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  1. It's missing the swearing a blue streak in between
  2. Been out 3 times zero for me
  3. Both my kids boy and girl started about 5or6 22s . my son would shoot 100s of rounds at a time
  4. Yes I did indeed buy a Parker last year. ......
  5. Live. Sorry I thought it speaks for itself it's just how I feel about decorating animals that I've killed ? JH haven't touched the stuff in decades lol
  6. I slew you:My bearing must not shame your quitting life. My conduct forever afterwards must become your death. .. I forget who wrote that but it always stuck with me.just my 2 cents
  7. I agree with the genesis bows both my kids shot it great starter
  8. Hardly any shooting at Whittingham this morning 4 of us hunting only one bird seen
  9. Tom is definitely a quality butcher been using him for 5 or so years now
  10. Thanks spent the day flukin with my daughter, fishing was slow but still had a good time
  11. Always my go to shop I'd much rather spend mymoney there than at the chain stores .Garrets a great guy always helpful and yes I've gotten some great deals there
  12. My favorite time to hunt
  13. Rem 1100 extra full choke set it up last year awesome patterns . Sooooo much lighter than my old Spanish double
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