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  1. roy381

    (02) Carhartt Long Sleeve Shirts XL

    Nj15, I will be back tonight from AC. I can meet u in Tom's River. Thanks
  2. roy381

    (02) Carhartt Long Sleeve Shirts XL

    I'll take them if we can meet up on Wednesday. I'm in AC and will be back wed. Thanks let me know
  3. roy381

    Scentlock odd smell

    I would be very interested in where to get the powder and process. Dip hang, dry,dryer? Thanks
  4. roy381

    Scentlock odd smell

    Unfortunately the suits a couple years old and I have no receipts I've never used a ozonics . Maybe time to invest!
  5. roy381

    Scentlock odd smell

    Thanks for the replies, I have had it in the dryer to rejuvenate it. Some of the articles I read stated that using a plastic tub was fine. But who knows its seems that in these articles the clothing is not made to last as far as scent control
  6. roy381

    Scentlock odd smell

    I just did a quick search seems its carbon related. Doesn't seem to be much on the Web about a solution as others have tried what I have. Others have tossed their clothing. I used fresh Earth scent spray on it but can still smell the odor.Any advice on any other masking sprays out there worth trying. The suit is in perfect condition certainly don't wanna throw out.
  7. roy381

    Scentlock odd smell

    No mildew everything gets washes and dried at end of the season. I've never had the issue before all the other clothes smell fine. I washed it several times hung out to dry and still has the odor. Even scent free spray doesn't remove the odor.
  8. Hi folks I have a one piece Scentlock suit that I have had for several years. Its my go to suit for fall bow. This year I removed it from my plastic tub with dirt scent wafers as like the last few years. It has a chemical smell almost like paint thinner or something alike. None of the other clothing has the smell. anyone else ever come across the same problem? Thanks in advance!
  9. roy381

    Like new Badlands pack for sale

    I'll take it. I can meet you tomorrow at new Egypt
  10. roy381

    New stand and feeder FS

    Thanks for a great deal on the stand Matt. Good guy to deal with!
  11. roy381

    New stand and feeder FS

    PM sent
  12. roy381

    12 gauge ammo - FREE

    I'll take them if bacon don't. Thanks
  13. Hey BCsaw ,do you ever head down to the jersey shore? I would be interested in the target.
  14. roy381

    Tenpoint Carbon Phantom RCX

    Sweet deal ! I have always owned a Tenpoint. just recently bought a Ravin. Good luck with the sale should go quick!
  15. Seems to be the deal over there! I was suspended 30 days for a classified post first.Then I was banned for saying I was leaving that site because of the constant BS on the site. I was thanking everyone that helped me through out the years then the next thing you know I was banned.