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  1. Kilbo

    Youth day 11 pointer success for rayna!

    Congrats to the young lady. My first buck was a small 11 pointer too but mine was more like two periods.
  2. For a business with predominantly female customers I don’t think it would make a good mascot though
  3. Thanks for the help guys. Strange thing to find in a row of stores. Her studio is located in a mini Shopping center.
  4. Sorry it’s the only pictures she sent me. It was in her studio in a row of stores. They caught it in a box and relocated it to some nearby woods. She said it was hissing and was very aggressive. I’ve never seen a black snake that young so the color pattern had me confused. Smallest one I ever dealt with was over 3 feet long. 😂 We used to get them around my parents house all the time.
  5. Anyone know what kind of snake this is? It is about a foot and a half long.
  6. Kilbo

    First sit of the season

    Second sit yesterday morning and I got doe number two. Season is starting off great. Now I just need the bucks to cooperate for me. Next sit for Jersey will be this weekend and then I’m heading down to lower Delaware for a three day early season hunt. So happy I can pull back a compound again after my surgery last year.
  7. Kilbo

    was I an a-hole?

    You did the right thing. In my opinion he was trying to weasel himself into your spot since he never called you. That right there says he didn’t want to have any restrictions to hunt and didn’t care what you thought because he didn’t call you back. I wouldn’t care what your brother says either because of all people he should’ve listened to your side of the story and had your back. Trust me I know... I have a brother just like that. Good luck from here on out with your situation.
  8. Kilbo

    First sit of the season

    Exactly... just a little breeze would’ve been great.
  9. Kilbo

    First sit of the season

    First sit of the season and I got my EAB. I had fun but man was it hot out.
  10. Kilbo

    Doe Down!! Now its Buck season!!

    Nicely done congrats!
  11. Kilbo

    RINGOES Doe down

    Congrats!!! Man I hate working opening day. You guys are killing me!
  12. Kilbo

    Mendham Doe Down

  13. Kilbo

    All set....waiting for the doe

    Nice!!! Congrats on the doe and being able to share it with your son.
  14. Kilbo

    09/08 Opening day check in!

    Sitting here drinking a beer after night shift and reading up on everyone else hunting. Don’t judge me on the beer.... this is my evening!!!! I have to work another 12 hours tonight so Sunday afternoon will be my first sit. If it isn’t pouring rain!
  15. Kilbo

    Fart or not to fart

    Nope..... let her rip tator chip!!! 😂😂😂 Hopefully the scent loc lives up to its name.