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  1. Youth Day Turkey Down 10YO Granddaughter

    Great day out there congrats.
  2. Gobbler Down!

    Awesome bird congrats.
  3. Youth day 2018

    Real nice bird congrats.
  4. Set scope back to zero

    Nice tip, thanks for sharing.

    Looks like a great hunt. Giant bears congratulations.
  6. Tuna

    I’ve fished with Canyon Runner they are top notch and make a ton of trips every year offshore. I’m fishing with blue runner this year should be a good trip as well. Good luck hopefully whoever you use you catch allot.
  7. I also use Mario he’s an awesome guy and an amazing taxidermist. They treat you like family and I’ve only heard and have had good experiences with him he’s got 3 of my mounts right now can’t wait for them to get done.

    Looks like another awesome adventure keep the pictures and stories coming.
  9. My Requested South Africa Photos

    Great pictures and it is awesome to be able to take that many animals. Nice shooting too.
  10. Free Xbox target to youth or new hunter

    Thanks bill, I didn’t grow up hunting but a lot of people I’ve met helped me out and introduced me to this great sport and anything I can give back I will. I’m no expert and haven’t been hunting that long but I love it and everything about it.
  11. Free Xbox target to youth or new hunter

    Target is spoken for.
  12. Free Xbox target to youth or new hunter

    First one that can pick it up can have it. Pm me for my cell number and I’ll give you my address.
  13. I don’t use it anymore and want it out of the shed pick up in Clark. I’m off this week and should be around most days.

    That looks and sounds like an amazing adventure and hunt for sure. I would love to do that and even more do a red stag hunt in New Zealand, one day. Keep up the good posts about your hunts it’s cool to see someone do these types of hunts that aren’t the fake people on tv.
  15. Stan Putz in the Land of Cotton

    Looks like a great trip, did you guys use an outfitter?