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  1. Awesome pictures. I was just out that way in June. Montana changed the way I see a lot of things now. I am also looking to move out that way. Good luck, and I hope you make it.
  2. In full disclosure, for me, just being in the woods is enough. I grew up out there. I was lucky. Growing up, my parents lived (still do) right by a lake with plenty of dense wooded areas. I moved to Sussex at a rough age where making friends was tough, but rushing through homework to go fishing and spending Saturday and Sunday following streams for miles made up for it. I am sure I will find something sooner or later for the pot, but in the meantime, just being out there, away from everything else is more than enough for me. Turkey hunting is in my future as well.
  3. I just recently got into hunting (I'm 42). By recently got into, I mean, I just got a hunting license and I have a few friends wanting to take me out this season for what will be my first go at it. I figure I will cut my teeth on small game, like rabbit and squirrel, and hopefully next season will go after a deer with a muzzleloader. No one in my family hunts. No one in my family was even into guns, and it was through friends, that I found probably the most supportive and eager to help, group of people out there. Long story short, it is that attitude that I also found here, reading through many of these posts, that excites me to get out there and (hopefully) succeed at this. I think this attitude, and spreading the attitude, is what is going to further the sport and keep it going.
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