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  1. 3 for my buddy and I, 1 point for his German, 1 got flushed right to us from up the hill, and the 3rd the dog tackled into the river and basically drowned haha.
  2. Glad some of you guys think about the big picture...
  3. And it’s better for the image of the sport as well. No pictures of what others may find gross and unnecessary.
  4. Shoot the deer, you’re not in a position to be picky yet, get it done
  5. Upstate in the Adirondacks for Rifle Opener. Hiked in last night and camped out. No clue why, but I have service on this hillside. Still silent - no shots heard so far.
  6. https://nypost-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/nypost.com/2019/10/25/long-island-man-foul-mouthed-kid-confront-hunter-for-killing-deer/amp/ I may not have handled it the way he did, but damn talk about villainizing a hunter and making a poor influence into father of the year...
  7. I always get woodies when the sun comes up. Unfortunately the girlfriend stopped caring about that years ago...
  8. Out in the ADKs for bow opener up here. Nadda so far, but did have a cool owl land on a branch and check me out this morning.
  9. All blacks and reds in north Jersey this year. Whoever found the whites, I would never leave the treestand until you’ve shot your buck. You’re a sitting on a gold mine right now...
  10. Popcorn. Carry it in by the garbage bag and spread it around. Little caramel goes a long way too
  11. That’s definitely a male...
  12. I forgot my bow hook today. Had to fix up a makeshift hanger from my haul line
  13. You put your stand facing one way, they put their facing the their. Then you’ll have someone to talk to on those slow mornings 👍. Or at the very least it’s someone you can have friendly competition with throughout the year 😁
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