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  1. Kilbo

    Bow rack

    I got shiplap panels from Lowe’s because I wanted a smooth wall for the mounts to fit flush. I was gonna use recycled pallet wood but was told to make sure it was cleaned really well for contaminates. Plus it’s not easy to have the wall to be flush. It looks more rustic with the pallet wood but like I said I didn’t want gaps behind my mounts. I guess my OCD is coming through on that. It went up real easy and I’m really happy with how it turned out.
  2. Kilbo

    Bow rack

    I didn’t think of that. I do have a container of racks in my garage. Maybe I’ll replace them in the future but I glued those dowels in pretty good. So they’re probably going to stay there for awhile. Haha!!! It would look awesome with the antlers though so I’m sure I’ll be changing them sometime.
  3. Kilbo

    Bow rack

    I needed a rack for my recurves so I made a simple one out of a piece of wood I found on the bank of the Delaware river and some wood dowels. Basic design but it mounts them on my walls where they can be seen and stored properly.
  4. Heidelberg MBO Stahl folder and two Polar Mohr cutters. I also run smaller horizon and Morgana folders on occasions.
  5. Well since the refinery in philly blew up I guess I should update my occupation. I went back to work in printing. I work in a bindery in Wilmington Delaware running a cutter and folder.
  6. Great buck John!! Congratulations
  7. Kilbo

    Big boy down

    Great buck congrats!!!
  8. Awesome buck Mike. I love the curled kickers.
  9. Awesome buck congrats!!!
  10. Thanks everyone. Definitely not the biggest deer I’ve taken off this property but he’s nice enough for me. I usually have a lot more days to hunt down here but with changing jobs I’m limited now. He’s so close to dropping off at Jay’s for a backpack mount but I think I’ll do a euro instead. Hopefully Jersey will treat me just as well but a little better so I can make that long trek up to Jay’s. Good luck in this warm weather everyone.
  11. Had this guy come in this morning and once I was able to see through all the mosquitoes this warm weather is providing I was able to get an arrow into him. He went 30 yards and fell over in sight.
  12. Man the internet connection in Pub 199 parking lot really sucks........ What did I miss???? When are you guys getting here.... I’ve been waiting two days already!!!!
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