I never practiced further then that . As for the wind I completely agree with you but we all know hunting days are not always ideal weather trying to compensate for the wind on a shot on a deer in thick woods is going to be super hard you might have a clear shot but where you need to put bullet might be brush or a tree. As as for the guys who say 200 yards can’t be done go to YouTube look up savage 220 300 yards kills. Three separate hunters using same gun killed deer at 300 yards. Granted it wAs ideal conditions the stand was a huge shooting house gun had a bipod installed and they basically was shooting of a range rest. On on my bucket list is to harvest a deer with my browning 10 gauge just want to see what damage the giant federal slug causes to the meat since people say shooting a lighter caliber that’s much faster causes more meat damage.
  8. Sgt Joe Friday

    Looking for an Andersen Tree sling

    I got two what’s a fair price ? Dam I showing my age lmao even have Anderson broad heads
  9. Sgt Joe Friday

    Great Deal On The Savage 220

    Shame their customer service sucks I would not walk back into store if they’ve was doing a free give out.
  10. Sgt Joe Friday

    Question for the driving gang

    Got to admit driving does look like fun. I think bear driving that would be extra fun
  11. Sgt Joe Friday

    Savage 220 is awesome!

    I’m afraid to play around with it might knock of the sccuarcy
  12. Sgt Joe Friday

    Savage 220 is awesome!

    Dollar for dollar the savage 220 in this exact combo is hard to beat. It it used to be the HR best dollar for dollar but now the 20 gauge HR is going for more money then the savage. If if you look you can still find a great deal on a mint 12 gauge ultra slug like 300 and under just have to act quick. As far as the 20 gauges are concerned I glad I each bought one for my boys when they was very little think I paid like 225 each. As of now sorry but I would not pay 600 plus for thr H R that kinda money you looking at the 1996 browning a bolt .
  13. Sgt Joe Friday

    My Son's Mercy Kill From Tonight

    What happened to the hoofs ?
  14. Sgt Joe Friday

    870 20ga slug gun

    Is barrel pinned ? Type of trigger ?