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  1. Colors look like raccoon to me.
  2. My late season was a bust so hoping to get some meat later today!
  3. I got checked once at Black River WMA during south hunting day and the warden asked me if the convertible is mine. As I said yes he didn’t want to see my license and asked if I got a rug done with the bear I shot a few weeks earlier! Seems like the news from the guy checking in a bear that he brought in the trunk of his convertible travelled within the CO’s. Was pretty funny!
  4. Out in Z13 hoping for some meat for the freezer
  5. Out in Z13. First sit since November...
  6. Wish me luck! Going out early tomorrow and Saturday. Bear is the target but will also take a buck. very excited to get some time in the stand after a longer break since fall bow!
  7. Anyone ever use one to lure in a bear? Was thinking to do some fawn in distress calls and hoping to lure a big bear in!
  8. This year is my first year and the regs are not crystal clear so rather ask. ”Dec. 9-14, 2019 Season bag limit is two antlered deer. However, if a hunter harvests two antlered deer, he/she forfeits the opportunity to harvest an antlered deer during the Permit Shotgun Season. Only one buck may be taken at a time.” - Can I shoot a buck report it and shoot another one? - No does allowed during 6 Day firearm? thanks for all insights!
  9. Rem 870 pump with rifles barrel. Happy to finally own this one!
  10. Heard rumors that the court case should be done before the December hunt which is in 2.5 weeks. anyone heard anything more particular?
  11. Charles Daly 601 semi auto 12 GA Silver Bullet in Rockaway recommended it since it came with 3 chokes, plug etc. nice price and good to get my feet wet.
  12. So I bought a Rem 870 pump and got the rifled slug barrel with scope. looking for advice which slugs I should buy to be successful for the upcoming December bear hunt! thanks in advance
  13. Had company otherwise I would be great at taking selfies like that 😉
  14. As the title states. Nothing spectacular but had fun busting some clays after waiting over a year for my FID!
  15. Morris county close to Morristown in a small town park. Usually no bear here. Not sure why this took place there. All I know is my buck decoy got mauled...
  16. Fighting is heating up. 2 pics same buck same night before and after being beat up:
  17. I bought mine online October 3rd. Was not expecting such a delay.
  18. What’s the number to call if my permit never arrived? Also can I hunt and use my permit number that I see in my online profile without having the hard copy? Thanks in advance guys
  19. Welcome to the site and this sport! I started myself with it 4 years ago with 29 and it has been a great experience so far throughout. There’s a ton to learn alongside a lot of work and also fun! How I started was public land then I found a tiny private lot. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Really comes down to what you want to accomplish! For me it’s mostly filling the freezer and helping to reduce the deer population. If you want to join me on a hunt or two pm me and I’ll be willing to take you along to get you started.
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