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  1. I’m itching but it’s from the chiggers I got bow hunting Delaware these last 6 days. I hate them!!!! Even treated my clothes and still got them.
  2. Kilbo

    He's Back

    I love those funky racks on bucks! Good luck with him.
  3. Kilbo

    some buck pics

    Nice!!!! I like the last one. Something about the odd racks that I like a lot. Good luck this season.
  4. Dot is my stand..... good luck finding it.
  5. Ok Bob here we go.... I drove down to my friends house in Sussex county Delaware Friday. After the rain from the hurricane ended I jumped up in a stand. I was in the stand hanging on because the wind was still gusting pretty strong for about 2 hours when he came trotting towards my stand. I only used a high pitched bleat call a couple times before he came to me. It happened so fast I didn’t even know how big he actually was but knew he was a shooter. I bleated to him to get him to stop because he was close to getting down wind of me. He stopped quartering slightly towards me. I aimed my crossbow right at his shoulder and let it fly at 20 yards. I took out both lungs and hit the liver. He ran about 40 yards into a god awful thicket and piled up. I waited an hour before my friend and I went after him and when I found him I was able to see just how good he was. To say I was excited would be an understatement. My friends nephew had him on camera within a week of me getting him and believes he’s the same buck he passed 2 years ago but he only had one split G2 at that time. He came out of a cattail thicket into some open pines that I have a stand on the edge along the cattails.
  6. Ok I’m in on that!!!! Oh wait I only have a buck in Delaware. Well I do have more does than bucks on camera in Jersey so I could help you out if you wanna drive to pork roll country!
  7. Don’t let that stop you guys. I’m unemployed so I gotta make that money some how.
  8. Taylor what???? I’m not sure what you’re talking about. 😂
  9. The guy that does my mounts already said he would work with me before the season started. His turnaround time is the same as Jays so I’ll be ok. Also if I don’t have a job in 12 months I want one of you guys to hit me over the head with a hammer. 😆 I’ll be easy to find.... I’ll be panhandling on all the popular corners throughout the state. 😂 😂
  10. Wow Bob do you want me to include the gps location of the kill too?!?!? 😂 😂. I’ll give details soon. I have to get out my laptop. Too much to type on my phone.
  11. Definitely getting it mounted. Just gonna be tough convincing my wife to let me since I’m unemployed right now. Hahaha
  12. Thanks everyone I still can’t believe I got him. Total time hunting for the season so far was 2 hours. It’s definitely a great start.
  13. I got down to my buddies house this afternoon. Once the rain from the hurricane stopped I decided to brave the wind gusts and jump up in a stand. Was only in the stand for 2 hours when I had to put the crossbow to use. He’s my best buck to date.
  14. I like how the guy asked me on your Facebook post where in Zone 8 is it!!! Haha Even if I knew what do you expect me to say..... oh here’s the gps location for you stranger. 🤪🤪😂
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