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  1. Dead here so far besides the squirrels...
  2. Congrats! What a great bear!
  3. Wouldn’t recommend it though. How are you going to prove that you weren’t in it when you took the shot? just saying. If you only use scents you can be in a blind or tree stand. That’s what I would do
  4. Way more bears it seems so hoping we total over 350!
  5. Yes red oak. White are better but for what it’s worth it’s free and gets the job done
  6. Went with my kids and their friend to a playground in Nutley. 5min of kids picking those up😉 Will put them to good use under my stand!
  7. Very cool pics! Can’t wait for the harvest pictures! good luck
  8. LOL! That’s the video where I got the idea from. Over in Europe Deer are much smaller than the white tails here. The meat yield is approx half of what we get to maybe a third. For those guys bashing others about shooting fawns and saying it’s not worth it...
  9. Going Saturday Just had on on my middle of township in lower Morris County the other Day
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