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  1. Pqreturn62

    whats the difference in these two trout?

    The State is New York stocks those tigers in the pond behind my cabin every year. They use those to supplement the pressure on the native brookies up there. Good fighting fish that can get fat. We troll a few of them every year in the 5lb range.
  2. My accounting firm has started to advertise a job opening for our small business in Wayne. We are looking for someone capable of performing general office work, which includes data entry, answering phone calls, interacting with clients, and supporting the day to day operation of our CPAs. We are a small business with only a few employees, but are very stable and maintain a relaxed, yet professional work environment. If anyone on here is interested, or knows someone who might be interested in working for our family (mostly) business, feel free to message me and I will pass the information along to the rest of the hiring staff.
  3. Pqreturn62

    Brand new hang on tree stand for sale

    PM sent
  4. Pqreturn62

    Tips for hunting the Wetlands...

    Before you do anything else you need to look for active sign. Just because there is water, food, and bedding doesn’t mean they are using that exact water, food, and bedding. Once you locate active areas, start working backwards and find the deer’s purpose in using that area. That will dictate how you hunt it. I have see too many people waste time on crop fields hoping to get lucky enough to see a 140 class walking the edge like you see on TV. That’s not hunting to me, that’s poking and praying. You need to be a detective. Ken
  5. Pqreturn62

    Knee replacement

    I had a complete replacement done to my left knee, then 2 years later I micro fractured my tibia and the same knee slipped and blew up again. Had to have it redone a second time.
  6. Pqreturn62

    Knee replacement

    Had my left knee done twice now. The key to recovery is to understand that even though you may feel good, your knee is still weak. I was able to walk almost normally with confidence in 3-4 weeks. You just need to be very careful. It is a 6-7 month full term recovery with your knee not being “itself” for about 18 months. As long as you are mindful of that, take your time walking, and enlist help to drag anything you shoot you should be able to hunt by the end of November provided there is no snow.
  7. Pqreturn62

    Sierra club says bear hunt can end

    When the time comes, I wouldn’t be against the state selling a limited number of regional permits much like they do with other big game species around the country. At the point where we see a healthy carrying capacity of black bears in the woods, it will be important to maintain that number in a general sense. If bears are removed as a game species, the same thing will happen that warranted a huntnin the first place. While education and bear management is much improved today compared to 20 years ago, but that doesn’t change the fact that bears, like all mammals will look to reproduce; without predation to limit population growth (humans), the numbers will spike again. This is what we call conservation.
  8. Pqreturn62

    1:45 am - wake up jack!

    That deer looks great, but I absolutely love that turkey mount in the back. Next year’s bird might be coming by if and when I get him Jay. It would be a great corner piece for the den.
  9. Pqreturn62

    Aaron Lewis concert tonight

    He, like every other musician, is just searching for his own unique sound and mark to make on the music world. The people who bash them for being who they want to be are the ones that fall lowest on my pole of opinion. Telling a musician to perform a certain way is no different than telling him to be a conformist to your opinion. That makes you an ignorant democrat.... sleep on that one and then reconsider bashing someone you don’t know...
  10. Pqreturn62

    Lake George fishing help

    Where you headed? The village? PM me and I’ll point you in the right direction. Ken
  11. Pqreturn62

    Murphy's State of emergency

    West milford has 11” according to my deck ruler
  12. Pqreturn62

    Time we ban basketball

    Having torn mine twice now I’ll say this...I played 3 sports in high school, 4 years of football in college, and men’s league baseball since. Both of my blow outs occurred after college when I wasn’t on the squat rack enough getting my legs strong. You’re body’s first line of protection for your ligaments is the muscles that support the joints. This goes for everyone, if you wanna push it in sports, push it in the gym as well. Otherwise you’ll be laid up for a long time...
  13. Pqreturn62

    Ok, who pee'd in their cheerio's

    Not for nothing, but remaining seated during a call for unity is just flat out disrespectful to everyone not in that room. While they sit there and maintain their stubbornness on principle issues, the ppl who actually matter in this country need to figure out a way to get through the shitstorm their arrogance has created.
  14. Pqreturn62

    Total shot in the dark - baseball anyone?

  15. Pqreturn62

    Total shot in the dark - baseball anyone?

    It’s is basically the same as the MET, only difference is the NJABL has levels so that guys of different ages and abilities can be competitive. My division for example does not allot guys who pitched in college within the last 10 years to pitch in this league. When i played in the MET you saw guys throwing in the 80s regularly. This league that’s not the case. mid to high 70s mostly. And the only age restriction is you need to be over 18.