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  1. Jared

    Pellet gun question

    Thanks guys, I get all that information and have read up on it. I guess the part that confuses me is the suppressor part. I happened to stop in a Dick's the other day and saw them offering the Crosman one mentioned above. I have looked it up online and to the best of my knowledge it is technically suppressed. If that's the case how are they able to sell it?
  2. Jared

    Pellet gun question

    I have done some searching on hear and read the posts and still have a bit of confusion. I am looking to pick up an entry level pellet gun for my son for his birthday. Something for a little plinking and the occasional squirrel in the fall. Do I understand correctly that this one would be fine, the gamo varmint .177, but that a crosman fire np is not (due to the noise reduction)? It seems like the rest of the specs are similar and fit all the requirements but I just want to clarify. Also, any other suggestions in the $200 or less category? Thanks, Jared