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  1. Go to Bass Pro and get the 220. in a hour you'll wish you did!
  2. Out on 18 looking to wack a doe at least. And hopefully this guy!
  3. Nice! congrats on that nice fat doe. I miss being able to shoot my compound bow. My Z7 extreme was the perfect bow.
  4. Cabelas Saskatchewan pac boots. Extremely warm and not too heavy .
  5. Another quiet morning. Couldn't get out this afternoon. One more week to get it done in z18 Good luck everyone!
  6. Back in z18 with the bow. Hoping their on their feet after last nights weather. Good luck to those out !
  7. settled in zone 18 hoping for a doe at least to fill the freezer!
  8. I had intentions of heading out this morning. But one too many from the kegerator last night put an end to that. I wake up and check my camera on my phone to see four doe in front of my blind at 8:05. Been hunting a lot but I haven't seen a deer in daylight in weeks. I swear they know when I'm not out there!
  9. Lol I always look forward to these threads. Everyone's comments crack me up. Makes for a good laugh. Keep up the good work you two. It's nice to hunt with good friends and have a great time!
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