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  1. ttt one more time until the fall Thanks
  2. $1,400 moves these out of my garage!
  3. wheels are 20x10 the offset is -19 backspace is 4.75
  4. I'm exit 80 on the parkway. I'll get back to you on the offset later this afternoon thanks
  5. Ill take that Booner. I can grab it whenever your available Thanks
  6. ttt $1500 for njww members.
  7. Do yourself a favor and call a public adjuster they will get you much much more than the insurance company will want to give out. Ask me how I know. I had my neighbors tree fall on my house. The adjuster got them to pay for things that I would of not thought of fixing. And the insurance company is less inclined to deny an adjusters repair request. Sure they take a fee usually 10% but its well worth it. NJpublic Adjusters is who I used . His name is Jeff Hall . Great guy
  8. 37x13.50x20 Atturo mud terrains. Tires have about 1500 miles on them. Motive offroad wheels were put on a week ago. Selling because I'm going in a different color direction. Wheels are 8 lug 8x170 pattern fit for Ford I have $2k plus invested asking $1600 Thanks
  9. Yeah its a tack driver for sure. I have many calibers in Weatherby and love my weatherbys so I will never buy barrels for it. So I picked up the FX model which is a fixed muzzy
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