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  1. My brother has a blue male. Awesome dogs.
  2. Sold. Thank you...
  3. Selling for my uncle so please, contact him directly. He has a Marlin model 983S bolt action, stainless steel with scope, chambered in .22 Mag. Asking $300. Located in Hackettstown, Warren County. Must have proper papers and be willing to meet at FFL for transfer (since the governor f***** that up, too. ) Ask for Bob (908)892-6876
  4. Lotta work right there. Nice Job, Charlie.
  5. I have the Mossberg 535 Turkey Thug with red dot and Carlson's .660 Best pattern I've ever gotten. Average 300+/- hits in a 10" ring at 40 yards using Winchester Longbeard XR's 3.5" 6's.
  6. you wont be disappointed. good luck with it.
  7. Finally got a chance to hang a few snares the other day. When I walked in to check yesterday, there was a yote bedded down 20 yards from my first set. At first I thought maybe it had a “necklace” and was waiting for me to show up. Then, it walked to my left and I saw that it was looking toward my set. I took another step and it ran off like a shot. I realized that it had been waiting for the other yote who was in my first set. I took care of him and continued on. At my 4th and final set, was a nice little red. 2 for 4 on the morning. Not bad odds.
  8. Entry level gun? These are about the best patterning guns out of the box. Might wanna rethink selling it.
  9. I dont particularly hate any of the shows. If I do, I just ignore them. However, I do HATE some of the terminology that has come out of the shows. Most notably, when a hunter calls an animal "slob". Hate that.
  10. Shakyjake

    Missing Pension Time

    The State sucks at record keeping. I have almost a full year of "unpaid' pension payment. I was even sent a letter asking if I was planning to return to the pension system. All this after 14 years of pay stubs proving that I never missed a payment. I still dont have a straight answer on this since August of last year.
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