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  1. What about the Mission bows? Did you check them out? Only heard good stuff so far...
  2. PM me. I’m down to help you drag or put it onto my cart. Even butcher it and share some meat. Love to butcher and eat bears.
  3. Z 13 and ready to go! Somehow all the does left me Spot and now I got like 7-8 spikes hitting it constantly...
  4. I just got lucky as well. Came into my spot to refill the corn and there was mama bear with at least 2 cubs. They were not on the bait yet and fortunately ran away. Hoping I scared them so that they don’t come back! township land south of RT10 so usually not to many bears but this year is different!
  5. On their website or some local stores have it. http://www.awnaturelabs.com/pinch-point
  6. He also owns a pool business. Hope he looses all his business since that’s what he deserves. what drives a man to do such a thing???
  7. Also their killer kube stays much longer intact than others
  8. A&W natural labs pinch point works great and they are from NJ
  9. Patience kicks in once in the stand in a week!!!!
  10. My company is looking to hire 2-3 guys in manufacturing to work with powertools and metal sheets/wood as well as pick and pack stuff for roughly 18-22 $/h 8-5 Monday through Friday. fast growing company still small but grew 5 times in last 5years. Rockaway area PM me if interested or for more info!
  11. Checked my Cam today and to my surprise actually got 2 nice bucks. not sure if I should shoot them if I get the chance to. Will make the decision then I guess...
  12. Exactly. That’s why I posted that in bear hunting. how if you Bait but remove the bait and keep the scent/add scent right before hunting?
  13. Is scent considered baiting? was thinking maybe put some scent out and be in a stand vs on the ground next to a bait pile. Is that legal?
  14. Anyone got input on how good this thing works and actually runs one? also looking for input on what insulation to use and where to get it from? any input is appreciated!
  15. Anyone having/knowing or willing to share a spot? really bummed about this rule about our state land...
  16. Interested in the Summit. Will send you a PM
  17. Will that be recorded or can someone record it?
  18. Can´t agreed more! I had several encounter where those guys were able to free themselves from those traps. Imagine that happens while you transport them in your car? That latch needs something on top to make sure the trap stays closed. I usually put a rock on top of that. Just to flimsy the whole trap IMO
  19. Does anyone know Cool Bot? I´m curious if this really works and howlong does a regular AC work. Always wanted to build my own walk in cooler and that seems like a cheap way to get there... https://www.amazon.com/Store-Cold-LLC-Controller-conditioner/dp/B003VSLTAI/ref=sr_1_1?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2KvemLvD4gIVConICh00XQB_EAAYASAAEgJkWfD_BwE&hvadid=345451517245&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9003732&hvnetw=g&hvpos=1t1&hvqmt=e&hvrand=6410767457834683367&hvtargid=kwd-305469621067&hydadcr=26613_9892212&keywords=cool-bot&qid=1559226463&s=gateway&sr=8-1
  20. Probably even eaten alive too,,,
  21. https://www.wideopenspaces.com/ladder-stand-buddy-answers-the-call-for-a-safe-smart-treestand-system/
  22. Great pictures! Man that buck at 4:21 is insane!!
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