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  1. roy381

    Hunters Butcher Permanently Closed

    Eds deer service in Berkeley, Top notch!
  2. roy381

    Mathews X7 extreme bow

    where are you located?
  3. roy381

    Ravin crossbows

    Just wait until somebody with the $$$ upgrades his Ravin then buy his last years model at less then half of the original price, That's what I did. I wouldn't pay that kind of money for a new one.
  4. Thanks Lunatic, much appreciated! At the end of the day it is what its going to be. And it will still be deer week in the Pa. woods with my brother and friends. And that's what its all about
  5. Opening day is the day to be out there because of the hunting pressure in my area. And yeah you tell my wife I won't be home for Thanksgiving. lol
  6. I'm a traditionalist. I enjoy getting up to camp on Saturday and getting the camp ready. Good times getting the guys together and catching up. Waiting until Monday was like waiting for Christmas morning. Now its going to be rushing around Friday to be ready for Saturday morning.
  7. I had the pleasure to go on an elk hunt 13 years ago. What a great experience! I live to bowhunt deer but would hunt elk if the opportunity was there all the time.
  8. roy381

    Winter Bow 9pt 2019

    Great buck and great video! What's not to like.
  9. roy381

    WTB Browning sweet 16

    Thanks to all who responded. I found a nice 1963 Belgium! I'm probably going to send it out to Arts gun restorations in Missouri to bring it back to factory new. Art does amazing work and specializes in Brownings
  10. roy381

    My boy got a deer tonight

    That's awesome. I'm still trying to get my boy to start hunting. At 14 he chasing the wrong does. I think he might just about be there though. congrats!
  11. roy381

    WTB Browning sweet 16

    I will thanks rpk
  12. roy381

    WTB Browning sweet 16

    Yeah I found one on Armslist and it turned out to be a scam another reason I'd rather have something local.
  13. roy381

    WTB Browning sweet 16

    still searching Thanks
  14. roy381

    Birthday doe

    Nice she's a hog! congrats1
  15. roy381

    WTB Browning sweet 16

    Still looking Thanks