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  1. This can't be true...... I didn't see it on "MSN"
  2. First bird hunt at 8 years old ......now she's 15 time is moving way too fast.
  3. I had a big one come into my set-up this year and snag a squirrel at first light, very cool to watch!! Oddly enough on the back side of Wild Cat Ridge......
  4. DONE WITH WORK FOR THE WEEK!! Heading into Z3 now, best of luck to all this afternoon
  5. Headed out this afternoon, in my office clock watching the 1/2 day already! Best of luck to all , stay safe.
  6. That's some cool stuff right there!!
  7. Let's all be honest when you heard the name ......Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani , was your first thought " Disgruntled employee " or " A-hole Terrorist " , I have to admit mine was the latter followed by Guilty!!
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