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  1. Big Blue

    Bring on the bone..... doe down

    Nice job!!!! I wish they had the same regs in NY.....way too many does and too many young bucks shot....Now go get the big boy🦌🦌🦌Good luck
  2. Big Blue

    What are you doing???!??????

    Might sleep in and go out late morning for a doe..... If I am lucky enough to get a flat head I will be out in the afternoon 🦌🦌🦌
  3. Big Blue

    Friday Camera Check

    Yes they are all Jersey bucks
  4. Big Blue

    Friday Camera Check

    We have taking a few decent deer..... Couple of funky ones!!! Last year hit a giant was after for 3 years.... Wasn't a mortal hit... Hopefully is around again this year..... Best of luck this upcoming season!!! Hopefully one of us will have one on the ground sooner than later 🦌🦌🦌🦌
  5. Big Blue

    Friday Camera Check

    I can see you LOL
  6. Big Blue

    Friday Camera Check

    Both....why would you be invisible??? If I were to go out tomorrow it would be NJ as NY not open yet🦌🦌🦌I have a few spots in NJ got lucky two little honey holes..... I like the early Jersey season...most of the hunting season I spend out in Ohio. I have a lease past five years
  7. Big Blue

    Friday Camera Check

    It's two different bucks🦌🦌
  8. Big Blue

    Pine snake

    Never saw one... awesome picture!!
  9. Big Blue

    Friday Camera Check

    10 pt lost his velvet....my target buck still has velvet but only getting pics of him at night...good luck tomorrow
  10. Big Blue

    Cam check...

    Good luck to all
  11. Big Blue

    Cam check...

    I was sweating bullets today just pulling the cards LOL
  12. Big Blue

    Cam check...

  13. Big Blue

    Cam check...

  14. Big Blue

    Cam check...

  15. Big Blue

    Cam check...

    Pulled card today all in velvet still....3 cool bucks!!! See what happens 😀🦌