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  1. Big Blue

    Predator And Prey Photos

    Big yote!!!!
  2. Big Blue

    Mineral sites???

  3. Big Blue

    Mineral sites???

    Great info thanks.... someone mentioned to put out a few trophy rocks?? Iwill throw a few out to help through the winter....do some camera work when they start growing....I have a funnel location where I prepared a stand site for next year 😁.... Should produce heard there's some big boys down in that area!!! Thanks again
  4. Big Blue

    Mineral sites???

    Hello all ...Hope everyone had a successful and safe season....I tagged out with 2 nice bucks in NY with the bow🦌🦌Looking ahead to next year.... In have a spot down in Monmouth county which I wasn't able to make it to this year... I did some late-season scouting found a lot of big rubs and some scrapes.... Think it's a nice little honey hole.... Next year looking to start a mineral/bait site for some early-season hunting.... The baiting thing is all new to me and I'm not really a fan of it I don't think.... But was looking for some input I know those who have experience in this area.... Not a lot of pressure where I will be hunting I don't think... What time of year and what should I start with to establish a site? Thanks for any information!!!
  5. Big Blue

    My ohio buck

    Awesome buck.... What county are you hunting in??? I have a lease in licking county
  6. Big Blue

    The slight "quarter to" shot - WORST ANGLE IMHO

    Agreed however shooting from the height I was at felt it was ok...I wouldn't take an "iffy" shot.....alot of practice however it is bowhunting....an inch left or right makes a difference as we know....good luck to all...hope everyone had a great season so far....
  7. Big Blue

    The slight "quarter to" shot - WORST ANGLE IMHO

    In the previous picture you can barely see the exit hole behind the opposite leg
  8. Big Blue

    The slight "quarter to" shot - WORST ANGLE IMHO

    25 yds slight quartering to shot.....25 feet up in tree....Hoyt 70 lbs Rage hypodermic ...carbon express Maxima red 350.....deer ran away heard crashing.....huge body...old deer.....not a big fan of shot but felt confident....had exit hole however not a complete pass through....arrow shaft snapped off while running away.....he ran into thicket...played it safe backed out recovered him in the morning....Rage hypodermics are incredible!!!
  9. Big Blue

    1/15 pm check in

    Drove 2 hours to check my cameras down in Monmouth county.... Nothing worth sitting for yet Kelly. Have plenty of meat.... Only one scrub 8 point on camera
  10. Big Blue

    Just an awesome year! Another great buck.

    Awesome buck for any time of year..... I agree let the small ones go... And they will grow!!!! Congrats
  11. Big Blue

    I got the Big A$$ Buck!!

    Caught on my trail cam dragging him out
  12. Big Blue

    I got the Big A$$ Buck!!

    Congratulations!!!!! A real nice buck!!! I think I shot his cousin back on November 30th LOL.... Check out the picture below
  13. Big Blue

    Late winter bow hunting question???

    My first camera check had a thosands pics both day and night....no shooters....will check in a couple of days