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  1. Looks good. I made one last year that was very similar except that mine is 10 feet tall.
  2. That’s what I was thinking. Do the NICS right then and there so we would have that delay on top of it. Guess that would be too easy.
  3. I haven’t purchased a pistol in a long time and am completely new to the e-permit. I’ve already filled out the app and received both of my references back. So, what kind of wait time should I expect? I’ve heard everything from weeks to months but wanted to see what you guys have experienced recently. Thanks.
  4. Word I got from fisheries is that it won’t happen again until they have covers over the raceways at Pequest. It’s gonna be a while.
  5. Shakyjake

    Grey Fox

    That was my first thought also.
  6. I have several of them in the state land behind my house. Theft doesn’t seem to be a problem because if the owner loses one, they can be disabled from the app. Some even send GPS locations to find a stolen cam.
  7. Selling a new in box, never opened SPYPOINT link micro AT&T. Located in Hackettstown. Can meet around Chester daytime. Asking $90 call (908)798-2844 ask for Kevin
  8. Who cares if someone kills a Jake. It’s legal and it’s meat. Plus, their tag is filled either way. Also, 2 years is the life expectancy of a wild Turkey anyway. So, does it matter if someone shoots a Jake? Nope. Earlier would be better for me. I like the open woods.
  9. Nothing yet by me but I like it that way. Slow it down or it'll be over before we start.
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