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  1. Interesting topic as I work for a component manufacturer in that industry. But our components are solely used on commercial doors.
  2. As title says and man what a blast! Not sure why I haven’t done it earlier! Was devastated after a real nice smallie broke my spinner bait 2 feet of the boat. But then regrouped and caught couple fish. Ended with a 18” smallie! so beautiful out there just amazing!
  3. Pushed 2 does on my way in. Probably the only 2 deer I will see today. Mad at myself for not getting in the tree earlier…
  4. Out in Z13. Getting real dark already. Hoping it get the deer moving early especially with nice colder breeze!! GL to all out!
  5. Congrats on an once in a lifetime buck!
  6. Got a friend who wants to get into hunting so I’ll get him an apprentice license and show him the ropes for a season. Question is if that license is good for fall bow and permit? Or do we need to buy him a permit and antlered as well? thanks in advance and sorry first time doing that and seems regs are not 100% clear to me there..
  7. Heading out in a few hoping to see and connect with a doe!
  8. Yeah bugs like crazy but no does so far…
  9. Out the first time after missing opening day due to work travel…
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