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  1. Great buck and nice Mount, you put a lot of time out there congratulations.
  2. I went gator hunting once about five years ago it was awesome. The outfitter I used was get bit outdoors, he builds custom rods and sells rod building materials and also is an outfitter. He’s got a bunch of places to hunt but most are around 30 min to an hour away from Orlando. He’s a stand up guy I would use him again I just have other hunts I would like to check off the bucket list first. https://floridagatorhunting.com/gator/#gator-rates That’s the link owners name is Kevin. Also if you need any info on Disney let me know we go a couple times a year and it can get confusing booking things if you haven’t been or haven’t been in a long time a lot has changed. Good luck either way hope this helps.
  3. I also have and lg it’s three years old and the compressor went on it I called them and they replaced the compressor a few days later. I didn’t have to pay anything.
  4. Great find awesome story congratulations.
  5. Nice buck congrats.
  6. Nice buck congrats.
  7. Congrats great story nice buck.
  8. Congrats nice buck
  9. Blackfin89

    Buck down

    Congrats nice buck.
  10. Congrats nice buck.
  11. Bump Hunts is a great place and great people. Paul the owner is an awesome guy me and three friends will be there the Saturday first thing. Good luck to anyone going.
  12. Congrats on the buck and very cool it was DIY.
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