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  1. Pqreturn62

    Big Monmouth County 10 point

  2. Pqreturn62

    Talk about a Typo!

    They are about to open a cougar season here in jersey.
  3. Pqreturn62

    Talk about a Typo!

    I’ll be the judge of that!
  4. Got 4 zone 3 bears on camera that I will be chasing Wednesday and Friday!
  5. Pqreturn62

    What cut is this?

    Inner loin-usually it’s lighter in color just as it is in your picture.
  6. You guys had a productive week. Freezer filled 👍
  7. Pqreturn62

    Bear Swamp WMA

    My version of the 3s’s.....Scout, shoot, and shut up 👍
  8. Pqreturn62

    Bear Swamp WMA

    Well if there wasn’t pressure before there is going to be now...
  9. Pqreturn62

    12/8/18 Six Day Check In

    Zone 5....itchy trigger finger today
  10. Pqreturn62

    12/7/18 6 Day Check-in

    Took a buddy to a zone 3 spot I have...got blown at by 3 does already. Not looking good...
  11. Pqreturn62

    Bad hit? Wait till morning?

    Which weapon?
  12. Pqreturn62

    Show me the money

    5 million is nothing in the big picture. A single artificial reef, dam removal, land purchase, river/lake cleanup, or dredging project could knock out most of that. You need to have surplus funds capable of footing the bill for emergency work.
  13. Pqreturn62

    December's Bear Harvest....

    Passed on a ~300lber yesterday. Too far back to even think about a drag.
  14. Pqreturn62

    it was a success, if only in my mind

    Thick cover = slug gun 100% of the time unless youre stalking and then it’s a toss-up. With the slug you can actually fire knowing where your slug is going. Windows that are too small for buckshot are perfect for slugs. Rookie mistake brotha, but hey we learn from every hunt. That’s why it’s call hunting and not killing.
  15. Only thing I’ve killed is my first sandwich.