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  1. drake54

    my first experience with "public land" hunting

    You got to be careful on Public Land, it's a me first attitude. People get a little to excited when they hear a gobble and forget about safety. I've taken birds on WMA's but it can be hairy at times. Hand in there . Good Luck
  2. drake54

    Solo Turkey Success!

    Nice Congratulations !
  3. drake54

    Can't wait till Saturday morning

    Good luck to all !
  4. drake54

    Turkey Check in Stations

    I spoke to the Turkey Project Leader who informed me Cheyenne is a station and he doesn't know why you were told that. Cream Ridge does need to be removed from the list. An updated list should be posted later today. PT
  5. drake54

    Turkey Check in Stations

    I called Cheyenne's at lunch time they didn't know anything about being a turkey check station, I hope they figure it out by Saturday.