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  1. Be out in Zone 6 later. Good luck everyone!
  2. I'm leaving work early to work on my tan and hopefully see some deer. Not ideal conditions but beats working. Zone 6
  3. Andy must be proud of you!
  4. Still says he's president of the club he ran in to the ground.
  5. I am guessing the woman who needed help with bear was originally in the club he was president of and leased the land. I am thinking she happens to be a member here also. These people should be named and publicly embarrassed!
  6. If that's the Andy I think it might be, he is a real scumbag!
  7. For Sale Ravin R20, 2 years old. Comes with Jackplate and Vortex Strike Eagle scope. Also soft case, quiver, crank and 4 Ravin .003 arrows. New strings last year. I've been using 125 grn points. Located in Morris County. $1800
  8. It may be your CC. You're making a payment to Canada, your CC may not allow that.
  9. I understand what you're saying about listing available items. I have quite a bit of stuff and don't have time or patience to itemize. Thanks Gunsmoke for the welcome!
  10. My town is having a town wide garage sale on May 19th. I thought this would be a good way sell my excess hunting equipment some listed below. New 17' ladder stands Knives Game cameras Game calls Ozonics HR200 Ozonics Driwash system Bushnell Binos Camping stove and pots game bags Vortec Scope Cross crossbow scopes 2 Barnett crossbows Crossbow broadheads .....and more. There will also be non hunting items. Many items are brand new all are like new. Sale is Oak Ridge, Morris County. Starts at 9am. PM me for address if interested. I will not hold items, if interested
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