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  1. Never found me off my bicycle when I had free time. Neighbors were good baseball players growing up too so that’s what we played in the culdesac. Around age 10 my parents moved us to a lake community and that solidified fishing for me.
  2. Hopefully he is set up with the Union where they will help take care of his family. That’s part of the reason they were established to begin with. Terrible experience for everyone involved though 😢
  3. I hunt the Eastern Adirondacks and communicate to my buddies that it’s basically candyland for a duck hunter. In all reality, it’s nothing crazy, but I rarely go home without seeing close to 100 ducks by 8am and probably having a dozen shooting passes. There is just so many public swamps and beaver flows up there that the ducks aren’t pressured anywhere near what they are down here (outside of opening weekend anyways). Places like Champlain, and Lake George are a completely different story and are hunted like crazy, but if you’re willing to carry in a kayak or canoe, you can limit out on woodies 1 weekend, then mallards the next. And you’ll most likely be on your own.
  4. I have such a terrible follow-up comment to this statement...
  5. Pqreturn62


    My father used to keep a bag of sugar free caramels with him when he was quitting. He said occupying himself during the stronger cravings was the key, plus the caramel has a slight musk to its flavor so he used to think it was a similar taste as his old fashion coffee and cigarette combo
  6. See I think it’s the other way. An indicator that the season is over comes by way of the gobblers showing up everywhere, many of them in Hawaiian button-up shirts, with passports in hand, and sunscreen on their beaks.
  7. I just found a way to make sure my lock-ons don’t get stolen!
  8. Head structure doesn’t look rattler-like. No snake expert here but even adolescent ones have some cheeks to them
  9. I have very little basis for comparison, but was once told that the better the eye ball, the better the fishing. Only recent experience I have with such a difference was season when I was out with 2 buddies in the Highlands and saw drastically more fish caught that day on jigs/gulp with eye balls, than jigs/gulp without. Granted it could have been presentation, but we were all using white and green with gulp and teasers, and hands down the 2 of us who were using eye balled jigs were on fish non-stop, while our buddy who was on the same drift was struggling. I agree with you that the natural instinct to chase is what keeps fluke following the tail action of your bait, but I also believe that initial reaction is triggered when your jig bounces past the fluke. At that point curb appeal matters, and to me, success is significantly aided by the eye ball. If you’re correct, than I should be fine either way, but I’m not going to change my bucktail selection in the event I’m correct haha.
  10. They good great! Real test is going to be how the paint holds up after a few scratches. 90% of a jig/bucktail’s effectiveness rests in the eyeball. If the eye is attention catching you’re set.
  11. Financial Advisor. Work mostly with families and small business owners. Gives me the opportunity to meet tons of new ppl and help them change their lives.
  12. Zone 6 with a buddy. Someone beat us to our spot. Public land problems. Oh well I suppose, lots of birds to be had around here, time to run and gun.
  13. I’m conflicted because of the manner in which he killed the terrorist, and then conversely because of the fact that we were releasing the terrorist in the first place. It’s hard for me to assign any guilt to a soldier who was doing what he thought was the only thing he could do to make sure that man never killed another American, but then again something like stripping him naked and toying with him seems a little beyond the call of duty. As for absolute war, I agree with what Lunatic is saying in terms of it being a preventative to an outright victory, but the undefined nature of conflicts over the past 75 years is an unfortunate reality that we must deal with now. That being said, I’m unsure how to perceive this soldier.
  14. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/trump-pardons-former-army-ranger-convicted-of-killing-iraqi/ar-AAB0tf3?li=BBnb7Kz I understand we need to have rules in order to govern chaos to some degree, but I also have staunch issues with letting prisoners of war go during a time of war...especially terrorist prisoners of war.
  15. It’s also worth considering the manner in which we set up things such as mineral sights. Higher protein, higher calcium, higher phosphorus minerals during the later pregnancy terms leads to better developed fawns. Additionally, during laction the does who continue to benefit from the mineral sites will produce a more rich milk and thus aid faster grown. If we consider that when putting out minerals, rather than just antler development, we can help the herd as a whole more effectively. And the article never said it wasnt coyotes as well, so shoot them too...
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