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  1. Blackfin89

    Sweet November...In Kansas! **Update**

    Congratulations that’s a great buck nice job. Hard work paid off.
  2. Blackfin89

    A Fun Hunt ends with a Nice Buck

    Sounds like a great day nice job and a real nice buck. Congrats to your son and keep making good memories together.
  3. Blackfin89

    Rutting buck hits the dirt, permit tag filled!

    Nice buck congrats
  4. Blackfin89

    They cant all be wide

    Very nice buck congrats
  5. Blackfin89

    Bbd 10/28/18

    Nice buck congrats
  6. Blackfin89

    Bad weather buck down

    Real nice deer congrats, sorry to hear about your other buck hope you can get the rack back.
  7. Blackfin89

    Zone 2 Eight Point Down

    Nice deer congrats
  8. Blackfin89

    10/27 Check In - Dylan is Home!

  9. Blackfin89

    The Truck Is Packed

    Good luck hope you guys shoot some big deer also hope your sons feeling better. Keep us posted on your hunts.
  10. Blackfin89

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Blackfin89

    Thanks guys appreciate it. Growing up we had a 28 foot Blackfin it was a great sea worthy boat, it was an 82 my dad bought it used in 84 than started having kids and we grew up on it. My family didn’t hunt at all but we grew up fishing great memories unfortunately the boat got destroyed during sandy and never got another one now just charter trips or jump on a couple guys from works boats.
  11. Blackfin89

    Good sit tonight. All walked..

    Great night to be in the woods nice pictures.
  12. Blackfin89

    Boys Double Down On Bucks

    That’s awesome congrats to you and the boys real nice bucks.
  13. Blackfin89

    2018 Elk and Mule Deer Wyoming

    Good luck keep us posted hopefully the fires won’t impact your hunt.
  14. Blackfin89

    Filled my tags

    Thats a real nice buck congrats, hopefully your luck continues in Ohio good luck.
  15. Blackfin89

    DIY Prong horn hunt questions

    I’ve also done a guided hunt and am going back to same outfitter in 2019. From what I understand there is plenty of state land out there and antelope are all over the place. There’s a lot of people on this site that will offer up a lot of good info Good luck.