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  1. That's awesome! Nice video. Congrats to both!
  2. I have seen both of these rifles and they are beautiful guns. GLWS Smittty!
  3. Sorry folks didn't know it was already posted
  4. Sorry tried to provide links. You can copy and paste
  5. One is 500fps with electronic cocking. One is an 18" xbow This is getting crazy with each manufacturer trying to out do the other! Forget the prices they are getting crazier than the xbows! Ravin Crossbows - Powered by HeliCoil Technology Ravin-2021-Catalog.pdf (ravincrossbows.com)
  6. I'll be out for the next week and a half in zone 18!
  7. Boyt makes a very nice case. I have several. They are very durable.
  8. You now have to join armslist for a monthly fee to see seller info. No more free access.
  9. If there was a FAIR and HONEST election in November yesterday doesn't happen!!! And a 14 year military vet doesn't die. Such a sad day for our children to have to see.
  10. Thats great stuff right there! Congrats to both. Can't wait to see the video.
  11. I have a couple single shot 12 ga. if you interested
  12. I'll take that off your hands. PM incoming
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