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  1. I had a BAD Stevens 555 Basic O/U. On the Third trigger pull out of the box and both barrels fired, happend agin on 6th try so back to the factory it went. I got it at Simon-Peters and they were helpful with the return. Unpon reciept of repair , no B.S. it happend again on the 3rd try! I sent it back again thru SP and after 3 months and endless e-mails Stevens told me it was unrepairable and they would send a new one..... the guys at SP helped me refuse and get a full refund. Sacry to have that happen , never a another Stevens in my collection.
  2. 11" in back hills of Boonton.
  3. This year I'm heading in a different direction....I lost my honey hole of a spot after 25 years, best friend and hunting partner got the Virus real bad and won't be returning to the field this year. However on a bright note my new neigbor is a young guy, fireman , newely married and can't wait to begin huniting. He's gotten his apprentance tag and had a blast on his first pheasant outing! Opening 6-day Monday and I'll be guiding ,mentoring and without a gun for the first time in 34 years. I guess it's time to bring on the next generation , honestly can't remember being this excited for openin
  4. My Grandfather , Wild Pheasant in Catskills circa 1925.
  5. looks like a Coopers, I had one nesting in my area this summer , he did a great job at clearing out the chipmunks.
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