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  1. https://www.wideopenspaces.com/ladder-stand-buddy-answers-the-call-for-a-safe-smart-treestand-system/
  2. Great pictures! Man that buck at 4:21 is insane!!
  3. Bought a sleep number 2 months ago. So far really loving it!
  4. That´s too funny! I laughed so hard at my family when Germany impossed the same silly tax 4 years ago. They probably have secret meeting on how to rip off the people best!
  5. Aren´t you only allowed to hunt with a guide if you´re a non-resident?!? That alone makes it expensive!
  6. First for me was a spot and stalk with my crossbow at Black River WMA a 185lbs black bear. Was a solo hunt vs 2 bears. Words can't describe the adrenaline I got after the bear went down within 40 yards. Got within 15 yards to take the shoot. This was 2 years ago.
  7. LOL! I'm German and yes I did the buttermilk over night in the fridge but to be honest the whitetail meat has way less gamey taste than those German red deer. So I stopped doing it even though it actually makes a difference. I think it takes the edge off but again if processed correctly there is no need for that with whitetail deer venison! Just my 5 Cents
  8. Can´t you hunt them at night with spotlighting? Thought I read somethign about that in the Digest...
  9. Try out them in soy sauce over night in the fridge. Adds tremendously to the flavor!
  10. Agreed. Was kinda hard with a phone or tablet to navigate the site. So much easier now. Thanks!
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