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  1. Trapping is the way to go..... took the course last year and got my first coyote a 41 lb male..... a lot of fun to get you through the winter months while getting rid of some critters
  2. I need the newest firmware update.... was not aware that there was one. thank you
  3. just read up on firmware update I guess I have to go get camera to manually do it..... should fix the problem hopefully thank you for the info
  4. will try an update firmware thank you
  5. my other camera is working fine and is set up the same way.....I probably will switch to twice a day for photo transfer for battery life improvement.... can't figure it out for the life of me.....last pictures were from this morning......
  6. been running to spypoint micro cameras..... decent pictures however pictures are coming through whenever they feel like it???? I have it set on each detection full signal and battery..... contacted their customer service which stinks by the way.... no reply anyone else having similar issues?
  7. spypoint micro trail camera getting a few decent bucks on film
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