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    Pine pics

    Sweet! That one showing half the rack is taunting you
  2. Lol it's like a cooler full of water balloons. Would you mind showing the filetting procedure
  3. If it gives you an edge on the palm then it's worth it
  4. You could take the si ferry and uber to your spot while sitting in traffic on 278
  5. To much movement I think, I have stands up and just carry my sticks with me, I run and gun with my climber and it's way more comy than that Imo. But it's always good to learn a new knot!
  6. Nice meeting you capt, I'll be pulling up them Lakers in no time!!
  7. Thanks I got to start mixing it in when I grind, I really can only do chilli and sauces without the pork fat mixed in, and there is so much more I can chef up with better results
  8. Are they blended with pork?
  9. If it swallowed that plastic chum bad it will be bad for the shark


    This guy might be a contender in a season or two
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