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  1. Bought a blue label with 1/7 pitch for 5.56 ammo and got lucky to get that little beautiful crate with the ammo before it sold out or went sky high in price. Bad description on gun broker which landed my a low price for a unfired gun. guess now I’ve to get a second one to actually shoot 🤣
  2. Picked my new toy up today. Unfired from gunbroker Colt for just $800.
  3. Just won on gunbroker an AR Colt Match Target hbar blue label! Very exited to put my hands on it and fire couple rounds down range!
  4. Colors look like raccoon to me.
  5. My late season was a bust so hoping to get some meat later today!
  6. I got checked once at Black River WMA during south hunting day and the warden asked me if the convertible is mine. As I said yes he didn’t want to see my license and asked if I got a rug done with the bear I shot a few weeks earlier! Seems like the news from the guy checking in a bear that he brought in the trunk of his convertible travelled within the CO’s. Was pretty funny!
  7. Out in Z13 hoping for some meat for the freezer
  8. Out in Z13. First sit since November...
  9. Wish me luck! Going out early tomorrow and Saturday. Bear is the target but will also take a buck. very excited to get some time in the stand after a longer break since fall bow!
  10. Anyone ever use one to lure in a bear? Was thinking to do some fawn in distress calls and hoping to lure a big bear in!
  11. This year is my first year and the regs are not crystal clear so rather ask. ”Dec. 9-14, 2019 Season bag limit is two antlered deer. However, if a hunter harvests two antlered deer, he/she forfeits the opportunity to harvest an antlered deer during the Permit Shotgun Season. Only one buck may be taken at a time.” - Can I shoot a buck report it and shoot another one? - No does allowed during 6 Day firearm? thanks for all insights!
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