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  1. Great group of guys. Makes me proud to be a member of NJ Trappers Association.
  2. Shakyjake

    this bear hasn't learned his lesson

    That's a Connecticut bear. I remember the pic from an article where the game commission up there is considering a hunt.
  3. Shakyjake

    The future of our sport

    It's not just hunters. As sportsman, we need to band together. Hunters, trappers, fishermen, everyone. Until we do, the anti's will win.
  4. Shakyjake

    Which are you using on the opener?

    I'll be in a blind with the crossbow.
  5. Shakyjake

    Is there a way to keep raccoons off of deer corn?

    either feed larger amounts so there's some left for the deer or start trapping them.
  6. Shakyjake

    Picked up my new toy

    Can't go wrong with Hoyt. Good luck with it.
  7. Shakyjake

    How many Deer Permits do you pay for?

    1, sometimes 2. Archery only..
  8. Shakyjake

    Ozonics anyone?

    I've been using one for the last 6 years. Completely safe (unless you're sucking on it) and I truly believe that it has helped me kill some of my toughest bucks, and bears. I use mine from a stand as well as ground blinds. I currently use the HR-200.
  9. Shakyjake

    Need Tires for my Ram

    The AT3’s have been good to me under my Cummins.
  10. Hey Guys, It’s that time of year again. Tractor Supply Company, in conjunction with Record Rack and Mossy Oak, will be promoting products for deer/wildlife management. These events include new product information, give a ways, and coupons on Record Rack products including deer feed, minerals, blocks and salt licks. We will be at the following Tractor Supply locations and times. Blairstown TSC August 10, 6p-9p and August 11, 9a-1p Flanders TSC August 24, 6p-9p and August 25, 9a-1p See you there.
  11. Shakyjake

    Farmers hunting already

    Farmers will always rely on permits to kill deer, even if they have a club on the property. The reasons are simple, hunters are limited to the set seasons and nobody can eat the number of deer that the farmers usually like to see killed. plus, farmers want not part of "let em go, let em grow" A high fence is often the best answer but not many farmers can afford them.
  12. Shakyjake

    Weed Killer

    Glyphosate 51% concentrate. Get it at Tractor Supply. The large container lasts me 2 years and its effective down to 2oz per gallon.
  13. Shakyjake

    Humming Birds

    I feed them all the time but make my own nectar and I never use red coloring.