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  1. Wheniambored

    Last Sit of 2018 check-in

    Been in zone 12 since 1, nothing but rain. Even the squirrels are in hiding. I am starting to get a little wet and damp,the tree umbrella helps but only for so long. Good luck all,it’s not looking to good around me.
  2. Wheniambored

    12/29 Check In

    Out in zone 12,nothing but squirrels here as well. Sat all day yesterday,same thing 🐿. If nothing else it’s a much more comfortable sit today. Good luck
  3. Wheniambored

    12-28 check in

    Two of us have the day off so we decided to hunt z12 in this rain. I opted for the muzzle loader today and buddy has the bow. Neither one of has seen a living thing. They have to move at some time. Any other nuts trying their luck in this miserable weather?
  4. Wheniambored

    12/27/2018 Check In

    Had another doe come through,getting closer this one was at 52 yards
  5. Wheniambored

    12/27/2018 Check In

    Had a lone doe come through,she stayed out of harms way at 62 yards.
  6. Wheniambored

    12/27/2018 Check In

    A pair of us out in zone 12 bow hunting tonight as well. Still hoping one of the good nocturnal boys show but a big doe will do today.
  7. Wheniambored

    12/22 Who's hunting???

    Out in zone 12 with 3 of my buddies,I have my muzzle loader everybody else is bow hunting. Not even a squirrel in this wind yet. I don’t expect any movement till the last half hour in this wind. Good luck
  8. Wheniambored

    12/03/18 6-day Firearm Opener Check In !!!

    Out in zone12,only 5 shots so far. One of the other guys with me said he shot one. Extremely quiet,haven’t seen a thing.
  9. Wheniambored

    Sunday Funday Check-in.. 11/25

    Out in zone 12 just a half a rack 3pt who’s been wandering around since daylight.
  10. Wheniambored

    You are high if you are hunting in this crap

    The rain an cold front coming in will get them moving give it a shot you never know what might wander by.
  11. Wheniambored

    11/2 check in

    Out in zone 12, starting much better than yesterday. Only had 5 deer come by all day yesterday an I have already had 5 come threw today. Hopefully the rain keeps them moving,best of luck to all.
  12. Wheniambored

    Halloween check-in

    Out in zone 12 very comfortable morning. The woods look like a painting this morning,no movement at all eerily silent.
  13. Wheniambored

    10/30 CHECK IN

    Pretty dead in zone12 today only a 3pt an a button. Had over 30 come through in this spot yesterday on a all day sit. If they don’t start moving soon I am going to get down and head for another stand in the thickets. Good luck everybody.
  14. Wheniambored

    Summit is holding up in this wind...but no deer moving

    Wouldn’t be caught dead in a tree today. That said,I am nice and toasty in the blind on a field today. Surprisingly the deer have been moving all most non stop since daylight. All fawns and one average size 8pt so far. Still hoping something big shows,be it a buck or doe it’s in trouble if they come to close. If you have a blind spot where you won’t get crushed by a falling tree give it a shot,they are up and moving.
  15. Wheniambored

    Readington, NJ - Deer Management Plan

    Anyone have an update from the township meeting? It would be nice to make it too the meetings,unfortunately like most work comes first an a 14 hour work day made it impossible to be there. Thanks