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  1. Someone will drop their stimulus check on that really nice bow!! GLWS
  2. Pm me if you’re interested in a 12’ Jon boat
  3. I just bought an old Honda HS55 used with tracks. Definitely real nice the old machines super durable and get the job done. Don’t have the money for those new expensive $1500 and up machines...
  4. I’ll definitely go out one more last time. wife asked for more ground meat and some stew meat. Hoping I can fulfill her wishes 😉
  5. Exactly what Merkel said! been there plenty of times even Sunday’s in the winter times. summer kind of a bummer as my work hours prevent me from going...
  6. Only nocturnal pics hoping with new snow coming tomorrow they’ll come out earlier and I get a shot of. Still got plenty of space in the freezer..
  7. I got a 4x8 without the wooden planks but that seems to small for you I assume..
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