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  1. You may want to post draw length as this draw length can only be adjusted by changing cam modules.
  2. I thought of building one but the cost of the 8 x 4 sheet of plexiglass was more than the cost of the ghost blind. If you build one, the key is to have each side at the top 2 inches wider than the bottom to get the proper angle for reflection.
  3. Got a ghost blind with my birthday money....looking forward to the mobility. Plan to use a backpacking chair that weighs nothing. Anybody ever use one?
  4. Joining your local Trout Unlimited chapter may help. They all have chapter outings and informal trips. Many will help you. Once things get back to normal, ask some experienced fly fisherman in the Ken Lockwood Gorge for advice...concentrate on one or two changes at a time. Also the guys at Shannon’s should be able to give some advice.
  5. Murphy is going to use taxes and fees to force his anti second amendment agenda. He may not be able to change our already restrictive laws, he will make it so costly to own and buy firearms and ammunition. Has exorbitant tax and fees structure used to violate second amendment rights ever been litigated....I would imagine taxes and fees must be what is deemed “reasonable”?
  6. Democrats must learn that decisions, like elections, have consequences.
  7. Lunatic Are you not for maintaining access to public open space. Road should not have been sold. The road to Island Dragway is also not private but the people who live on it do what they need to to maintain it.
  8. The land owner should expect the possibility of an eminent domain action if they buy a public access property off a municipal government that is a primary access to a state park, especially after they try to restrict access. That road is no better nor worse than it has been for years....but I have not been on it since fall.
  9. The question is was an easement established and if so, the signage and resulting enforcement by the owner would be illegal...I bet the township did not establish one if the homeowner is posting the road.
  10. I would bet money Allamuchy Twp. did not place any easements on the deed as they would have had to involve the state. All they wanted was a little money and shed some responsibility for property few of their residents used. Allamuchy is still carrying a lot of debt.
  11. How else would public access be guaranteed? He bought the road from the township last year....public land (albeit owned by a township) providing access to a well established part of a state park should not be sold to a private individual.
  12. Allamuchy Township should have turned the Road over to the state...will check on easements in Belvidere later this week.
  13. Access to parks should not be owned by private individuals....especially long established access.
  14. I would have rhought more sportsman would have been in favor of maintaining public access to public land. All this homeowner wants to do is limit traffic in front of his property which he purchased knowing it was state park access. Having lived here for more than 52 years....that road was always travel at your own risk.
  15. In this case, the owner bought the road from a public entity to shut down access to a state park. This is not like the state taking his home, just preserving access that has always existed.
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