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  1. Black Bear Bowhunter

    Cream cheese stuffed BACKSTRAP!

    Try out them in soy sauce over night in the fridge. Adds tremendously to the flavor!
  2. Black Bear Bowhunter

    Summit Viper $100 off on amazon today

    Wow. Great deal!
  3. Black Bear Bowhunter

    Site theme update for mobile devices

    Agreed. Was kinda hard with a phone or tablet to navigate the site. So much easier now. Thanks!
  4. Black Bear Bowhunter

    Site theme update for mobile devices

    I like the responsive!!
  5. Black Bear Bowhunter

    What Brand Scope Is Your Favorite?

    Which Schmidt Bender are you using?
  6. Black Bear Bowhunter

    Some of my cuts from last night (Pics)

    If it's cold enough then yes for 1-3 days depending on the temps. Otherwise cut it up and keep it in fridge for a day then vaccumseal and freezer.
  7. Black Bear Bowhunter

    Expensive deer

    Just why???
  8. Black Bear Bowhunter

    1/5 check in

    Shot a little one. Unfortunately antlers less then 3" . Were to small to see in the dark. At least some great meat for the freezer. Family is going to love it!
  9. Black Bear Bowhunter

    Made a skinning hoist

    Great job! I would invest in an electric winch.
  10. Black Bear Bowhunter

    How Much Did You Spend on Bait this Season?

    My hunting spot is 80 yards long by maybe 150 wide so 0 chance of scouting or similar stuff. Only chance to get a deer and not have them expire on neighboring backyards is bait and a clean killshot. so I'm buying maybe 10-16 bags 40lbs of corn for the season while they are on sale for maybe $6 a bag. Then the occasional bag of acorn rage or deadly dust so overall roughly $120. With 3-6 deer a season that's a good price per lbs of the best meat! usually I get around 200lbs so that makes 0,6 $/lbs can't find that in a store. Time etc is part of the hobby and enjoyment so can't put that into the calculation.
  11. Black Bear Bowhunter

    Doe down with my sidekick

    Congrats! Always special to shoot something while in the woods with the kids!
  12. Black Bear Bowhunter

    Deer Down - 12/29

  13. Black Bear Bowhunter

    12/29 Check In

    Totally agreed! And then the temp changes are weird too. Not sure when the real cold is coming. Still waiting for it.
  14. Black Bear Bowhunter

    12/29 Check In

    Going for an afternoon sit for the first time with my wife! Hope we get a fat doe.