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  1. scottygun1

    NAP broadheads 50% off

    I'm still waiting for my order. placed it 1 month ago and they charged me for them. I called them 3 times got the their coming in soon. Yesterday they said they were shipping them out. It would be 7 to 10 more days before i get them. They said it was a good thing i called because they could take my order off back order. Seems they don't now how too handle back orders.Their customer service seems to suck. They had no problem taking my money.
  2. scottygun1

    20 guage turkey rig

    I will be hunting this year with a Weatherby SA-08 20 gauge. Had it dipped in camo. Shooting federal heavyweight shot. Have a SSX choke but just got a sumtoy custom choke. Heading to the range this weekend.