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  1. AT 24 bucks I don't CARE if kim Jung himself made them LOL
  2. I got a pack last week $24 free shipping saw the same ones at the sporting goods for $45
  3. Some ass keeps outbidding me on ebay LOL LOL LOL NICE SCORE
  4. Well look at it this way for $50 you would have to fall about 3 times to get to the price of the wingman if that's the case if you fell 3 times maybe bowling or golf would be a better sport LOL
  5. with the discussions of safety systems I was wondering if anyone uses the wingman decent system .John
  6. It was to do to things build a stove without buying one and teach myself how to weld . thank god for angle grinders and 60 grit disc's LOL
  7. BCsaw I got the fire rope kit with glue from tractor supply in waretown
  8. Did a test run in the shed only took a couple of logs to get it nice in there a lot less wood then I thought .
  9. I have a 12x20 shop out back and a kerosene heater sometimes the kerosene gives me a headache along with the $5.00 a gallon for clean k1 , my friend says get a wood stove he gets all the wood I want for nothing , I was like the price of stoves ill just build my own so went searching online and seen guys making them out of propane tanks so the 20lb I thought was a little small so I took 2 cut them in half and welded them together and this is what I came out with
  10. Does anyone here use the heated insole or socks and if so what brand and have they worked for you . no matter what I try my dam feet are always cold . Thanks John
  11. Thanks everyone , yea theres a lot of nice bucks in the pines the issues is getting them out of the swamps
  12. That was a first for me for sure.
  13. Bucky the plain 100 grain 3 blade muzzys
  14. That's crazy stuff because if I didn't stay in the scope and now I hit him I would have been like yey I completely missed .
  15. I use the plain 3 blade muzzys
  16. So this guy started showing up in the daytime when he came in with 2 spikes and 8 does a whole lota eyeballs when he came in he noticed the big pile of bird seed went right for it broad side at 19 yrds using the crossbow I stayed in the scope when I shot so I now I hit him , texted my buddy when he got the found the bolt and it look like I just took it outa the box ZERO blood fat nothing he says dude hate to tell you you missed im like I now I hit him , now I doughting my shot, so I said screw it lets just follow his kick marks and were I last saw him about 30 yard we found a drop of blood I said se I now I hit him , as I looking for more my buddys is like is that him another 15 yrds he was down , double lung we not a speck of blood on the broad head or bolt never seen anything like that before.
  17. FishNHard

    Tactacam 5.0

    Lunatic , is that the regular 5.0 or the wide lens
  19. a buck like that out of the pines in an accomplishment congrats Roy
  20. First off good luck on your trip second would be the zillo app cuz youll be like screw jersey LOL
  21. So my next home improvement is the kitchen I have pretty much everything but the kitchen cabinets and was wondering who has done there own, looking for a decent cabinets that wont break the bank and were you bought yours, and brand, I will be installing myself so just need a place to get them from . I read some horror stories with solid wood cabinets in brick , Thanks John
  22. Thanks all , yes its the last years model tactacam 4.0 , but I see they came out with a wide lens and 8x zoom version , I like them way better then the gopros
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