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  1. Kilbo

    .40 cal ammo

    Thanks again for the ammo Ken. It was nice meeting you today and it was good to see another member that doesn’t live in Taylor Ham country or whatever they call it!!
  2. Ok I know I have a 10 power scope but mine has a dot on the lens. It should be used with a clarifier peep but I never used one and it worked fine for me.
  3. Are you looking for a pin sight or a scope. Where are you located too. I may have something for you but I'll have to check.
  4. Kilbo

    .40 cal ammo

    If you can wait until Monday I’ll take 500 of it. I’m working this weekend and can meet you at the deptford mall if you want. I live in mantua.
  5. Cash or barter for prime hunting land with at least a dozen Pope and Young caliber deer frequenting the property!
  6. Yea I know that for sure. I’m 260 lbs and have size 12 boots.... there’s nothing stealthy about me!
  7. My private land is small but not small enough to worry about being too close to the park. Lol If I was that close then I’d so no he’d get a pass. I have no desire to explain myself to anyone in the park that sees me dragging a deer.
  8. Safe travels John and good luck with the shed hunting.
  9. I’m hoping if that’s his bedding area that he’ll do some traveling. He’s on the adjacent property from where I hunt. Now before anyone calls the cops on me for trespassing the property is owned by a park which doesn’t allow hunting. I just hike the property and look for sheds. It’s a nice big sanctuary for the deer. I just have to catch them coming through my little section of private land.
  10. I can see it now.... new members in the future talking about the hunters on here. Gobblergetter- Awesome turkey hunter and trapper Rusty- he’s a human log splitting machine Greybeard- Great hunter and master of the natural ground blind Lpjr- Great hunter and funny guy Live to hunt- he’s the cat guy right??? Tarhunt- He’s the guy that killed the Palminator (make it happen JOHN) Jersey Jay- Great taxidermist and hunter etc etc etc Kilbo——- isn’t he the guy that owned the brothel ?!?!?
  11. I did find him! I walked past this buck twice and managed to snap a pic on my cellphone from about 20 yards. I got close enough that I could see the nubs on his head where he shed his rack. Big deer and he never left his bed. Just let me walk past.
  12. You mean to tell me I got beat out by the cat lover...... I gotta try harder next time!
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