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  1. Blackfin89

    2018 Elk and Mule Deer Wyoming

    Good luck keep us posted hopefully the fires won’t impact your hunt.
  2. Blackfin89

    Filled my tags

    Thats a real nice buck congrats, hopefully your luck continues in Ohio good luck.
  3. Blackfin89

    DIY Prong horn hunt questions

    I’ve also done a guided hunt and am going back to same outfitter in 2019. From what I understand there is plenty of state land out there and antelope are all over the place. There’s a lot of people on this site that will offer up a lot of good info Good luck.
  4. Blackfin89

    Rainy day Target buck down!

    Congratulations great story
  5. Blackfin89

    Happy Birthday Live To Hunt!

    Happy birthday brother have a good day.
  6. Blackfin89

    must be crazy but heading to Florida in this heat

    I just got back from Disney with the family it was just as hot there as it was in jersey. I also took my nephew fishing with a guide for 2 hours while we were there it was allot of fun he had a good time.
  7. Blackfin89

    Just got my buck back from Jersey Jays

    That’s a nice buck and a really nice mount.
  8. Blackfin89


    Looks like a great day and a really cool place.
  9. Blackfin89

    Big news for December!

    Congratulations nothing better than having a baby.
  10. Blackfin89

    Got my first WHITE MARLIN today

    Great catch, looks like you guys had a nice day out there besides the woods there’s no place better than offshore.
  11. Looks awesome, nice job on the harvest and he did an excellent job on the mount.
  12. Blackfin89


    Awesome blind good luck with it, hope you kill a nice one from it.
  13. Blackfin89

    America's addiction, Coffee... What do you love/hate?

    I really like the black rifle coffee I use the pods. Great coffee and great company.
  14. Blackfin89


    Looks good enjoy
  15. Blackfin89

    Moose is Home

    That’s awesome, room looks great nice job.