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  1. Nice mounts! Congrats to you and your son. That's a great piece of driftwood, did you find it or buy it?
  2. Holy beaver! I know of a bruiser in dmz 14 that would be a contender!
  3. I like getting 25' or higher and could never get that with sticks, I just climb. But lock up my set when I leave it.
  4. I hunt 6mr and alot of stands don't get hunted. There's alot of nooks that you can find away from the crowd. Some slammers in the area
  5. I got some, what cuts are you looking for?
  6. Raritan river, was there today. Njfishing.com

    My new machine

    Nice! Metal detecting is always a surprise! I use the underwater one when diving for army corps of engineers searching for their lost dredge pipes to replenish the beaches. Never used one above ground but imagine it's just as fun. Thank you usace for all the unmentioned new structure I have marked
  8. Yes Sir, the h mart in Edison is great, I do it a couple times of year. It's very rewarding but alot of work and not as expensive as going out because I already have the hot sake!!!
  9. Had a great day in the trees but no blood on the ground, after switching to the big woods from small properties I realized I got to up my scent control game and find the best food at the time. Ate all my tags besides 1, but it's very nice not hearing the cars, lawnmowers and neighborhood racket. Now if I could only get away from the airplane noise!!
  10. I jumped the biggest buck I ever seen the other day walking to my stand, he was holding strong, hopefully I can close out the year with him

    Doe down

    Awesome, sounds like a mortal kombat finish.. deer hunter style
  12. I also shoot nap spitfire and change the blades, but never had a problem
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