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  1. Same to you and everyone on the forum!
  2. Right back at ya Nick. Can't wait to scope it. Love my Weatherbys!
  3. Unfortunately I don't have the time to meet up with Joe. And I don't want to hold up his sale. So some gets an awesome deal on the 870!
  4. roy381

    Free Freezer

    Freezer taken thanks NJWW!
  5. Not gonna lie she ain't pretty but its a workhorse. It been in my garage and works great. Located 5 minutes off exit 80 on the parkway Beachwood
  6. sorry try this its someone selling quail in Waretown https://jerseyshore.craigslist.org/grd/d/waretown-bobwhite-quail/7290237980.html
  7. Congrats on a nice gun! Funny thing is if Biden could have put in Nancy 's stimulus package that buying a firearm with your check was prohibited they would have!
  8. Seen this today, its a craigslist ad so who knows https://jerseyshore.craigslist.org/grd/d/waretown-bobwhite-quail/7290237980.ht
  9. SKB Hard Case TenPoint Crossbows [SKB Hard Case TenPoint Crossbows] - $359.00 : Wyvern Creations, Modern Crossbows and Accessories
  10. Man I'm jealous! Hopefully one day I can take the time to jump from state to state and enjoy hunting the west.
  11. Yeah, I have busted my knuckles on the scope of the R10 numerous times de-cocking it. Herd 360 is running a nice deal. You get a free Spartan go cam and three extra bolts and tenpoint heads for free when you buy the xbow. Its a great deal that's really pushing me too take the leap lol
  12. Thanks Splitrock! How about the balance ? I know its a little heavier than the Ravin R10. Which is another point I like.
  13. Anyone here shoot the Viper. If so your thoughts and opinions would be appreciated. I bought the Ravin R10 last year although I like it I'm not a fan of the cranking system. Nor will I shoot out past 40yds. Before the Ravin I always owned Tenpoint bows and they served me well. Plus I like the tenpoint lifetime warranty. Thanks In advance
  14. If the wingmaster falls through please keep me in mind. Thanks
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