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  1. Shakyjake

    Missing Pension Time

    The State sucks at record keeping. I have almost a full year of "unpaid' pension payment. I was even sent a letter asking if I was planning to return to the pension system. All this after 14 years of pay stubs proving that I never missed a payment. I still dont have a straight answer on this since August of last year.
  2. Shakyjake

    State is Out of Pheasant Business

    I believe that the state already has 3 breeders under contract for the birds.
  3. Shakyjake

    Flu has me down but not out

    nice work. its hard enough work without the flu.
  4. Shakyjake

    Off to a good start

    Castor mound set with a 330 in the water.
  5. Shakyjake

    Off to a good start

    It was a lot of work but very satisfying to see him on the board after putting in the time to get him. Can’t wait to see how it turns out after drying.
  6. Shakyjake

    Off to a good start

    He’s on the board with the help of this guy. Thanks again Mike!!
  7. My first beaver season is starting off well. Got my first ever beaver couple days ago and got a bigger one this morning.
  8. After dropping the ball during the permit lottery, I was lucky enough to get one over the counter. With limited time to scout or even trap, I talked to my friend Mike and came up with a game plan. Made a couple sets yesterday and was awarded with my first beaver this morning. Got it on a castor mound set with a 330 waiting just inside the waters edge.
  9. Shakyjake

    Mink vid

    Very cool.
  10. Shakyjake

    Southern NJ Hogs

    I read an article in a south jersey paper at least 5 years ago that claimed there were over 100 killed off the golf course the first year and as few as 20 killed just 3 years later.
  11. Shakyjake

    Stewartsville Cat

    South of 80? Imagine that.....
  12. Shakyjake

    Beaver and Otter Lotery

    Got mine OTC, with only 3 left. I was shocked, to say the least.
  13. Shakyjake

    Need help - Clinton Outfitters in Glen Gardner, NJ

    Rick Dotsenrod, or something like that. No longer in Jersey, I believe.
  14. Shakyjake

    Cave Cricket infestation

    Bifenthrine works well. Can be purchased at any tractor supply or home depot.
  15. Awesome....until the students start chucking them at each other during arguments.