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  1. Keep it up guys it will come. Ask me how I know lol. Either way its a day in the woods together and that's the nice part.
  2. Awesome! memories is what its all about congrats to everyone.
  3. Yeah what's in the pic is what I got back. I don't normally worry about what I'm getting back. But that was the biggest deer I ever shot. And I know what I got from a lot smaller deer in the past. Certainly don't mind paying a butcher. But I do expect to get back what I'm supposed to get back. I'm just going to chalk it up to lesson learned. Thanks again folks
  4. Oh yeah plus I like beer alot! Thanks again folks
  5. Thanks Hunter24, I have butchered my own before( not the best at it lol). But life sometimes makes it hard to do your own. But I just may have to go back to doing it and learning to do specialties on my own.
  6. Hey folks, listen I'm asking for my own reference for the future. $150 bucks isn't cheap for processing without specialties except sausage. I'm not here to accuse processors of scamming. I just thought it would bring me more than I got back. Thanks for all the responses. Now I know for the future.
  7. If what you folks say holds true her's my calculations, 160x1.28= 204 live weight 204x40% =81.6lbs
  8. The dressed weight was 160
  9. Hi folks how much meat in lbs would one expect from a 150lb deer. Only asking because I had a 160lb deer processed. I recieved 39lbs of meat back. Sausage straps stew chop meat and roasts. I thought that was low but I'm not a butcher and could be wrong. Mind you it was clean pass thru shot no meat damage . Thank in advance
  10. Hi folks looking for a quad preferably a Polaris. A least 700 cc Please no junk this is a gift for my son. Thanks
  11. Same here, we hunt 700 acres in Wayne county usually 6 of us. Usually only pull a buck or two each year. Our cameras are showing a lot of small bucks, small amount mature shooters only a few slammers. We practice only taking mature deer. I personally have not brought home a buck in 4 years. Certainly not to the lack of effort. I usually hunt 10 of the 12 days. Seems like a lot bow hunters in my area. Being that you can only take one buck between rifle and bow season. Maybe hunters are choosing to hunt the rut with a bow. This may attribute to the low numbers I'm not sure. But I don't see much of a difference in opportunities from years ago .
  12. I'll take the suit if I can pick it up in a few weeks on my way to our cabin for Pa rifle season Thanks Roy
  13. Awesome buck! Any idea how much that slob weighed?
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