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  1. I typically get the whole turkey season in my zone. I still kill one bird only most of the time. I hear guys shoot on neighboring properties every Monday a new permit starts. You can’t complain about less birds if you kill every one you call in.
  2. Good friends and great times comin up👍🏼
  3. Getting Moderna Tomorrow. I’ve had lotsa surgery, this worries me far more.
  4. Gettin close! Nice pics.
  5. I’m glad for people that it helped. I’m sad what we all paid for it. Freedom smothered under a mask.
  6. Happy Easter to all. He has Risen.
  7. Same in Holland along the rivers. I’ve had “people” go right in the Pohat in front of where I was casting flys, and leave all of their trash. I wasn’t polite.
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