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  1. Nobody said you have to shoot a doe. I still have 2 buck tags an a 12point as well as 5 good 8pointers still holding their racks. With a lot of luck one will show up.
  2. For sure,been stuck working all week. The coldest temps of the week should have them up and moving during daylight hours.
  3. I am for it. As a hunter that only had Sundays off for over 20 years it would have been nice to hunt. Went years with out gun hunting or just opening day of firearm because I knew I would be working every hour you could hunt. I would assume other working class hunters have been in the same boat. If you think the deer need a brake close any other day Monday to Friday. Sunday hunting should increase participation which should increase the overall number of hunters which should be beneficial to all jersey sportsman.
  4. Beautiful morning in zone12,no deer just a crow a pair of reds and squirrels so far. Good luck all it’s getting cold in the tree already.
  5. Out in zone12 banging my head against the wall trying to figure out this nocturnal ghost of a 12pt buck. It’s been 3 years an I have only seen him once in the daylight. I am pretty sure he isn’t on the property in daylight. I haven’t had a picture of him in a month,thought he dropped his antlers. But nope showed up on a different camera just after midnight today.
  6. Been in zone 12 since 1, nothing but rain. Even the squirrels are in hiding. I am starting to get a little wet and damp,the tree umbrella helps but only for so long. Good luck all,it’s not looking to good around me.
  7. Out in zone 12,nothing but squirrels here as well. Sat all day yesterday,same thing 🐿. If nothing else it’s a much more comfortable sit today. Good luck
  8. Two of us have the day off so we decided to hunt z12 in this rain. I opted for the muzzle loader today and buddy has the bow. Neither one of has seen a living thing. They have to move at some time. Any other nuts trying their luck in this miserable weather?
  9. Had another doe come through,getting closer this one was at 52 yards
  10. Had a lone doe come through,she stayed out of harms way at 62 yards.
  11. A pair of us out in zone 12 bow hunting tonight as well. Still hoping one of the good nocturnal boys show but a big doe will do today.
  12. Out in zone 12 with 3 of my buddies,I have my muzzle loader everybody else is bow hunting. Not even a squirrel in this wind yet. I don’t expect any movement till the last half hour in this wind. Good luck
  13. Out in zone12,only 5 shots so far. One of the other guys with me said he shot one. Extremely quiet,haven’t seen a thing.
  14. Out in zone 12 just a half a rack 3pt who’s been wandering around since daylight.
  15. The rain an cold front coming in will get them moving give it a shot you never know what might wander by.
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