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  1. Bucksnbows has been known to fish drowned dry flies when needed
  2. +++++ on the amazen tray...can cold smoke lox and cheese with it
  3. Much of that part of the state park is actually in independence township
  4. Only Allamuchy state park east of 517& south of 80 is in 8. Most of allamuchy is in 5
  5. Zone 8 is south of route 46. Allamuchy is zone 5.
  6. Also...parking at the new venue is not sufficient...not sure if some of the adjacent company spaces will open for the weekend...if not, get there early.
  7. Went today... Not as many retailers ....seem to be less every year.... I can buy at Ramsey and Tightlines any time.... Not as much tying maretial vendors... Uaual good offering of seminars...
  8. I hate to see TV hunters taking low percentage shots. True professionals respect the animal and pass on low percentage shots.
  9. Love my Bowtech Stryker solution...have not heard of any newer model performance
  10. Bucksandbows would the lopatcong creek project meet these parameters? In addition to preserving NJs only spring creek and Brook trout habitat, the benefit to philipsburgh and surrounding communities is tremendous with easy access.
  11. Between NJ re electing Menendez and NY electing Ocasio-Cortez (who repeatedly demonstrates her stupidity)...I cannot believe the lack of intelligence of people in the largest metropolitan area in the US. We have nothing over Mississippi. I found it funny that Nevada elected the dead owner of the Cat House over a Democrat.
  12. Deadonshot2, she also stated there were 4 boys....now her story changes to two..... She also did not know where the party was. Other person she mentioned stated it never happened. Length of time to report incident, changes to the story from the details in her therapists notes, her political activities (which she tried to remove from social media before coming forward), not coming forward until she retained a lawyer all puts her credibility in the toilet. Why did Fienstein not bring this sooner if she had it since July? Why did she not bring it up when she interviewed him in her office?
  13. I read the email and did not see anything damning.....Booker trying to make something out of nothing. If there was anything bad, the hearings would have started with it. Booker is a POS.
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