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  1. trader979

    WTB AR 15

    Ok thanks. I’ll give him a call.
  2. trader979

    WTB AR 15

    Looking for an AR to plink around with. Something like a S&W m&p 15 II or ruger 556. Let me know what you have for sale.
  3. Yes mod, full and ic. I have everything that came with it new. Box, manual lock, choke wrench, etc.
  4. I think it came with three. Mod, full and ic. I’ll double check.
  5. Nearly new Mossberg 500 20ga pump shotgun. Bought 5 months ago. Only one box of shells through it. Field version. 26in barrel. Includes box, lock and all paperwork. $225. Cross posted.
  6. Thank you Joe. After almost having a run in last year grouse hunting, I always carry bear spray now.
  7. Predator protection as large as a black bear. PA and ME
  8. Looking for east coast backwoods revolver recommendations. Want to weigh portability with shoot ability. Thinking something like a ruger gp100 357 with a 4” barrel. While a 44 will make a bigger hole, thinking I’d personally be more accurate with a 357. Thoughts, recommendations?
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