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  1. Kilbo

    A Text That You Don't Want To See.

    Hope everything works out for your son John. Unfortunately I’ve gotten a call like that too many times from my daughter. She just got her car back from the auto body shop 2 days ago from an accident and my wife called me last night and said she got hit by 3 deer while coming home. Only had the car back one day. One of the deer went through her passenger side window and was still alive. She had to pull it out of the window. Once she pulled it out it ran off with the other three. I saw all three of them walking across a farm field when I pulled up to her car.
  2. Kilbo

    1/16/2019 Check In

    Good luck John. Sounds like a great day even before a possible harvest.
  3. Kilbo

    Still hunting

    I got one yesterday afternoon with my handgun in Delaware. I would post a picture but my first shot knocked her down then she tried getting back up. I didn’t want to risk messing up anymore meat since she was facing me after she fell so I head shot her. Now she has a face made for radio so I’ll spare everyone the graphic pic.
  4. Kilbo

    Still hunting

    I’m still out but in lower Delaware with my handgun. I’m gonna be working everyday after this week so this is my last hoorah. Hopefully luck will be in my favor until Sunday.
  5. Kilbo

    Bears and coon mounts complete

    Great work Jay !! That coon mount is awesome. It looks like it’s still alive. Well done on both mounts!
  6. Kilbo

    Crazy wind today, anyone out?

    I was out this afternoon and saw nothing but trees swaying in the wind gusts!!
  7. Kilbo

    New hunting spot

    I have the same thing in Delaware. The farmers crops are getting killed by deer. When I got permission to hunt the property he said to kill everything. If it’s a fawn nursing off it’s mother then kill them both. I usually kill at least 5 when I’m down there and if I see a small one and let him pass I just don’t let him know. I will take enough to make him happy though and occasionally I get a pretty good buck off the property.
  8. Kilbo

    In Colorado it's called TAYLOR HAM!!

    Obviously you haven’t noticed my spectacular physique in this picture do you think I only eat mild PORK ROLL. I’m an equal opportunity pork eater. This just happen to be what I had at the time!
  9. Kilbo

    In Colorado it's called TAYLOR HAM!!

    Fake news!!! ^^^^^^^^^
  10. Kilbo

    In Colorado it's called TAYLOR HAM!!

    Just a friendly reminder!!!!
  11. Kilbo

    Anyone else out today ? 1-8-19

    Went out in zone 17....... but in lower Delaware. Went to a spot that was bow only so I had the crossbow with me. Only thing I saw was a couple squirrels. Tomorrow I’m breaking out the handgun. I love this week down here because I shoot a .44 mag with iron sights so it’s just as challenging as a bow and not a lot of people down here hunt with a handgun so the woods are mine.
  12. Kilbo

    How much venison

    Me, my son and daughter will eat about 3 deer. My wife won’t touch it.... Bambi syndrome!!! Those 3 deer will last until about August. I also cook for people at my job who like deer meat but don’t hunt. Jerky doesn’t last long no matter if it’s at home or work. People have offered to pay me for the jerky sometimes too but I’ve never accepted the offer. Family and friends are always asking for deer meat so realistically I probably couldn’t kill enough to satisfy everyone. I never have an issue with too much deer meat.
  13. Kilbo

    Weapon choice for the late season?

    Handgun but since we can’t do that in this state I’ll be doing that in lower Delaware. When I’m back in Jersey it’ll be the bow.
  14. Kilbo

    Last Sit of 2018 check-in

    Good luck I'm sitting in work today.