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  1. 53 degrees and 25 mile an hour wind down here in lower Delaware. I think I’ll skip this afternoon and relax. Good luck to all that are out.
  2. Unbelievable.... I can’t believe you found it so soon. Congratulations!!!!!
  3. Last January pic and supposedly one from 2015.
  4. That’s what is crazy about this deer. I killed it on a farm in Delaware that’s under a crop damage permit. The farm gets hit really hard with hunting pressure. This guy must of been great at hiding. People had him on cameras but never during the season. A buddy passed him 3 years ago thinking he was a young deer. He snapped a pic with his phone.
  5. Yes the backstraps were tougher than any I’ve eaten in the past but still taste great!
  6. You’re right John I did a very rough score on him just before dropping him off at the taxidermist. 146 5/8 gross
  7. I sent the teeth of my early season Delaware buck out to Deerage.com and I just got the results back tonight. They aged him at 8.5 years old! I’m really surprised that he was that old and to say I was pumped up when I read it would be an understatement. Unfortunately I woke up in the middle of the night because nature was calling. (seems I’m doing more of that as I get older) I just happened to check my email and saw the results came in. I’m never going to get back to sleep now!!!!
  8. Nothing for me tonight but a LOT of squirrels!!!
  9. I’m out with the crossbow in Delaware. Hopefully this goes better than my job searching.
  10. NJ will never let it happen. That’s why I drive south to Delaware to do it!
  11. Now that would be a record drive time. I would do it just for the bragging rights!!!
  12. I was laid off from the oil refinery in Philadelphia when it closed last year. I’m looking for something in process operations or chemical operator positions. So far the job search and deer hunting has been tough. I’m still waiting for a guy to get free time to talk to him about a job at a power plant down here. The pay scale for positions down here is also VERY lower then up our way. Just trying to find something I can live with.
  13. Just got down to lower Delaware for my last trip for the season. I’m also looking for a job since I’m unemployed again and I’m hoping to find something down here so I can finally move out of Jersey. I can live with my friend until things are settled at home so I’m hoping for the best. Handgun season is in until Saturday so I’ll post if I get something.
  14. Kilbo

    Buck down

    He’s a stud of a buck! Congrats
  15. That’s awesome congratulations!!
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