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  1. Took the kids out hunting and they wanted me to shoot something. So I did and they had to drag it out.
  2. Can’t go wrong with a lab. I miss mine every day she lasted 12 years. I would get three if I could but the wife is allergic
  3. The last time mine broke on my f150 a couple of years ago it cost me $400 cash in Elizabeth. Safe lite wanted more than what I paid for. Shop around
  4. Thanks guys. I will be looking at them.
  5. I as well love mine. Keeps me warm all day
  6. I want to get my dad a new filet knife for fluke fishing. Just wondering what are some sizes guy’s are using and brand? I was looking at the bubba 9” but don’t know if that is to big. Thanks
  7. I have a brand new meopro 6-16x50 BDC reticle for sale $785
  8. I don’t think many guys go out during six day. When they can go in October
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