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  1. I would check this out. I own one and like it. Mossberg International™ Silver Reserve™ II. They make a sporting edition. Comes will a full set of extended chokes as well
  2. I have a bear done deal all set with a new string, sight, stabilizer, and a few arrows you are welcome to have it. Its a 29 draw. I picked up a new bow last year and have no use for it
  3. I hunt in zone 8r up that way. You are most like in 8p. Beautiful area. If you have any specific question shoot me a pm. Also great trout fishing in the area. 10 years ago I used to see a bunch of grouse but less and less every year.
  4. free dry bar with 2 stools. Solid wood in good shape. Very heavy. Located in Wantage (Sussex County)
  5. I am holding it for a member on this site. He will be giving to a friend who is a veteran.
  6. Was out in zone 2 this afternoon. Saw 2 bucks chasing. Things seem to be heating up
  7. Free bear bow. Set to 65 pounds 28 inch draw. Come with 6 Easton arrowns, quiver, and stabilizer. New string last year. Pickup in Wantage.
  8. Long story short my 5 year old black lab has seizures. They used to be frequent as the locals vets were unsure what to do. About 3 years ago we took her to a specialist that seemed to get her medication straight. Today my wife came home and the dog was having a seizure. Normally they are short, but this went on for a while. My wife got the dog in the car and to the local vet. They were able to give her meds to stop it, but it was long. Anyone have any experience with this and have any suggestions of what we can do? This dog has been great and is an excellent bird dog, just have no clue what e
  9. for oil delivery Supreme Energy has been great. There are from Union, NJ but they deliver to me in Wantage within a day or two. Prices are lower than most in county and the oil is clean never have a problem with clogged filters or nozzels.
  10. First, I'd like to say that I don't really post ever, but I decided to share this story to maybe help someone else down the road. It was about 6:20 AM on opening day. I was hunting on a piece of private property in zone 2. I climbed into a fixed wooden stand that is covered in a green algae or slime. I had been in the stand a few times bow hunting with no issue. I didn't feel comfortable in the stand but decided to stay, instead of plowing through the woods to move to a new spot. So I am in the stand, but I remain seated. Before it gets light I try using my boot to skim some of this green
  11. I never liked the idea of stocking chukars. My experience with them if they get wet they rarely will fly. Even if they do fly I feel that its often only at head height.
  12. Charlie i pheasant hunt every saturday all fall. I work for a shipping company. im sure i can clip a few for you and send them down to you as i am in sussex county.
  13. Hey everyone, new to the site.. My name is Matt and I live in Wantage (Sussex County). I have been hunting and fishing since i have been a little kid (just turned 31). I started hunting with my dad, he would put me in a stand where he could see me and i would just sit and watch and learn to be quiet. Currently I hunt both NJ and upstate NY. A few years ago I got a black lab named Avery and she has become quiet a good hunter. I have attached a few pictures from my 2017 seasons, since everyone seems to like pictures.
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