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  1. Stryker solution LS ... great tigger - accurate and fast...upgraded Hawke scope great anti dry fire and safety.
  2. Someone just sent me this....can Jay do one for me?
  3. I Don’t know the angle you had, but just rear of the opposite front leg is generally the target point for a quartering away shot. your shot looks awfully far back and hence the luck statement
  4. Look how far back the entrance is...
  5. Looks like you got lucky with a really bad shot....
  6. Like others, too warm. May do a short sit at end of the week.
  7. Although I have always been involved in outdoor sports, especially fly fishing, I have been bitten by the archery bug. I started hunting with a crossbow several years ago and have migrated to customizing a late model compound to hunt in upstate NY. I started with a crossbow because I felt it was better for game kill percentages, but love tuning in my compound. it seems that many my age are migrating to crossbows (not all due to medical) while I am going the other way. Are many 55 to 65 year olds still using their compound? Just curious......
  8. With the 8mm static rope do you wrap around button and cinch knot it?
  9. I have seen the DIY Hunter videos before....he is now into saddles. my fat arse cannot do that.
  10. Have you tried? ....not in love with straps...thanks for the video
  11. How tight does it get around the versa button. The straps are quick and easy....not sure I want to be fumbling with thin rope in the cold.
  12. Big one


    Ozone (O3) is toxic if inhaled, however it dissipates quickly and breaks down to O2. this dissipation of the gas is why I don’t think hanging it in a stand would be all that effective. O3 is a great sanitizer and used in various industries to kill bacteria.
  13. Big one


    I treat my clothes with ozone using an ozone generator and plastic bin (cheaper than the bags) on my way to hunting...but agree that I do not think the generator in the tree is necessary if you hunt the wind properly.
  14. Socialism is like a mouse trap....It works because the mouse does not understand why the cheese is free.
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