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  1. Went in at 5:50am yesterday in Abram Hewitt. Did a lot of homework and planned to go in from the south side since wind was coming in from the northwest. Bushwhacked as quietly as I could while looking out for good pinch points and game trails. I'll say this, you all weren't kidding when you said it's rugged and thick! After seeing nothing but old deer scat and two squirrels for 4 hours, I decided to try to find my way back to the car. I pushed my way towards a trail that runs down the west side of the park. On my way I found someone's ladder stand that looks like it has been there for quite some time. Then followed the trail south back to the road. Today went for a hike with the wife in Norvin and saw two nice sized does right next to the trail. It's like they know it's Sunday and I don't have my bow with me! It was nice to be out in the woods but I hope others were more successful!
  2. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. BHC: Isn't bear hunting closed on state lands this season? Would you recommend Ringwood, Norvin Green, or Wawayanda more over Abram Hewitt for deer?
  3. Hey folks, This will be my first bow season in zone 3 and I'm planning on heading into Abram S. Hewitt SF. This is my first attempt at hunting public land so I'm fairly hesitant about the whole process. If anyone here has any experience in hunting public land, or Hewitt SF specifically, I would greatly appreciate any helpful advice. My biggest concern is stepping on other hunter's toes. Anyone here familiar with Hewitt and willing to chat? Thanks! Jake
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