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  1. During the week when there's most likely less people a little south there's dock outfitters in seaside a little more south there's Berkley island park,
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    Let me tell you , I've met john a few times my boss use to play guitar with johns side gigs if you have 500 grand to 1 million you can hire him to play your daughters birthday or what ever john is all about what lines his pocket he is a hard one to read , his soul kitchens help out alot of folks but he is 100% arrogant demarcate
  3. Hobbie kayaks , im 6'2 270lbs and use the revo , no issues what so ever , The Pro angler is the most stable but the biggest and most expensive size of a jon boat i think other brands have the peddle drives now that hobbies lock on that market expired
  4. Places in NJ that sell ethanol free gas...https://www.pure-gas.org/index.jsp?stateprov=NJ
  5. most useless bug on the planet
  6. killer rakes find the clams LOL most of the others have round forks they'll work but tour gonna have to really work to get them to drag , the killers have thin Knife blades you can easyly get right down and very little effort to rake , My Back highly recommends the killer Rakes.
  8. Just got the call about my vehicles extended warranty haven't heard from them since February . must have been the same Indian guy that I talked to before because I let him go thru his speal and told him cool my trucks a 97 Tacoma and needs a shitload of work , a moment of silence fuck you click LOL LOL he did the same thing in February.
  9. If they are retiring then good for them but Yea sad to see businesses that's been around a long time go out because of regulations or due to this virus not being able to charter.
  10. Sad to see an add like this wonder what the reason retiring or the strict regulations anymore. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3754969864573287/
  11. My Norton expires tomorrow ,and was wondering what everyone else is using , Norton seemed ok but a little pricey, John
  13. F murphy 45 blossom cove rd red bank a nice 2 am horn blowing session is in order
  14. to add the mail man suck so bad there in a house 5 streets over with same number they delivered my mail and packages to him so many times I have his number and he has mine .
  15. They are all a disaster , I ordered on the 12th of last month 9mm reload bullets from bayou bullets they created an label for usps on the 4th and that's it no updates or info. Got 2 3blade props for minn kota motors coming fed ex they made it to Ohio hub on the 6th end of story, got a motorcycle battery I bought yesterday coming ups scheduled delivery is for the 12th , so will see out of the 3 who sucks and who suck most.
  16. I wish most of the people who haven't gotten there checks yet and are struggling are the ones who voted for this clown
  17. That's ok USPS isn't not better last 5 months 4 packages lost . another package my wife bought from Florida left there made its way to Newark hub then went back to Florida and is out for delivery in FL LOL LOL CANT MAKE KINDA SHIT UP .
  18. This is the 2nd time he has told citizens if you don't like it leave ,
  19. The crown says FU IF YOU DONT LIKE IT...https://savejersey.com/2020/05/murphy-snaps-unhappy-with-the-guy-in-charge-of-n-j-unemployment-go-to-another-state/?fbclid=IwAR3ZNdsSwXAKcpUjZ4xBcz2O-zf_zYH16m0PyHcY3OOu0cKKiNpxjpCC_SQ
  20. lunatic got that covered
  21. Instead of people rallying at Trenton the need to go and pack blossom cove road in front of murphy's house .
  22. Well I just had the Little jimmy ice cream truck pull up and about 20 people there , but yet I cant go to my outdoor Range and shoot , LOVELY
  23. That's totally there plan if they open up to soon and if the economy bonces back makes trump look better for wanting to open it up ,
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