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  1. NorthJerseyHunter

    WTB Pheasent Wings

    Charlie i pheasant hunt every saturday all fall. I work for a shipping company. im sure i can clip a few for you and send them down to you as i am in sussex county.
  2. NorthJerseyHunter

    Welcome to NJ Woods & Water, Introduce Yourself!

    Hey everyone, new to the site.. My name is Matt and I live in Wantage (Sussex County). I have been hunting and fishing since i have been a little kid (just turned 31). I started hunting with my dad, he would put me in a stand where he could see me and i would just sit and watch and learn to be quiet. Currently I hunt both NJ and upstate NY. A few years ago I got a black lab named Avery and she has become quiet a good hunter. I have attached a few pictures from my 2017 seasons, since everyone seems to like pictures.