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  1. My dad just turned 80 still shooting his compound probably about 45# mostly hunts from a ground blind my shoulder went bad 2 yrs ago had to make the switch
  2. It's missing the swearing a blue streak in between
  3. Been out 3 times zero for me
  4. Both my kids boy and girl started about 5or6 22s . my son would shoot 100s of rounds at a time
  5. Yes I did indeed buy a Parker last year. ......
  6. Live. Sorry I thought it speaks for itself it's just how I feel about decorating animals that I've killed ? JH haven't touched the stuff in decades lol
  7. I slew you:My bearing must not shame your quitting life. My conduct forever afterwards must become your death. .. I forget who wrote that but it always stuck with me.just my 2 cents
  8. I agree with the genesis bows both my kids shot it great starter
  9. Hardly any shooting at Whittingham this morning 4 of us hunting only one bird seen
  10. Tom is definitely a quality butcher been using him for 5 or so years now
  11. Thanks spent the day flukin with my daughter, fishing was slow but still had a good time
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