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  1. Ok here’s an older pic before I upgraded my 18 year old bow. This was in Jersey.
  2. I’m only hiding to stop Lou from stopping by...... he’s used the old line “ put it on my tab” way too many times! Time to pay up my friend.
  3. Sorry to hear this John. Hopefully you have a speedy recovery and get back to your business soon. As others have said physical therapy is very important. Get well soon buddy and let me know if you need anything.
  4. Same situation for me. I was shooting traditional a couple years ago with the same intention to harvest a deer but then I pulled my shoulder out of socket at work last year and it’s been up to this year for it to be healthy enough to try again. I love shooting traditional since it’s the way I learned and the only way I shot for years as a teenager. I’ll be 50 years old next year so it’s time to get it done. 😂
  5. Yes they are xx75 2315’s. Pretty heavy for this setup but fly really well out of this bow and I don’t plan on shooting past 15 yards at a deer this year. Closer the better until I can get more confidence shooting farther. Definitely want the best chance at a clean kill.
  6. 45 lbs and I’ll be using 165 grain Simmons Land sharks.
  7. The recurve is an older Hoyt pro medalist takedown and my longbow is a Bear Montana.
  8. I decided earlier this year that this was the year I was gonna get a deer traditionally. I learned how to shoot this way a very long time ago. Since then compounds and sights have been my normal. Now I want a piece of the past and the challenge. I’ve got a long bow and this recurve. So far the recurve has been coming together the best for me. This is at 15 yards which is the average shot I get at one of the stands that produces for me every year. I’m still going to increase yardage as I get comfortable shooting closer distances. I’m shooting instinctive also. Just look at what I want to hit and let it fly. It’s been fun and sometimes frustrating but I’m going to stick it out until I can cross off another bucket list item for my life. This was my best round of the day.
  9. Can someone turn my pics for me please.
  10. I got this Tom at 11:45 today. Me and a buddy set up in a blind where I knew the birds were frequenting. This bird never gobbled until he was with in 40 yards of us. I shot him with my crossbow at about 12 yards. 18 lbs, 9 inch beard and 3/4 inch spurs.
  11. Awesome!!!! Congrats Gg
  12. Exactly right!!!! You will now forever chase that excitement of a Tom hammering back to your calls and the beauty of a fanned out bird strutting around your decoys. God I can’t wait for Saturday!!!! 😝 Ps congrats on your first bird.
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