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  1. Congrats! I am on year 6 I think. Only putting in for a bull though.
  2. Brand new bushmaster ar-15 700 dollars Case of Ammo 660 combo 1800.00 Idiot
  3. 14’ 2006 Carolina Skiff with a 2013 20 HP Mercury 4 Stroke. Just took it out today and everything worked like it should. Summer should be full of flatties.
  4. Found one thanks everyone
  5. Thank you. Been looking everyday and just haven’t found something I like for the price. Buying the wrong time of year. That is why I figured I would check with everyone here.
  6. Looking for a boat with Trailer around $5,000. Anybody have anything up for sale? Preferably 4-Stroke.
  7. It is going to most likely die from moving it from its home range. They will wander until they die trying to go home.
  8. Regulations are going to change in both the private sector and public sector when it comes to negative air pressure and disinfectant. A bunch of companies are looking into speed disinfectants of large areas such as hotels, train cars, planes, etc. Good place to look.
  9. Just spoke to the Police posting up Allaire State Park. That is closed as well.
  10. It would be nice if they would only control the mountain bikers as well. They cut through all of the Manasquan WMA. No bedrooms left for deer. Ride through during gun season, bow, they don’t care.
  11. Nice place if you get the back field. He does book people every 2 hours which is very strange though, that is why I haven’t gone again. Extremely nice guy though. Very big birds last time I was there last year.
  12. Thanks Guys. I emailed them. Anyone else?
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