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  1. You put them boys down!! With the vids keep it up💪💪
  2. Got in my set about an hour ago time to let some calls out. I'm way over dressed
  3. Bring a trout pole if they stocked
  4. I took one exactly like that my first year and was so happy I had a shoulder mount done so I would always remember. As you grow as a hunter so do the trophies. Typical basket 8 here in jersey
  5. The liking branch is key and no fancy store bought lure is needed as all urine turns into ammonia pretty quick
  6. Seen him last year as scrappy as they come and then he's shows up this year amazing what a year will do. He will get a pass this year and hopefully next year he will be very unique
  7. Great 6!! I have one that's been getting bigger hopefully next year he will be a shooter
  8. To the a**hole who threw blood on my windsheild and scratched the side doors on my truck. Beware? I'm going to catch up with you. I'll be waiting

    Pine pics

    Sweet! That one showing half the rack is taunting you
  10. Lol it's like a cooler full of water balloons. Would you mind showing the filetting procedure
  11. If it gives you an edge on the palm then it's worth it
  12. You could take the si ferry and uber to your spot while sitting in traffic on 278
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