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  1. TonyJ

    Questions on Pig Roast .

    Coda, Looks Great, Stuffing it with Chickens is a tasty idea. Was it done on a Rotisserie? Tony
  2. TonyJ

    Questions on Pig Roast .

    Jersey, The China Box looks like a great idea. I'm crazy busy at work, I'm not sure when I can get around to checking it out. I'll send you a PM if i can get up your way. Thanks for the generous offer. Tony
  3. TonyJ

    Questions on Pig Roast .

    Buck, Thanks for the Generous offer. I'm still trying to figure out what im doing, but will contact you if i get everything else setup. Tony
  4. TonyJ

    Questions on Pig Roast .

    Stewey, , sounds like a great deal . where is he located?
  5. TonyJ

    Questions on Pig Roast .

    Codaboy, That’s a good deal . Sounds like a great idea. you have to share some pics. Tony
  6. TonyJ

    Questions on Pig Roast .

    Gentlemen, thanks for all the great info. I'm planning on about 25-30 people. I was thinking there’s a lot of waste , bones etc. so may be a good idea to scale back in size. Madeinuk, that fireplace sounds perfect. 1957 Buck , what size is the SS grate.? I don’t have a rotisserie so that may be the way to go. sounds like a lot of work , but well worth it.
  7. Hi All, I'v smoked fish and game birds in the past . But this fall going to try doing a whole pig, thinking size around 80 to 100 lbs. I'm thinking of building a Pit / Roaster out of cinder block and fire brick in the back yard. I'm in Hamilton Twp , anyone know a local place to purchase a Dressed pig ready to roast. and also what local sources for Hickory or Apple wood ? Any help is greatly appreciated. Tony
  8. TonyJ

    WTB: Kayak carrier for van

    Hi all , I’m looking to buy a set of roof mount Kayak carriers. im in Hamilton near Trenton. text if you have something you’d like to sell. Tony six09-5two9-two864
  9. Hi JH, I'm sorry to hear of the unfortunate incident that occured , Glad to hear everyone is safe. Unfortunately the reason I am selling is to raise some funds for another purchase. Otherwise I would definitely give thought to donating to your cause. Regards, Tony
  10. For sale or Trade is a 1982,18' Smokercraft Alaskan aluminum deep vee boat. Setup includes, 1976 Johnson 25 HP outboard motor. Includes a RipTide bow mount trolling motor and lots of extras Also a newer 2009 Load Rite trailer. Boat and motor and trailer were used in the Delaware river. Never in salt water. But is a great stable boat for River ,Lake or Bay. Needs some TLC,I had plans to restoring but work and life does not allow me the time. Selling for $2950 or B.O. May take partial trades for firearms. Or let me know what you have ? I'm in Hamilton,Mercer County. Pm or text if interested. Thanks Tony Six09-5Two9-Two864
  11. Hi All, I am looking to buy Swiss 7.5 X 55 GP11 ammo. I'm in Hamilton, NJ and would prefer a local FTF transaction. I have my FID and matching DL. Please contact me if you have something you'd like to sell. Thanks Tony six09-5two9-two864
  12. TonyJ

    Am Vets Jackson gun show

    Dave , see ya tomorrow. Thanks Tony
  13. Hi guys , anyone know if this show is on for tomorrow? I’m looking for some S&W 38 ammo. thanks tony