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  1. Can someone turn my pics for me please.
  2. I got this Tom at 11:45 today. Me and a buddy set up in a blind where I knew the birds were frequenting. This bird never gobbled until he was with in 40 yards of us. I shot him with my crossbow at about 12 yards. 18 lbs, 9 inch beard and 3/4 inch spurs.
  3. Awesome!!!! Congrats Gg
  4. Exactly right!!!! You will now forever chase that excitement of a Tom hammering back to your calls and the beauty of a fanned out bird strutting around your decoys. God I can’t wait for Saturday!!!! 😝 Ps congrats on your first bird.
  5. In a previous video they explain why they don’t load the gun before set up. It’s because that sometimes they run to spots or to get ahead of a bird and they don’t want to run with a loaded gun for safety reasons. He also said that the clamp for his go pro was pushing in his loading gate causing the gun not to fire on the first bird.
  6. Set up in zone 20. In my bow only spot so I’ve got my crossbow. I put a youth hunter on some birds here on Saturday and he missed twice on two separate birds. I felt really bad for him. Today it’s my turn so hopefully they didn’t get too spooked from us on Saturday. Good luck everyone!!!
  7. Sorry to hear that BHC!!! Hopefully you only get a mild case of it.
  8. I got 20 A and E week and they sold out in minutes. I chose to print them out. Is that all I’ll need or do I have to go to a license agent to get the green paper permit.
  9. Had an awesome time again thanks Jay. It was great seeing everyone again........... even Lou!!! I got home at 10:00 and nobody was here. Thanks Lou for making sure the place was cleared out by the time I got home!
  10. Ok I’ll grab rolls. Any idea on how many we’ll need?
  11. On a serious note Jay do you need anything before I start my trip up to Taylor Ham country?
  12. I’ve been hiding in Jay’s taxidermy room in a bear costume since yesterday. Can somebody get here soon I’m getting really hot and my legs are cramping!!
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