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  1. Found him! Didn’t go 50 yards. Looks like it hit the back shoulder on the way out, that’s why the it didn’t go through.
  2. I got my doe earlier this weekend, so tonight I was looking for a specific buck I’ve had on cam for two months. I passed up 6 does around 630 in hopes that my buck would come by. Sure enough, he came through at 7:20 and presented a nice 25 yard broadside shot. It was right before dark when I shot, but it felt good when the arrow went. I know the arrow hit him, but it didn’t pass through. I watched him turn and run off until I couldn’t see him anymore and I caught a glimpse of the arrow sticking out, but I don’t know where. I gave him half an hour to lay and then I got down on the ground in the area I shot him, but I didn’t see any blood at all. I didnt go outside of a 20 yard radius though because I don’t want to push him. Any tips? Should I go looking for him in an hour or so or wait until morning? I’m sitting in the truck contemplating what to do. It felt like a good shot, but now I’m second guessing myself and worrying if the arrow deflected off a branch or something and hit elsewhere. I hate thinking I wounded this buck.
  3. Nope, different county. Congrats man!
  4. Congrats! What county are you hunting in? That buck looks VERY familiar
  5. It was pouring this morning so I stayed in. I’ll head out around 2 or so and sit until dark
  6. I broke out the broadheads earlier this week. I've always hunted with Thunderhead 100s, but I purchased a new set of arrows this year and decided to pick up a pack of Muzzy MX3s in addition to the Thunderheads; figured I'd shoot both and see what flew better on the new arrows. Surprisingly, the Muzzy MX3s were the winner. For whatever reason, they flew the most consistently. First time in 20 years I will be in the woods without Thunderheads on the end of my arrows.
  7. MM22


    I've got 4 different bucks on my camera that are all still in velvet as of this morning.
  8. Compound in a stand. Just haven't decided which stand yet.
  9. Awesome photos! I called a BIG female bobcat in a few winters ago while I was hiking in Sussex County. I sat down to take a break and blew on a rodent distress call just for the hell of it. After 15 minutes or so she popped out of a bush about 150 yards away. Over the course of 20 minutes she slowly worked her way in to about 15 yards and then she winded me. Biggest bobcat I've ever seen. She looked about as big as my full grown yellow lab.
  10. If you know for sure there is a big buck that frequents that area, and that buck is your goal, I wouldn't shoot anything else out of that stand. If he doesn't currently know you're in the area, do everything you can to keep it that way until the moment you let an arrow fly in his direction.
  11. MM22

    Just joined

    I grew up in Denville and temporarily live here still. Currently looking a new place somewhere in Morris/Sussex/Hunterdon.
  12. MM22

    Just joined

    Wow that would be awesome. We don't have a brick and mortar shop, but our website is www.coldwatercreekfishingco.com. What size banner would you need?
  13. Hi everyone, I've been reading this site for a few weeks now and decided to just go ahead and create a name. So, I figured I'd introduce myself as well: I'm Mike, and I'm from Morris County. I do most of my bowhunting in Morris/Sussex County, and most of my shotgun deer hunting in Warren county. I also hunt geese and ducks, semi-wild birds, coyotes, woodcock, and turkey. If I'm not out hunting, I'm usually fly fishing for wild trout in NY/PA/NJ. I am a co-owner of a fly fishing guide service based out of Hunterdon County. I'm also a freelance writer for various publications (some outdoor-oriented, some not). Glad to join the site and I'm looking forward to sharing some stories and pictures with you all. Looks like a good group of guys/girls around here.
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