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  1. Im guessing cause of the rain over the last few days the stocking trucks couldn't get into the fields which sucks. My dog did 10 miles today 1 point 1 hen. I could care less about the actually birds, chickens are cheaper and I don't have to get up early. To me its about the dog.
  2. Got one hen at pequest, no chucks, didn’t hear many shot. It didn’t even look like the stocking truck pulled in where I go. Driving down the road across from one of the park spots saw one chuck in someone’s driving way, meaning they prob just stocked them in the parking lot at that spot.
  3. I wouldn’t mind the chuckar mixed in with the pheasant if they were able to get more birds and stock longer into January. But we all know the “saved money” wouldn’t go to more birds with this state.
  4. I see that they stock more there than others in north jersey. How’s the crowd? Do they really put more birds out?
  5. I have never done one but was looking and the price seemed decent.
  6. Has anyone done one at Bent Creek game farm?
  7. https://www.facebook.com/pg/Vizsla.Labrador.New.York/reviews/ Hatszel. Not where I got mine from but have heard good things. I got mine from http://www.countrysidekennelresort.com/our-campions
  8. Echo valley game farm 973 875 1924 quail are not ready yet he said ckukar $8 pheasant $24 for a pair
  9. called Buttonwood game preserve 908 454 7116 if I remember correct: Quail $5.15 Ckukar $8 Hens $12.50 Cockbirds $13.50
  10. Starting this to see where everyone gets their birds for training and hunting. I think it would help to add phone numbers of the places and prices. thanks guys.
  11. Ever use Hackettstown auction? Looking for more information if you have done it before. thanks
  12. Where does everyone buy/get there birds for training? I have a pigeon trap, just not trying to get killed putting it out on a highway. Thanks in advance.
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