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  1. Had mine done on my 2015 f-150 and they did a good job. It was Bridgewater
  2. It’s 33 feet long and some areas it’s 2.5 feet to 5 foot high
  3. I’m getting rid of my existing retaining wall. Before the guy gets rid of it just wondering if anyone would want it. And have slate stairs. Located in hunterdon county IMG_0368.MOV
  4. Son gave a doe a haircut tonight. Nothing but belly hair
  5. As long as the primer isn’t in the muzzy you are fine
  6. Happy

    Clinton WMA

    You are actually wrong. MIT INFORMATION: Hunting permits are sold to walk-in applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. Mail-in applications are also accepted, but will not be processed until after all walk-ins are completed on the first day of permit sales for each respective season. Because of this, mail-in applicants have a reduced chance of getting a permit. On the first day of permit sales, only Hunterdon County residents may purchase a permit. On the second day, and any day thereafter, all others can purchase a permit. To be fair, only one permit, per season, per person on line! Permit applications and maps of hunting areas are available at the Park Office.
  7. Had 4 come out last Wednesday.
  8. I here ya. Bought them to shoot out of an H&R and didn’t group well at all
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