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  1. Hazbro


    Yes indeed
  2. Never had them by me before (Morris County) saw 4 in my yard so far missed all 4...
  3. I'm from that area I use Tom the butcher in Washington
  4. Same here Bob mulberry trees,I've spent a lot of time on the Passaic River shooting/catching carp
  5. I said just about every one of those things and a few expletives probably every morning !!!
  6. I hear ya I'm getting my butt kicked out there
  7. My favorite time to hunt
  8. Turkey legs are tough too say the least!!tried them in the crock pot with no success. Tough !!
  9. Yup broke out the blind for tomorrow and the rest of the week...
  10. Years ago my buddy shot a bird and it wasn't quite dead yet. After a few minutes he stopped flapping so he walked out to pick him up and as soon as he touched his legs!!!! That thing threw him a beating. I couldn't stop laughing! I cheered him on from the sidelines but that bird just kept wing beating him and spurring him. It looked so funny him trying to subdue that guy but that thing kicked his butt!!
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