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  1. Big Blue

    Ozonics anyone?

    Wind is definitely an issue as far as I am concerned....I will only hunt a stand if the wind is right. Sure you can get lucky and kill a big buck downwind....but odds are stacked against you in my opinion. Certain stand location s just don't have a predominant wind due to several factors such as elevation and Terrain..... Thanks for all of the input... I was just thinking of trying this out.... I've been busted plenty of times to do a swirling wind or change of wind direction.... Maybe Ozonics would give me that extra couple seconds to get a shot off??? Will keep you posted just hung a new camera in Monmouth County which could turn out to be a nice little honey hole.... Will send pics if I get any good ones on camera... Thanks again
  2. Big Blue

    Ozonics anyone?

    Hello everyone... Just wondering if anyone has used this Ozonics technology that's out there. Going to do some research online for the upcoming bow hunting season. Any input or model numbers would be greatly appreciated..... Thoughts or concerns with Ozonics....thanks
  3. Big Blue

    Fall food plot preps

    It's a lot to do in a short period of time to establish a food plot. Depends on what you are starting with and type of soil you are dealing with. I have always got a soil test to determine pH levels to determine how much lime and what type of fertilizer is needed. Weed control is always a major issue when starting a food plot. I usually cut/till and spray a couple times before I prepare the sheet bed to give the seed little competition for the proper nutrients to grow. And then there is always the rain issue.... Are you going to have enough moisture to properly keep the seed hydrated. I am going to start another one this week and see how it goes.... Worst case scenario I have a prepared food plot area for next season for Spring planting. I have always used Whitetail Institute. They are very helpful and their customer service is fantastic. If you just want to start out with an annual Whitetail Institute no plow seed is pretty good and establishes rather quickly. A lot of information I just researched everything online and got the hang of it. Best of luck
  4. Big Blue

    Monmouth county bowhunt?

    it reads that they specifically were targeting bow hunters with this law. Looks like a no go. On Monday, August 6, 2018, 12:18:13 PM EDT, 9145279843@vzwpix.com <9145279843@vzwpix.com> wrote: http://www.centraljersey.com/top_news/holmdel-officials-ban-use-of-bow-and-arrow-air-guns/article_b2393074-7e53-500b-8dff-c7b1f772053a.html this article specifically targets bowhunters🤐🙁
  5. Big Blue

    Monmouth county bowhunt?

    Sounds great to me I'm in..... hopefully we'll have pictures soon🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌
  6. Big Blue

    Monmouth county bowhunt?

    It's not the hunting regulations that would worry me. Would be the discharge of a weapon which was recently clarified as a bow as well. It would be having to deal with the local police on a weapons charge not so much the hunting end of it. However I do not see the local police walking through Woods on private property looking for hunters. Will keep you posted thanks again
  7. Big Blue

    Monmouth county bowhunt?

    I spoke to NJDFW and as far as they are concerned as long as I abide by all State hunting regulations I am good to go. They have nothing at all to do with Town ordinances and are not concerned with them.
  8. Big Blue

    Monmouth county bowhunt?

    That is not what I wanted to hear🤐thought I had a honey hole locked up. Oh well there has to be guys hunting in that area..... We will keep an eye on it and let you know what happens. Thanks for all the input once again
  9. Big Blue

    Archery target stand.

    Looks like my project for the day... Great idea
  10. Big Blue

    A great first deer

    Outstanding 🦌🦌🦌 a bright future is ahead for that young man!!!! I have never seen a yearling Buck like that 😉😁Congrats!!!
  11. Big Blue

    Monmouth county bowhunt?

    Thanks for all the input......great forum!!! Hopefully will have pics soon....will let you know what I find out...thanks
  12. Big Blue

    Monmouth county bowhunt?

    I just called Holmdel Police Department. they informed me that I have to get a permit through Monmouth County?? Anyone ever hear of this? They said they have nothing to do with hunting regulations
  13. Big Blue

    Monmouth county bowhunt?

    Thanks for the info
  14. Big Blue

    Monmouth county bowhunt?

    Lol...... He already wants the same three acres I am going to😂😂😂😂😂
  15. Big Blue

    Monmouth county bowhunt?

    Taken 3 weeks ago with cellphone😁