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  1. Pqreturn62

    Bear calls

    Yes by me I fill up a garbage bag and start throwing it on the ground and shaking it repeatedly until then come to the edge of the woods. Then I scurry behind a tree and prepare to draw.
  2. Pqreturn62

    Whose ready for the opener?

    I’ll be out with a party of 4 in Passaic county. Out for one last scout now, trying to get an idea of what decoys to put out.
  3. Pqreturn62

    Maine Turkey Hunter shoots Man.

    Probably no health insurance... Hate to preach here but with the cost of healthcare its becoming very hard to offer it in your benefits package as a small business owner. This might be an unfortunate case of that right here...
  4. Pqreturn62

    Best Semi Auto Shotguns/pumps

    Beretta Outlander and Remington 1100. Beretta has less issues overall and is exposed to tougher elements (duck hunting), but the 1100 is solid and has a fantastic pattern with 5 shot. I rarely miss a pheasant, woodcock, or grouse anymore in the 20-35 yard range.
  5. Pqreturn62

    Upstate NY Waterfowl Opener

    Anyone headed upstate this weekend for the waterfowl Opener? I’ll be up in the Schroon Lake area if anyone wants to meet up and hunt. My usual hunting partner bailed today so I’m rollin solo as of now. PM me if you’re doing the same.
  6. Pqreturn62

    Me every bow season....

    Idk Buck. My buddy Brett shot an 11 walking in on youth day afternoon the first time he ever hunted. He ruined himself that day and never grew a desire to deer hunt. He is a big pheasant and duck hunter now.
  7. Pqreturn62

    Oath 12 gauge TSR

    If anything I’d almost say the expanders leave room for wind resistance irregularities and then occasional “stray” round that sales 6 inches one way or another.
  8. Unfortunately this is common practice. We could not put in “0” for homework, or anything else for that matter, at my last school either. It had to be a 55. Before anything else is said, I agree, that mentality is what is poisoning students...especially the Bergen county students where this practice is common place.
  9. Pqreturn62

    Backed out last night

    Same thing happened to my doe last week. I think it’s raccoons though. Coyotes wouldn’t have left the kill till it was gone completely.
  10. Unfortunately the only way an executive order can be overturned is through irrefutable evidence. That being said, the lawyers must go through the "discovery process" before anything can be officially motioned. That means bringing in experts, requesting data from the state, etc... This isn't a civil court process and thus it will not occur quickly. Unfortunately ladies and gents our only hope for public land bear will be December, if not later...
  11. Pqreturn62

    What should I do? Corn baiting question.

    Get in a habit of carrying a 1 gallon ziplock bag of corn in with you. I hand spread the morning of so they have a stronger scent to draw them in. Plus, once the deer know it’s there they will come investigate regularly whether the corn is there or not.
  12. Pqreturn62

    Wayne area deer heard ?

    Tons of deer in Wayne, especially on the Hamburg Turnpike section by the College, country clubs, and golf course. There is at least 1 company that advertises in Packanack Lake, but I’m sure you could get a few accounts. My family has a business down on Valley Road and I have only ever seen a handful of deer down there, but rest assured, they venture out at night into the residentials.
  13. Pqreturn62

    Do you Snort Wheeze?

    Never had it work unfortunately. I also use as a last resort and all I’ve ever seen is in he buck change from walking away to running away.
  14. Pqreturn62

    Snake at my wife’s studio

    Inside my house, a dead one...
  15. Pqreturn62

    New to Zone 3

    Be prepared to spend long hours in the stand and don’t get discouraged if you don’t see anything back there. Zone 3 is funny in that you can sit somewhere 8 times and not see a doe, then on day #9 see 3 shooters. I live in west milford and have hunted her for almost 20 years now. It’s a fickle b*tch, but if you can kill deer here you can kill deer anywhere in the state. It’s rugged, it’s thick, the deer numbers are low, and the competition is high, but every year someone knocks down a bruiser. If you ever ever need help or advice, or even just wanna bounce ideas off me, shoot me a PM and I’ll send you my number. Always a good idea to have someone who can help you drag when you’re hunting in WM. You learn quickly just how heavy a 140lb buck can be when you’re a mile off the road in mountain laurel. Ken