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  1. So much food, mine will be MIA till fall.
  2. My dad 1952 with one of the first registered NJ bow kills. I have the York Long bow. What an era.
  3. hendryhill, Pleasure was all mine. He will be breaking nocks in no time🏹
  4. I have a bear Approach R/H 55-70 Adj draw. With quiver, stabilizer, Covert single pin moveable sight, Rip cord rest, peep and a release, case and arrows I am looking to give to someone who needs a bow. 2 years old. New custom strings after a year. I want someone who really needs it. Great shooting bow. Can’t use it and want someone to enjoy it. PM me. Let your conscience be your guide.
  5. I typically get the whole turkey season in my zone. I still kill one bird only most of the time. I hear guys shoot on neighboring properties every Monday a new permit starts. You can’t complain about less birds if you kill every one you call in.
  6. Good friends and great times comin up👍🏼
  7. Getting Moderna Tomorrow. I’ve had lotsa surgery, this worries me far more.
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