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  1. Shakyjake

    Weed Killer

    Glyphosate 51% concentrate. Get it at Tractor Supply. The large container lasts me 2 years and its effective down to 2oz per gallon.
  2. Shakyjake

    Humming Birds

    I feed them all the time but make my own nectar and I never use red coloring.
  3. Shakyjake

    Grey fox in back yard

    very nice
  4. Shakyjake

    Fishing boat f/s

  5. signed it the other day.
  6. Shakyjake

    Turkey Chicks?

    Haven't seen any poults yet at all.
  7. I must've missed the one that he gave to municipal employees.....
  8. Shakyjake

    Fishing boat f/s

    Selling this for my uncle so please, contact him directly with questions. He’s selling a 14 foot aluminum fishing boat. Comes with trailer. It has the following: new tires on trailer, new battery,new oars, New hummingbird fishfinder, safety equipment. Minnkota trolling motor is new with 55 pounds thrust. No leaks. Asking $1,100. Located in Hackettstown, Warren County. Call Bob (908)892-6876
  9. Shakyjake

    Dodge dependability

    Love Dodge trucks. They’re all I’ve ever owned. The rust issues, thought, could use some attention
  10. Shakyjake

    anyone got Beretta 92FS 10-round mags for sale?

    Last I read, there would be a clause allowing us to keep them if we already owned them. Just like the last time our 92's were affected.
  11. Shakyjake

    Ten Point crossbow f/s

    Sold. Thank you.
  12. Shakyjake

    Ten Point crossbow f/s

    Sold, pending your pickup.
  13. Shakyjake

    Ten Point crossbow f/s

    I’ll let him know.
  14. Shakyjake

    Ten Point crossbow f/s