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  1. It Don't get any better than that! That is awesome. Congrats to the young girl and dad!
  2. roy381

    Ravin R10

    SOLD Thanks NJWW
  3. roy381

    Ravin R10

    Sling and steddy eddy not included Thanks
  4. Lol I got old when I started replacing hips and a elbow. Being 55 sucks! Best of luck to you. I wish I could still shoot a vertical. Switched to the xbow years ago. All I know is I'm going to be in the woods hunting until I don't know where the woods are!
  5. roy381

    Ravin R10

    This is true. I'm not sure why Ravin would build a great crossbow and not use a quality scope. Even if they gave you other options as far as scope go. I replaced the same scope on my R9 also.
  6. roy381

    Ravin R10

    I don't. Wyvern creations is where I purchased the bow keeps them when you upgrade. He has takeoff scopes at a very fair price
  7. roy381

    Ravin R10

    I have a Ravin R10 that I bought last fall. Has about 30 shots thru it. Just to sight it in and dropped a doe with it . Obviously its mint. I upgraded the scope with a Tenpoint EVO-X Marksman Elite Scope. Comes with soft case and 6 arrows. I can sell with or without the scope. I'm in Toms river area. exit 80 on the parkway. bow with no scope $1100 with scope $1350 The scope goes for $375 new I'll post pics later today Thanks let me know if your interested
  8. Great buck! nice crab claw Congrats!
  9. roy381

    28ga. SxS FS

    YOU DON'T NEED IT ROY! Just say no, just say no... YOU DON'T NEED IT ROY! Beautiful sxs great gauge good luck with sale!
  10. roy381

    Free toolbox

    No problem glad someone can use it. Thanks again NJWW!
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