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  1. I agree with MG, I don't think woodies are a good decoy or call responsive bird but hey it can't hurt!
  2. I disagree, if anything I noticed it more than anything else. An email went out from fish and game, and anybody who even took a quick read in the digest would tell you they allow military now on youth day.
  3. To be honest, any decoy works, it is the shape of the decoys on water that brings the ducks in. Especially early season when majority of the shooting is right at first light. Also early season is a lot of wood ducks/teal. Those ducks don't respond to calls, nor do they decoy like mallards, they kind of buzz by or drop in. So early season I use whatever decoys I have, including full colored ones. Also a hedgerow is perfectly fine if you hide well enough, maybe throw some branches in front of you and avoid making movement when they're coming in. Good luck!
  4. Cardio without a doubt. Building that endurance helps with literally everything. Start running every day, start at ten minutes and work your way up to at least 30 minutes a day. You can still weight lift, but don't bulk up, like they said, do light weight lots of reps to get toned. Running also helps lose weight quick, just gotta stick with it.
  5. I'm in college as well and many of my friends say avoid 6 flags at all costs, terrible place to work! But try local restaurants, and or grocery stores like mentioned. Local shops are always hiring summer kids it seems too
  6. Here is the gobbling link Kill Shot
  7. 18 lbs 9" beard and 7/8" spurs
  8. hmm It wouldn't work when uploaded into post I'll have to figure it out
  9. Well, with work and school ending, I was looking forward to D week. I tagged out first saturday of E week and it was a long wait to today. I was unable to scout so I went to a spot I know they're roosting. in previous years.I have 3 ways to access the roost, one is risky as it goes through an open field next to them. 2nd is about a mile walk through some woods and fields, and the 3rd is a straight shot to the roost, but exposing. I chose the long way to be safe, and as I was starting my walk, I found it that cattails grew so thick it was impossible to get through as it was a couple hundred yards long. I backed out and went to the straight shot entrance, at this point it is 5:30 when I arrive. Walking in... I hear a gobble and get excited. YES! They're there. Then as I cautiously walk forward I realize the gobbling is behind me! Did I walk past them? Why didn't I hear them earlier? I backtrack and turns out 3 gobblers are roosted on a different property across the highway! I was surprised and worried those were the turkeys I know roost here. After debating what to do, I decide to advance to the known roost site for maybe some stragglers, or a different group. A few minutes of walking and there it is... a gobble in the field next to the roost. I quickly form a plan and decide to cross a small creek in the roost and set up in the thin woods between the field and me. I get settled in some brush and have two clearings to my side. I let out a yelp and instantly they cut me off. They gobbled their head off getting closer and closer. After a couple minutes I decided to yelp again, they cut me off once again. Suddenly I hear the two birds move from my front right, to the front, then to the left. Silence. Then a thunderous gobble let out through some brush to my left. I quickly see him between some twigs and he's coming. One more yelp and he comes right to me, until about 10 steps and BOOM. Flopping all around. I wish I had my dslr but didn't risk it in the rain, so here's cell phone videos. IMG_3879.TRIM.MOV IMG_3881.TRIM.MOV
  10. Z14 here, didn't hear a single gobble today, had a jake in decoys then called 2 toms in and took one out at 7:30, not one gobble with the wind.
  11. Everyone else hit the nail on the head pretty much, but yes first light is best, if you're looking for water hunting, you should sit at the spot you are thinking of hunting and see if any ducks go there at first light. Likewise for hunting fields, except you can wait at a roost for them, and then follow them to a field when they get up. The best time to scout is just before or during the fall and winter season. I find that the spring bird locations are different than the locations in the fall due to a few different reasons, so seeing birds now, does not mean they will hit there in the fall or winter. Summer is strictly residents so it's only good for very early season... if that. But ask away! I personally love answering questions of people just starting, helping them get into something as great as waterfowling.
  12. How are the snows down the shore? I have been meaning to take a trip out for the first time ever hunting down the shore, as the ones by me are leaving. Any WMA's or places to hunt?
  13. awesome pics, how close were all these birds?
  14. They will supply one if you don't have one I read somewhere
  15. I wasn't arguing, I'm just saying that I went through it and its kinda pointless to do it all again, and it seemed like the state viewed it that way from what I read online
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