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  1. Awesome! congrats nothing like being with family and friends. I don't get to do it much but one thing is a given. The first week of Pa. deer season is time spent with my brother. And I would change that for anything!
  2. I get It my bad. I should have put it in the topic. I just wasn't thinking. I didn't get one negative post over here about it though. The first post over there was derogatory. I just don't get it. And someone not to long ago post the question about why the site is dead. I just hope anyone needing a good scope gets in on the deal. Good luck the rest of 6day guys!
  3. Sorry for the edit in the topic someone on the other site was whining. He was worried about opening the link because I didn't say what it was for. Nothing changes over there. You try to give guys a heads up on good deal and they have something to say.
  4. roy381

    Savage 220 is awesome!

    I just bought mine and its stock. I seen someone post about Tarhunt doing barrel upgrades. This gun shoots so good I don't think I would waste the money on a barrel upgrade.
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/312243171268
  6. roy381

    Savage 220 is awesome!

    I got mine in stainless from grab a gun. The price fluctuates . I bought mine for $608 and I've seen it as low as $600 on there. Prices are hard to beat. https://grabagun.com/search/?q=savage+220
  7. roy381

    Buck down:)

    SWEET! nice buck, cool dog
  8. Another great deal!!! https://grabagun.com/savage-arms-220-slug-20ga-bolt-ss-camo.html
  9. roy381

    Leupold fans!

    Great! I just wish more could have taken advantage of the deal
  10. roy381

    Leupold fans!

    Wow since I bought mine last night the seller raised the listing price to $469 no longer a great deal. I paid 318 plus free shippngi
  11. Great deal with 100% seller rating and 127 sold Awesome price! Excellent scope! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Leupold-VX-3i-3-5-10x50mm-Duplex-Scope-170684/312243171268?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  12. roy381

    Good luck to all NY rifle hunters!

    Jcol6268 congrats nice buck!
  13. roy381

    Wild game SD card viewer

    Ok, the terra is a wildgame camera. I'll do some research Thanks
  14. roy381

    Wild game SD card viewer

    Hi offroad, Will this work with the terra Thanks