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  1. 60lbs is the max. The bow is set around 53lbs. It can go lower if that’s what you are asking.
  2. What else does it come with?
  3. My trip is for November to Saskatchewan
  4. Selling my dads bowtech allegiance in great condition with sight and rest $295 located in union county. Pm if interested Right hand Draw weight 60 lbs Draw length 28 inch HHA sight Quad rest
  5. It actually climbed the gutter and chewed threw the outside of the house. I work tomorrow but a 22 bird shot would work for me. She did call someone and he said he can’t remove it if there’s a den.
  6. Just got off the phone with my wife and there is a raccoon in the attic of the beach house. The beach house is in Beach Haven West does anyone on here take care of this or know anyone that does?
  7. Just picked up my x-bolt last week from him.
  8. Looking to get a new patio installed and an outdoor stove installed. Anyone on here do this kind of work. Hunterdon county. Readington
  9. I hunted with a guy I. South Carolina in December that used Hornady precision hunter with his custom dial for leupold and it worked fine. He shot a buck at 250 all he did was dial it up.
  10. What rings and base did you put on the gun? I’m thinking 0 moa for base
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