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  1. Shakyjake

    Jury Duty

    its simple, as long as you're a volunteer ff or emt. other than that, good luck.
  2. Shakyjake

    Allamunchy Sate Park Squirrel Hunt 11/3

    Stay on the trails. its a quieter way instead of just plowing through the woods straight up that hill. Also, I used to stop at places along my walk and wait for a while before moving again.
  3. Shakyjake

    Few guns for sale must go through ffl

    Not until Dec, still COE until then.
  4. Shakyjake

    Bear loonies got locked up

    Hammer them. Its the only way they'll figure it out.
  5. Shakyjake

    Compound Bow shooting ?

    get rid of the kisser. knuckle behind ear, center of nose to string, bot eyes open through the peep. follow through is as important as anchor.
  6. Shakyjake

    Updated Bear Totals - 139

    look at the cumulative harvest rate. Only 1% difference between last year and this year so far.
  7. Shakyjake

    Blind hunting

    leave it open. Just sit as far back as possible without hitting the back of the blind.
  8. Shakyjake

    Bear hunt loonies protesting

    If I were arrested even half as many times, I'd be looking for a new job.
  9. Shakyjake

    Whole house dehumidifiers?

    We had an issue in my town hall this summer. The women didn't want the ac on but were complaining about the humidity. They asked about a whole building dehumidifier and the hvac tech explained that the ac already does that and will work the best. They didn't want to believe him and now have a dehumidifier in every office.
  10. Shakyjake

    Bear Over/Under estimates this week

    2 more than last years opening day.
  11. Shakyjake

    Bear Hunting Question (2nd from Newby)

    All my NJ bears have been killed before 9am. Out of state, however, have been evening.
  12. Shakyjake

    Crossbow discharge bolt failure

    stop wasting money on discharge bolts. pick up a small discharge target and use a bolt with field tip. been using the same discharge bag and bolt for 7 years.
  13. Shakyjake

    where do you trappers buy your .22 short ammo?

    i use whatever .22 shorts i can find. brand doesnt matter much to me since the shots are up close. your air gun will be fine for anything, I just wouldnt use it myself on a yote.
  14. Shakyjake

    Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table

    a good friend of mine has a mess of a lower back. he started using his hang ups machine a couple years ago and swears by it.