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  1. Very dangerous..excellent way to kill yourself via the old "Barber Chair"
  2. Collis Trucks In Northhampton, PA. They've had every part i've ever needed. Probably have your color, too.
  3. Antis's at it again

    The whole story is nuts. Just like the anti’s making an argument for the fox over the birds.
  4. Turkey Decoys

    Early season, Jake Strutter and hen but only in fields or clear cuts. Hen only in late season. Run and gun in the woods, no decoys.
  5. Tennessee Retirement?

    Being a NJ pension, wouldn't it be taxed anyway?
  6. So, let's talk grills

    To be honest, Weber is the only grill I use. Price is tough but well worth it. I know several guys with the Green Egg and they love em.
  7. Playground mulch

    The main reason for "playground mulch" is that it's supposed to be certified as free of debris. Meaning they do core samples and test for metal, sweepings and trash. Cedar probably wouldn't be terrible since it resists rot and some insects. However, carpenter bees love cedar.
  8. GSP toll plaza ticket.

    I received a GSP ticket in the mail once. It clearly showed my trailer plate on the back of a small enclosed trailer. Problem was, I only had an open trailer at the time. I went outside to find my trailer plate missing. After making a police report and sending that info to the Parkway commission, the letters stopped. However, I never got confirmation that they canceled the ticket.
  9. Yes, Carlson's make the Hevi Shot chokes. I use the Carlson's Long Beard XR choke and average 330 hits in 10" at 40 yards with the Longbeard XR 3.5 inch #6
  10. Fox Control in Brigintine

    Most animal groups use rhetoric and propaganda in an effort to achieve their goal. Anyone with common sense knows that they are full of crap but, unfortunately, others believe what they say.
  11. To the guy shooting expandables

    Or he got a pass through and didn’t locate his arrow after the kill.
  12. OTC Tags On Monday

    I know where I’ll be standing at 9:45.
  13. Breeding

    If only it were that easy.
  14. Found buck

    Buddy of mine found a 120" 8 point the other day with an arrow just a few yards away, It's too bad.