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  1. Happy

    Ohio muzzleloader season

    I will be out Friday and Saturday
  2. Happy

    Axcel Accu click Sight F/S

    I like this sight on my new triax. But it was to loud so I got rid of it for a HHA.
  3. Happy

    So I tried a new archery store

    Dominic was great with me when I needed my new bow to be tuned that another shop did. I also bought a new bow for my son and he spent plenty of time with the new shooter to the sport. He didn’t rush my son and we didn’t leave until they both were satisfied.
  4. Happy

    Muzzle Loader Buck Down

  5. Happy

    Mathews Triax

    I also have the triax. I love this bow super smooth and quiet. I have been shooting Mathews for awhile now. I had Dominic from Woodbridge arms paper tune the bow for me. Only thing I wish it had was better strings on it but that is minor. Did I mention the bow is super fast also.
  6. Happy

    12/15 afternoon hunt - anybody else?

    Was in zone 8 haven’t seen a deer the last three sits. Haven’t shot a thing with my muzzy or see a deer. Bring on winter bow.
  7. Happy

    12-15 hunt

    I will be in zone 8 this afternoon. The last couple of sits I haven’t seen a deer.
  8. Happy

    Saskatchewan 2018

    Outfitter is all booked up for next season
  9. Happy

    120-140 Whitetails per Sq Mile in NJ

    Just drive through readington township. I see on the adverage of 40 deer just leaving my house.
  10. Happy

    Up and in

    Good luck. Home with a sick kid driving me crazy.
  11. Happy

    Jerky time...

    Looks good. How long do you keep it in the oven for?
  12. Happy

    140" buck

    That sucks