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  1. Thanks for the advice! I much prefer to do it in person because in my experience when you call them, it's very easy for them to just say no right off the bat. Also they don't know what you look like, etc, but I might have to try in this situation. Not sure exactly how I could go about offering help though. I feel like it is strange for a random person they have never saw or met; to call and offer help.
  2. Good point, I guess I'll have to wait
  3. I was wondering what are you guys doing during this pandemic, are you still knocking on doors? I have a few properties I really want to try and get access to but not sure if covid will affect the outcome of asking... Also what's the best way to go about getting permission? Most people seem to already answer the door with a "what do you want" attitude and I can never get past that. It's easier for deer and waterfowl as most farmers hate them but what do turkeys do bad? LMK, thanks!
  4. Hunter99

    COVID hit home

    Sorry for your loss birdshot
  5. Got into em a bit the other day in south but have not seen them north or south since then, but good to know! Also on the western side of the state
  6. I'm usually by myself, so it's a lot longer than it should really be. 45 mins to an hour. They're all windsocks so it goes quicker than full bodies at least
  7. Anyone finding snows? My area they left last night it seems like. Didn't see a single bird today. If anyone has birds I have 400 decoys, willing to team up and get after em! Any of you coastal guys seeing birds?
  8. The past few years have been very dismal for waterfowl hunting, but this year was a great turn around. Especially for goose season compared to last years. Not all hunts from this year are pictured but still a bunch to look at! A lot of solo hunts and 2 mans
  9. nothing for ducks in central it feels like, tons of geese but the weather is really screwing everything up
  10. too bad the season is out till the 27th of December...
  11. Was out in North zone, got limit of mallards
  12. Hunter99

    First Buck!

    Thank you! I've bowhunted for about 6 years now and this year was the first time I ever encountered a buck bigger than a spike where I was actually able to get it close enough to shoot. Many years of seeing bucks far off, but this year I learned some patterns and had this guy walk right up to me! I'm already itching to get back!
  13. Hunter99

    First Buck!

    I have had bucks skirt by me and several close calls all season. After having enough of the spot and its irregularity I decided to try a spot I wanted to hunt since September but never actually did. Climbed a tree in the new spot at 5:30, hunted from 6 am and around 8:30 a nice 8 came cruising by before I was ready and he stopped just out of range. I was determined to get one and knew they would travel that spot so I stayed till 12. Nothing else. Came back at 2:30 and moved 20 yards back because if I was back there I would have been able to shoot the 8 point. I just hung my backpack up on the tree when I hear leaves crunching. I freeze and peek around the tree to see this guy. My heart started pumping so hard, I knew it was a right choice to move my stand. He has no clue I'm here, I turn around to face the front of my stand and watch him from the corner of my eye. He is moving parallel with me, he goes past a tree and I pull back on the bow. Full draw he keeps moving and I tell myself after this tree, make him stop and shoot. But before that could happen, he stops right in between two trees with his head blocked and perfect opening for the vitals. I knew it was now or never so I aim at the vitals and quickly release it. My arrow hits perfect, but doesn't go all the way through. I saw it break off as he jumps. Blood spurts out, he runs 30 yards I see blood dripping out of his mouth and all of a sudden he stops. After 2 seconds of standing there he almost does a backflip and there he lays, 3o yards away. I was so excited and called my dad straight away to tell him the news. This was my first buck and we've had bigger on camera but I'll take this one any day.
  14. Got it done in the afternoon, wasn't even able to sit in stand and he came walking in. First buck!
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