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  1. Let's all be honest when you heard the name ......Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani , was your first thought " Disgruntled employee " or " A-hole Terrorist " , I have to admit mine was the latter followed by Guilty!!
  2. Well Done DAD! Spot on.
  3. Best of luck , she's a real looker.
  4. Berkshire Valley - from 1300 to 620 ....... very disappointing. The 620 from last year was WAY overstated. Numerous stocking days without the sign of a stocking truck the night before. Or incredible lazy stocking that just drops two pens in the parking lot and takes off..... Hoping for improvement as I've been hunting B.V. most of my life.
  5. Raised with love , bound for greatness! Best of Luck.
  6. Agreed CVA Customer Service and tracking system are tops
  7. Fester251


    At our club most members coat old tennis wrist and head bands in the Permethrin and let the dogs wear them as we hunt, amazing how well it works.
  8. .... not boosting , absolutely the luckiest shot of my life.
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