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  1. Sitting in a parking lot in Taylor Ham country again waiting for a company to come pick up some 55 gallon drums. I’m just hoping these next 5 days go quick because I’m on vacation next week.
  2. Kilbo

    Rain and Scrapes

    When are you leaving John. I’m heading to Fenwick Island Delaware on Friday night after work. I’m gonna be down there until the 10th archery hunting. We also have a lot of flooding into the farm fields. Hopefully it recedes back before I get there.
  3. Climbed into a homemade ladder stand and when climbing onto the platform one of the boards on the platform pulled off shooting me off the ladder. Threw my slung gun off my back so I didn’t land on it and landed on my feet. Felt like I broke both my ankles. Crawled for about 40 yards before I got feeling back in my feet then walked in a lot of pain back to my truck. Nothing broke but really sore for days. I got lucky.
  4. Maybe but his face or fur wasn’t scarred on that side. He may of caught an antler to his teeth fighting when he was younger since there isn’t a lot of wear to the teeth on that side of his mouth.
  5. I got the jaw bone from my Delaware buck from the taxidermist. He’s missing a tooth on one side and the jaw bone looks like he had issues with it. His teeth are very tall on the damaged side and worn down on the other side. Kinda makes me wonder how well he could eat. He had good body weight ( my friend and I both guessed about 155 lbs ) when I killed him.
  6. Ok be honest... which one of you cat lovers was driving south on I-95 this afternoon????
  7. John I’m driving home tonight but tomorrow I think the company is going to put me in a hotel room for the night. If so I’ll gladly meet you at the tavern on Thursday or Friday night for a steak dinner and some cold beers.
  8. Thanks Bob my boss did recommend Esposito’s deli to me already. I’m less then a mile from there.
  9. Yea I’m helping out the environmental service my wife works for because they’re swamped with jobs. It’s a part time thing for now but I get at least 30 hrs a week and it definitely pays more than unemployment.
  10. I have to work a job site on Ridgedale Ave in East Hanover for the next 3 days. Anyone know where I can find a good pork roll egg and cheese sandwich?
  11. I connected on one last night too but mine had a little bit of junk on top of his head. Congrats Lou.
  12. What’s the matter..... can’t he find any thing to wear or can’t pick out the right shoes.... bad hair day..... it is humid outside you know!!!!
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