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  1. Popcorn. Carry it in by the garbage bag and spread it around. Little caramel goes a long way too
  2. That’s definitely a male...
  3. I forgot my bow hook today. Had to fix up a makeshift hanger from my haul line
  4. You put your stand facing one way, they put their facing the their. Then you’ll have someone to talk to on those slow mornings 👍. Or at the very least it’s someone you can have friendly competition with throughout the year 😁
  5. Let’s keep in mind here that the media only samples a small portion of society when writing a story. Its never as bad as it seems... Not defending San Francisco here, but the fact of the matter is if we generalize all people from SF as leftist dems, we are doing no better than them accusing all of us as far right, irresponsible gun owners who go looking for a reason to use those guns. Neither is the case...
  6. Hate it when ppl drive through game preserves like jackasses.
  7. Wow. We hunted over water and watched them hug houses all morning
  8. Thompson Center Omega Z5. about 10 yrs old but I absolutely love it and it drives tacks.
  9. Ttt one more time. Still for sale
  10. Ppl who reel like that knowingly are serial killers for sure
  11. I’m looking for an old dock for a project I’m working on. I have acquired several plastic drums as a backup plan and will build a deck frame if necessary, but I’m looking to minimize the amount of man hours needed to accomplish this project by September. If anyone has something or knows someone who has an old floating dock I’d appreciate the tip! Even if it’s in rough shape, I’ll redeck the surface, rather than build out an entire frame.
  12. Yeah I kinda figured that, but it also presented a great opportunity for me to drop a live line on a pyramid sinker with a 5 foot lead down to 30ft and put my feet up for 15 minutes with the rod locked into the boat and reel on barely tight enough to pull the sinker along the bottom with our drift while I made a few lazy casts and retrieval’s with the bucktail.
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