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  1. Congrats Nice job that’s a beautiful buck.
  2. Congratulations and nice job helping the kid out.
  3. Came up to cape cod with @nmc02 and not only is the fishing good the whole experience is amazing. We went out with reel deal charters these guys do not mess around. All three boats did very well. Our first fish was day one it was 70” and fought harder than any fish I’ve ever hooked before it was awesome. Second day we hook up to an 85” giant my biggest tuna ever by far. Than the third day was great we got smaller fish 55” and 44”. I’ll post up some pictures of the fish and try to get them in day order. Thanks for reading and thanks Nick for the invite this was a trip of a lifetime.
  4. Congratulations that’s a great buck.
  5. 6th grade math class. Never forget that day.
  6. I haven’t used them but if you looking for good outfitter I use Double A Outfitters in Moorcroft WY. Trey Aars is owner real good guy I’ve hunted there a few times for mule deer and antelope. PM with any questions good luck.
  7. Epic trip congrats on some awesome fish.
  8. I love it all, I went to cape cod for only one day of fishing got skunked but had a blast going this year for three days. I do a trips on blue runner and water proof in nj for over nighters. Have another trip august 5th with Mushin. It’s all expensive but pennys compared to owning one of these boats and outfitting it. And to make your chances better you go with good captains. Mark DeBlasio of blue runner is an excellent captain I’ve been fishing with him since 2008.
  9. I have a couple more jersey trips and going to cape cod for a few days for tuna other wise I’d jump on it. Good boat I’ve wanted to fish on it since I was a little kid good luck.
  10. Tuna fishing is what I truly love but I really enjoy every kind of fishing. I do a few tuna trips a year that’s my favorite. Sharking is a close second.
  11. @JHbowhunter Thanks, been sharking a lot just either too short or not the right one. This was the captains first time out for them and all three of our first time boating one. And it went very smoothly at the end when normally it’s chaos the guys did a great job. And than the captain having to drive back with a tail basically in the steering wheel he handled everything like a pro.
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