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  1. He said he got there at 2am. He said he now has killed birds in 48 of 50 states. He asked me if I was going to hunt there tomorrow and I was like "are you hunting? didn't you kill your bird?" and he said it was "one per permit". I didn't ask anymore questions but that would mean he'd have two z14 A week permits which I didn't think possible for me, let alone an out of stater. I was actually happy for him until about noon today. Then I was just bummed out. I scouted a ton.
  2. Z14 Pulled up into my spot at 3:55 and of course there was a truck already there. Heard his shot at 5:48am. Plan B didn't pan out and went mobile around 7. Met the guy who killed the tom - he was from Kentucky. Unreal.
  3. This would have kept my dad hunting 20 more years after he lost his ability to climb.
  4. Here's a great article Jim Hutchinson wrote that turned heads and blew my mind personally. https://www.thefisherman.com/article/born-to-run-hudson-river-to-canyon-striper/
  5. Winter bow z51 hoping for some action during daylight
  6. I still have mine and use it occasionally. But here's my favorite story. 1987, I get my muzzy license and over christmas break my dad wants me to go do a drive in Allamuchy which is 1.5 hours north. Just me and him. Where we hunted was a 40 minute walk in and 1.5 hour drag out. I'm not that into it. I'm super into surfing so he said "check the waves, then we'll go". Waves suck so off we go. We drive north and set up in the parking lot - go to load the gun and, NO RAMROD. We are dead in the water. He's like - no problem, I know what to do. We drive to the sportshop - closed over the holidays. We then end up going to the hardware store and buy 1/4" dowling. Reset in the parking lot. I'm given strict instructions as where to walk and sit and my dad is going to wait and do the drive. I set up, have the dowling ready for a re load. It's dry and crunchy and cold... What sounds like a small army marching becomes 2 dozen deer standing right in front of me. I put the iron sights on one of the bigger does, squeeze it off and she goes back down the hill in the other direction the rest of the deer went. My dad shows up, sweaty as heck cause he had to run down then up the mountain to turn them. He's wearing a woolrich pant outfit and blaze orange vest and wool hat. No under armour back then. We find the blood and track the doe to literally the bottom of the hill, the WORST place a deer could die. I weigh about 130 lbs so not much help. Nevertheless, 2 hours later we are heading home with a big fat doe in the back of a Datsun b210 wagon and couldn't be happier. I'll never get rid of my renegade.
  7. 51 sitting for an hour nice weather one doe so far
  8. When it's this cold, all I can say it best of luck!
  9. My first post. - I like it but the key is to double seal your vacuum seal bag. I've had a bag bust. This means if you get your meat vacuum sealed by a butcher, you need to take it out of that bag. I've had much more success doing that. After you do that, season the meat. Also, make sure you cook to well below what you want. For example: venison backstrap - 120 degrees is best, take the meat out and sear; MAKE SURE YOU LET THE MEAT SIT 10 minute before slicing. Everyone says 5 minutes but 10 is best. Did two at Christmas and the one I let set was the best. Pick the one with the most volume available.
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