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  1. Congratulations to you and your daughter.
  2. https://primetime.lakeontariounited.com/ I’ve known Pete a long time he will put you on fish.
  3. Going for tuna and shark Saturday Good luck everyone who’s going out.
  4. No you read it correctly, it was pure insanity. Still can’t belive it happened.
  5. @DBuck here is a link of the website https://www.bluerunner.fishing/ all the info is on there. They are not the cheapest but they will work hard to put you on fish and they are in canyon almost everyday that weather allows.
  6. @Lphunsjr yes captain mark real good guy.
  7. No didnt sell them brought them home. Lots of tuna steaks and gave a lot to friends and family.
  8. @rgw glad your brother also did so great. That was an awesome trip he had. Does he do charters or is he a private Captain?
  9. @JHbowhunter Yes we had a nice ride in and we lucked out weather wise. This was my 25 or so trip out and first big eye ever landed and my biggest tuna to date. I was fortunate enough to reel 2 in being we only had 6 guys and I got the first fish on deck and was handed another rod for round 2. The one I’m holding was in the 140 range.
  10. We went out with mark on Blue Runner Sportfishing for an over night tuna trip Friday night into Saturday night. All I can say is if you guys are looking for a charter boat with the best captain and crew in NJ book with them. We had an epic trip we hooked up to 11 big eye’s at once and were able to land 8. They were from 100-140 pounds. We picked through mahi all day and yellowfin. We kept the 12 mahi and kept 5 yellowfin biggest was 60 pounds. Just an amazing trip To say the least. I’ve been fishing with mark for 10 years and will keep it going too notch captian and guy, extremely knowledgeable And nice. Here is some pictures.
  11. I started driving in 2006 my first car was a 1972 Chevy nova. And I still have it and will never get rid of it.
  12. I help every chance I get. I love the big snappers I hate to see them run over
  13. I would also be in for tuna trip as long as I can get day off.
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