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  1. njgunner

    Im done with NJH

    [ninja] Its very rough on the eyes, very busy..
  2. njgunner

    Hand gun purchase

    If you trust the guy and he will let you pay for half or put a deposit then you can. You cant take posession of it until you have your permit filled out.
  3. njgunner

    What Is Your Turkey Gun Set Up?

    Benelli SBII w/ Primos Jelly Head .660 choke....
  4. Has anyone been to either brick armory or shore shot recently? I was going to go with a friend but im concerned about 9mm/40 cal availability.
  5. njgunner

    Any one have a Springfield pistol??

    I have an XD Service model in 9mm. I love it, great feel and shoots without any problems. I upgraded the trigger to a custom trigger from powderriverprecision.com It reduced pull to 3.5lbs and trave/over-travel/reset. The XD-M's are really nice also, I would get a size that isnt too compact so it compensates for the 40 cal recoil. good luck
  6. njgunner

    H and R Ultra Slug

    im happy with mine also...great groups and shoot the accutips real good. light recoil too, I broke mine in on a doe the other day it was fun
  7. njgunner

    Ground swipers Lacey RD

    Probably couldnt hear the phone ring Try this number 609) 693-9762
  8. njgunner

    what bow are you shooting?

    matthews DXT
  9. njgunner

    So you don't need guns

  10. njgunner

    My first buck (pix)

    Great buck, congrats on your buck and sticking to what you planned on doing.
  11. njgunner

    H and R Ultra Slug

    I broke mine in the other day...20g shooting 2 3/4" accutips...lifghtfields and SST's didnt shoot well or consistent.....good luck
  12. njgunner

    Super Bowl