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  1. Looking to trade my horton legacy 225hd w/everything you need for a Bear Kodiak Magnum right handed 45 lbs. The cross bow is a tack driver, bolts have lighted nocks and broadheads. Located in Robbinsville.
  2. Do any good with the stripers? Was out at Asbury Park yesterday, water was still dirty.
  3. Sitting at the job site waiting to start work Good luck man
  4. Looking to trade horton Legacy hd225 Crowsbow with bolts and broadheads. A few custom knives. Bernie Garland custom Canteen work shop/ Blindhourse Blindhourse bird/ trout custom Small hand made neck knife I'm looking for a van staal VR 150 or 175 or a VS 200. The cross bow shoots great comes with everything you need. The knives are not cheap the bernie Garland alone goes for $300 .
  5. Well today was a bust. I had to give it a shot. Fish this morning and this afternoon. Wind was gusting around 50 to 60 in the morning had to time my casts right. Wind this afternoon was 20 ish. Water was super dirty.
  6. I'm thinking bucktail only trip, I have a few other lures that cut through the wind pretty good. As far as the blues there around just not in numbers like usual. Caught a few cocktails. I've been picking off a couple schoolies as well got one keeper 33 inch few weeks ago.
  7. Going to be hitting the beach Saturday morning in some wonderful weather. From what I've heard so far is going to be Noth East blowing 30 to 40 mph. Just wondering if I'll be the only knucklehead out there ?
  8. I see your after some of the harbor zombie fish...haha... nice catch
  9. All right heck with the trade....$375 takes it I'll even throw in an Ugly Stik intercoastal !!!
  10. As of now I already have a 9-foot Saint Croix with the new tsunami Shield 5000. It's great but I would like a 10ft to get more distance and to be able to throw a heavier plugs when the fish are out further. I can throw it 3 oz plug with the st. Croix but I lose casting distance. It's a great rod for bucktailing 3/4 to 2 ounces bomb a mile. So really I could say the hell with it keep the kayak and just use smaller profile plugs. I just figured I'd try to up my game by getting a 10 or 11 footer because the kayak hasn't been used in a while. I do have a 10 foot tsunami airwave Elite but that thing is more like a bait rod than a pluging rod trying to sell it nobody wants it so far.
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