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  1. How did you train a bird dog without birds? If I knew this answer I could save a lot of money?
  2. You forgot pigeons and a pigeon coop. Don't buy stuff until you use different types. Lots of people go cheap on their remote launchers and regret it.
  3. I thought I should mention that although New here, I was active on the other site. I hunted with many people from the other site and have also helped several with training. I run Pointers but I enjoy any working dog.
  4. Yes g and r. Ron now goes by another name. 100 a person gets each person 7 chukars . We would be the only group hunting from 12-4. I am going either way just thought someone would be interested.
  5. I am hunting chukars this Sunday at noon at Brookline Farms (old g and r). His cover is nice .$100 a person gets you 7 chukars. I need to know by this evening. If you have dogs bring them if not I have plenty.
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