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  1. Kilbo

    One Day Left.

    Good luck Tarhunt! Knock him down this morning.
  2. Kilbo

    Upcoming week.

    Awesome!!! My vacation starts Monday and goes to the 22nd. I’ll be in Delaware hunting with a gun. Can’t wait!!!
  3. I would Mrs. Grit but I already filled my buck tag. That’s good and bad for me. I’m happy for getting a buck I was hunting but miss hunting this time of the year with the fall colors. Sorry if I stirred things up for you but I wanted to make sure you knew these people were attacking you on social media. Good luck with your hunt and hopefully I’ll see you at pub 199 if I can make it this year.
  4. Saw this on Facebook. Anti hunting group targeting Robin.
  5. Kilbo

    Buck hit

  6. Kilbo

    VA Muzzle Loader Opener

    Good luck! Hopefully you or your son can connect on Palminator!!!!
  7. Kilbo

    Got my buck

    Great story and awesome buck!! Congrats.
  8. Kilbo

    Halloween Buck!

    Congrats on a nice buck!!
  9. Kilbo

    Big 6 down

    Great 6 pointer!!! Congrats
  10. Kilbo

    Did a ground blind sit.

    Congrats!!! I don’t care if it’s a good buck or a doe, when I stop getting excited when I shoot them is the day I stop hunting. Nice job!!!
  11. That nuts!!! Blind does blend in great though.
  12. Kilbo

    A Fun Hunt ends with a Nice Buck

    Here I thought I had a great day hunting. You guys knocked it out of the park! Congrats!!
  13. Kilbo

    I messed up tonight - Redemption

    Yea I was really debating whether I wanted to tag out this soon but then I thought about the fact that I’m leaving to hunt Delaware with a friend in a 10 days and I won’t be back in Jersey until the 22nd. Plus I really like the rack on this buck plus the history I had with him.
  14. Kilbo

    I messed up tonight - Redemption

    Not sure why that posted twice! 😂
  15. Kilbo

    I messed up tonight - Redemption

    Yes I did. It was a tense few minutes because he kept looking up at the stand but couldn’t figure out if I was any danger. Right before I shot him he gave me a pretty long stare then turned to walk away. Luckily for me I got a slight quartering away shot and he only ran 40 yards.