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  1. I hunted with a guy I. South Carolina in December that used Hornady precision hunter with his custom dial for leupold and it worked fine. He shot a buck at 250 all he did was dial it up.
  2. What rings and base did you put on the gun? I’m thinking 0 moa for base
  3. I like the vortex. But the leupold comes with a custom dial for longer distances once you have the ammo you want.
  4. Since I decided on the new Browning x-bolt 6.5 Creedmoor in burnt bronze. Now looking at new scope for it. This gun will be a long range gun so I’m looking for a scope. I’m leaning towards a leupold vx5hd 3x15x56. What would you guys put on it?
  5. Thanks for the input guys. I was all set to order it on Friday when the gun shop said you should get the Christensen arms it a better gun. So he put some doubt in my head about the browning. I really like the browning with the fluted barrel.
  6. So I decided either to get these two guns. Christensen arms ridge line model or Browning x-bolt pro long range. Can’t make up my mind. Both in 6.5 Creedmoor
  7. Chilly in zone 9 this morning with my son. Saw one coyote and had a hen come about 10 yards. Nothing gobbling this morning
  8. Went out with my son. Had one gobbling for 1.5 hour straight then shut up at 730. Nothing after that. He can’t wait until Friday to go again
  9. I had 7.3 Diesel engine on my 02 it was probably the last good Diesel engine out there. I have now a 6.7 it’s a good motor but has a lot of issues and a pain to fix. I won’t get another diesel probably a gas one next time. Remember it cost a lot just to do a oil change 15 quarts.
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