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  1. Hazbro

    College football

    Go mountaineers
  2. Hazbro

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hazbro and Ms Grit

    Thanks spent the day flukin with my daughter, fishing was slow but still had a good time
  3. Hazbro

    Andover Hunt and Fish

    Always my go to shop I'd much rather spend mymoney there than at the chain stores .Garrets a great guy always helpful and yes I've gotten some great deals there
  4. Hazbro

    D Week coming up

    My favorite time to hunt
  5. Hazbro

    20 guage turkey rig

    Rem 1100 extra full choke set it up last year awesome patterns . Sooooo much lighter than my old Spanish double
  6. Hazbro

    Venison Hot Dogs

    Picking up a order from Franks tomorrow hotdogs kielbasa sticks! !!
  7. Hazbro

    Male German Shorthaired Pointer for sale

    What's his name?