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  1. Bigsquirrel

    Buying Shotguns in Delaware

    Bought some last Spring at the Newark DE Cabelas. No Nics fees. All other NJ paperwork will be done. Takes an hour easy. Worth the trip to save the sales tax.
  2. Bigsquirrel

    NJ Trail Cam pics

    Is that camera up about 8 ft?
  3. Signed. Here is a little behind the scenes info. Our Liberal Leader is trying to stop the hunt even though the science is proving the hunt is on target. The state has X number of tagged animals. They estimate the X number represents 20% approximately. The fall hunt goes as planned and the number of tagged bears as a percentage of total bears taken is monitored. If the percentage exceeds 30% the hunt is done and there is no winter season. That percentage has been right on target since the hunt started, falling between 20 and 30. What Smiley wants to do is take that % value and lower it, thus creating an end to the hunt prematurely and then having the basis to stop future hunts. Since they know the percentage values, this is an easy task, even for him and his cronies. This would being done through a commision or similar. NJFW is trying to take responsibility and control of the "science" of that % value to the extent that no other group can dictate it.
  4. Bigsquirrel

    Badlands “Treestand” hunting pack for sale

    Is this supposed to "carry" a stand as part of the pack?
  5. Bigsquirrel

    Rare gun rescued after buy back

    Confiscation of his gun because of a hit and run. What did the gun have to do with the vehicle accident? These forfeiture rules are out of hand.
  6. Bigsquirrel

    Boycott Yeti

    I say post pictures of your Yeti products going into the garbage can. Here is my letter to them: I wanted to take the time to contact Yeti regarding the severing of business with the NRA. I am an avid outdoors person, along with my family. I am a lifelong gun owner and recently became a life member of the NRA. At age 50+ I realized that the right to bear issue is so vital to what makes our country the best place in the world. I can not believe that businesses like Yeti continue to place themselves in the middle of political battles that only alienate large groups of people from each other. This is an extremely poor choice on Yeti's part. I am here to convey to Yeti that I will not only remove Yeti from any possible purchase in the future, but will place any Yeti product atop the bin of garbage for this weeks pickup. Perhaps Yeti should start looking for new management that specializes is brand recuperation.
  7. Bigsquirrel

    Dog Dies at Petsmart

    I was referring to the Flemington store. Got caught up in the articles.
  8. Bigsquirrel


    This is a 28 inch barrel gun. See the GB add for the label. Extended tube chokes add another 1+ inches too.
  9. Bigsquirrel


    Have this listed on GB right now. Browning Citori 725 Field. I could go 1750 with the extended choke tubes if done in person, and by cash. Beautiful gun. Item #762419427
  10. Bigsquirrel

    Dog Dies at Petsmart

    2 dead dogs and 1 badly injured out of that store in a 10 day (or so) period based on the articles. Sumpn' ain't right.
  11. Bigsquirrel

    An Illinois Town bans Assualt Rifles!

    I think this issue is coming to a head in the near future. Eventually some lib town or city or state will pass an all out semi-auto ban or worse. Federal government or supreme court will have to step in at that point. May as well get it over with asap. We would have a better chance of a 2A supported decision if done in the next 2 1/2 years than after.
  12. Bigsquirrel

    shoot it, or name it?

    We had one for years that was off limits. Great thing about her was she was a great leading indicator. Light, dark, it didn't matter, you could see her coming from a long way out and were afforded above average time to get set.
  13. Bigsquirrel

    Anyone with kids have new Ford Explorer

    One of our prime factors in choosing a vehicle was the amount of room between the rear bumper and the back of the 3rd row seating. Safety in rear impacts. Open the tailgate and look in. How well would an occupant fair in a rear impact accident? Scary thought but a reasonable and realistic one. We ended up with a full size GMC. Mileage is nearly the same as a mid/full we had prior. It is an actual framed vehicle as well. Most of the popular "Crossovers" are glorified minivans. I think I would go to either the full size or a Subaru wagon. Everything else in between seems to be a bad imitation of one or the other.
  14. Bigsquirrel

    SOLD! Spring Cleaning #5 Browning Citori

    That is a satin blue finish gun, yes?