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  1. Morris county close to Morristown in a small town park. Usually no bear here. Not sure why this took place there. All I know is my buck decoy got mauled...
  2. Fighting is heating up. 2 pics same buck same night before and after being beat up:
  3. I bought mine online October 3rd. Was not expecting such a delay.
  4. What’s the number to call if my permit never arrived? Also can I hunt and use my permit number that I see in my online profile without having the hard copy? Thanks in advance guys
  5. Welcome to the site and this sport! I started myself with it 4 years ago with 29 and it has been a great experience so far throughout. There’s a ton to learn alongside a lot of work and also fun! How I started was public land then I found a tiny private lot. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Really comes down to what you want to accomplish! For me it’s mostly filling the freezer and helping to reduce the deer population. If you want to join me on a hunt or two pm me and I’ll be willing to take you along to get you started.
  6. Dead here so far besides the squirrels...
  7. Congrats! What a great bear!
  8. Wouldn’t recommend it though. How are you going to prove that you weren’t in it when you took the shot? just saying. If you only use scents you can be in a blind or tree stand. That’s what I would do
  9. Way more bears it seems so hoping we total over 350!
  10. Yes red oak. White are better but for what it’s worth it’s free and gets the job done
  11. Went with my kids and their friend to a playground in Nutley. 5min of kids picking those up😉 Will put them to good use under my stand!
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