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  1. Call it was it is, working out tends to be one of the first things that goes when life gets busy. But truth be told it’s an important thing to incorporate into your routine as it gives your brain the necessary rejuvenation period it needs to avoid going insane. I don’t pretend to work out as much as I did in my late teens and early twenties, but I do make sure that I do something every day. I have a family, high stress job, and more things to do every day than I ever thought possible like I’m sure many ppl on here do, but it’s so critical to carve out even just 15-20 minutes to go for a walk, carry some wood, shovel some snow, or basically anything that can force you to disengage your brain for a little while, and activate your heart. Maybe I’m a little biased here with my family’s history of type II Diabetes and heart attacks, but in my mind it always worth such a small portion of your day to find some way to exercise.
  2. Next year’s potential targets made it by me as well and are starting to show themselves again.
  3. All depends on where you’re hunting and how long you’re willing to wait the birds out. Where I hunt up in the mountains, I’m calling birds out of mountain laurel and over top of ridges. Decoys aren’t worth the effort to carry in. If I can see them, there is a 50/50 chance I can shoot them. I do however like to use decoys when I’m hunting the morning roost on a set of powerlines. It just helps channel where the birds fly down.
  4. I have no objection to a bear tag being additional money. $100 is way too steep but $25 a pop I have no problem with. Most of the money get put back into the environment anyways. And as said above, public land back on the table would be a must.
  5. Never will I swim in a river in the jungle
  6. Opening Saturday....hit the ground off the roost about 15 minutes later than I expected. Hopped up on that rock drumming and spitin like no bird ive seen in person before...he didn’t leave the rock.
  7. Primos Long Hook. I carry a slate call and a box call as well but if I use them 10x a season that’s a lot. Nothing like a good mouth call to keep them coming in hot when you have their attention. Much easier to hide movement too 👍.
  8. I personally see that as a positive. It sets us quality, ethical, law abiding hunters apart from sketchy ones. It sets the precedent to say yeah 3 guys were breaking the law, but the 150,000 of us in NJ who didn’t break the law respect and protect the natural ecosystem just as much as anyone in the Garden State. If someone is an anti, it’s not because of a radio bit. They were antis beforehand and would have been antis afterwards regardless of what was physically said. All we can do is our part. Follow the laws, be respectful of everyone ally or foe, leave the woods in better shape than you found it, don’t seek attention when you do a good deed for nature, and stay level minded when having a conversation with someone who may fall on the opposite side of the line from you. It’s the only way to have a progressive approach to legislation; all the emotion does is force everyone to dig their heels into the ground and refuse to budge on anything.
  9. Alright I’ll throw out the first grenade. The word spy is being thrown around way too much in politics right now. I’m a born and raised republican, but I was also raised to be respectful of everyone even if you disagree with them. Yes I disagree with the political opinions of ppl like Hilary, yes I disagree with the way she carries herself in the political atmosphere, but calling her a spy is just comical. Sure she might have been a little loose lipped and stupid with her communication at times, but I firmly believe she wants the best for America. My disagreement is in the way she believes it can be done. The idea of societal improvement in all for, just not in the ways she and other democrats have been pushing for the past 20 yrs.
  10. Alright boys and girls, let’s not turn this into a weed legalization debate...this is someone’s child who we are offering respect too in this thread. Don’t bring politics into it...
  11. My best friend was one of the officers on the scene. He was disturbed enough by it to actually have to call me. In the 10+ years as a cop, he has never had to do that before. Obviously he couldn’t talk about it much, but you could see something punched him right in the gut and he just needed to talk about hunting or fishing. After reading the article I can understand why...
  12. There were a tremendous amount of factors in this decision. To try and simplify the situation is just ignorant. Yes jobs are good, but Amazon wanted NY to play by their rules.Yes the trickle down effect would directly benefit the surrounding economy, but Amazon’s existence in the region would be crippling in varrying effects to what small business still exists. This was a business decision...one that wasn’t ever financially savvy for Amazon. They will end up in some random location and cause a modern day boomtown to pop up.
  13. That’s an unanswerable question. It depends on where you’re hunting. By me in West Milford I’m lucky if I see a spike that day, but I hunt for and have killed my fair mature 8, 9, and 11s (still no 10s) that were 160lbs+. I also hunt 1 spot where I know with 99% asurrity that I’m going to see deer every day, pass on bucks, and likely see a stud at some point. Spots like that however are where deer don’t fear humans so it’s essentially not purely hunting anymore. Each region has his “MO” with frequency of sightings and whether you did something right or lucked into killing a brute often depends on that area. Even the definition of “brute” is regional. My dinky 7 I shot upstate by Lake Placid this year was maybe 90 inches but weighed 158lbs dressed. The 138” 11pt I got in jersey was 130lb dressed. To me the brute is the fat one.
  14. One of the best places for my business to have the opportunities it needs to succeed.
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