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  1. Happy

    11/10 check in

    Had a real nice 8 chasing a doe. He stayed back she was 40 yds from me and all the sudden she took off running. I was like what just happened until I saw another hunter climbing a tree 60 yds from me at 350.
  2. Happy

    My Biggest bow buck

    Awesome buck
  3. Happy

    8 point down on 11/7

    Nice buck congrats
  4. Happy

    Brisk Illinois morning

    Good luck today hammer
  5. Happy

    11/08 Check In !!!!

    I’m in zone 8. Alittle windy today
  6. Happy

    Coyote down

    Nice looking dog
  7. Happy

    Trail Camera Pics

    No bears on camera. But once I get in the stand the usually show up. On Saturday a big one wouldn’t leave no matter what a did. I eventually got down and did jumping jacks he still wouldn’t leave but once I broke a stick forget about it he took off like a bat out of hell.
  8. Nice buck congrats
  9. Happy

    Sweet November...In Kansas! **Update**

    Congrats that a place I want to go some day
  10. Happy

    Savage 220.......Let's See Yours !!!!

    Nice looking gun. I’m thinking of getting one of them or trying to find an H&R 20 gauge.
  11. Happy

    Upcoming week.

    I will be out Thursday, Saturday and Monday. Hope just to see something besides a dam bear.
  12. Happy

    11/6 Check in

    Good luck. This weather is the worst. Thursday looks good
  13. Happy

    11-3 Afternoon check in.

    I only saw this creature